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It's HERE! My Evangelion fan comic!

I have finally released the first 3 chapters of an ambitious project of mine, 'EVA-303'. I call this an alternate universe fan comic. It takes place in modern times, seeing the characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion defending the world in a post-September 11th era. A world without Tokyo-3, robots or Angels. The 'Evangelions' are aircraft and the story begins with the pilots training in the Mojave desert.

The emphasis is on the characters and their relationships, particularly between Shinji and Asuka, with Asuka as the main character of the story. It is a drama, with the characters facing some pretty serious issues along the way- again, particularly Asuka.

So far, the first 3 chapters total about 150 pages, and I think the first 'book' is going to be about 10 chapters in total.

I started uploading chapter 1 to SmackJeeves today, but if anyone wants to download all 3 chapters via Mediafire, here is that link.

Or if you prefer to check it out on SmackJeeves, here is that link.

I hope you find it at least worth reading.

In the meantime, here is the title page image for chapter 1 to give you some idea at least of the art style (though the actual comic is b&w)

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