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Old 2021-11-26, 13:24   Link #61
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They've updated the intro to reflect the progress Yuzu has made in her love with Tamahiko! No longer is she a budding Otome who can only dream of love and a kiss, she's now metamorphizing into a butterfly who has truly found love .

Tamahiko hasn't heard back from his father on whether he can go to school again, unsurprisingly because his father doesn't seem to care a lick about Tamahiko, but thankfully it seems like his uncle Tamasuke is another member of this family that isn't a sociopath (no surprise he's a doctor) and with Tamako's good word he ends up helping support his nephew .

I guess if Ryo is good for anything, it's letting Yuzu be a little more aggressive to keep a shameless hussy away from her man .

We finally meet the legendary Kotori Shiratori and she has a very serene voice and pretty face, no surprise she's as popular as she is, and she can sing in Engrish too! Although it was kind of funny that Tamahiko is the only one in the crowed educated enough to understand what she's actually saying .

Tamahiko's efforts finally paid off and he's off to school! It's nice to see how proud Tamako and Yuzu are of his achievements! Yuzu's even seeing him off to school like a proud mama .

Tamahiko's not the only one transferring to a new school, as Kotori's twin brother Haraku is attending school as well, and he seems very sociable in contrast to Tamahiko who is still awkward and has the stigma of his bum arm and family name keeping people from associating with him. It also doesn't help that his disability ends up giving the class more work during PE. Tamahiko didn't get off to a good start with his classmates .

Tamahiko trying to draw Yuzu...I mean, the likeness is there, so I can't fault him on that, and honestly it came out better than Haraku's rendition of his sister (also if his sister is the most important thing to him, does that make him a siscon?). Of course, their renditions of each other end up being even worse .

No surprise Tamahiko didn't feel like he could tell Yuzu the truth about how bad his first day was, he doesn't want to upset her, but the bit about Haraku becoming his friend ends up becoming true because Haraku enjoys their company and sees something in Tamahiko's earnestness. And what is Haraku lying about? Is it something involving his sister ?

It's kind of funny that Yuzu was so happy at Tamahiko bringing a friend over that she completely missed the fact that Haraku is Kotori's brother. And now she's going to be living with them .
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Old 2021-11-26, 19:39   Link #62
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We've known who she was for a while but it was good to see Kotori properly introduced. Yuzu going full fangirl mode around her is entertaining.

Tamahiko's uncle seems like a really good guy, that's now two people in Tamahiko's family who are not evil. Tamahiko's first day at school was rough, but he at least made a friend. I'd say it's an okay start.
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Episode 7 - A bit more should really have been done with something like the 'bad girl' prostituting herself and being sexually assaulted, something really likely to happen to a lone teenage prostitute. It wasn't made clear, but this 'flashback' very likely happened during episode 7; Ryou's comment on Yuzu that 'someone who has been sold can still be happy' implies strongly that she decided to sell herself to support her siblings then. Following on, before that, from Tamahiko calling Yuzu a 'good girl' and Ryou a 'bad girl'; if you set up a toxic dichotomy like that and put an abuse survivor who loves her siblings on the wrong side, going from bad to worse is exactly what will happen to her. The story should really have made that clear.

Of course, Yuzu has dealt exceptionally well with her situation, while Ryou has done bad things, and dealt badly with hers. Albeit, as always, that being born into a really terrible situation does not necessarily equip anyone to deal with it. It is very telling that things turn out better for the good girl who submits to her situation, and the protection of a man, than the bad girl who breaks the rules for her siblings' sake. Fairytale morality can be very nasty.

Ryou's ordeal is not the corrective reminder of the real evils of unfree sex that I already suggested Yuzu's rose-tinted life ought to be paired with. Apart from its extreme briefness, when bad things happen to 'bad' people the implications that the person, not the 'punishment' is wrong are unavoidable. Furthermore, patriarchal cultures that profess to hate prostitution can't get enough of forced teenage marriage.

There are many evils related to sex work, but its rightness, wrongness and happiness are controversial. If Yuzu were forced to prostitute herself, she might still make the best of it with heartbreaking happiness, if she didn't convince every man to stop buying sex and live a better life, like Mariana in Pericles. Many Japanese stories romanticise prostitution, especially economic prostitution, nearly as much as Taisho Otome romanticises forced marriage. Luca in Berserk, Helena in Eden, Mio in Dororo, Hinowa in Gintama and many other women found a certain happiness- and kept the most tremendous strength and dignity- despite being prostitutes. Ryou need not have been so unhappy, if Yuzu could be happy with her lot, even some years before the invention of OnlyFans.

While slut-shaming and stigmatisation is wrong, however, romanticisation of prostitution is just as problematic as the romanticisation of forced marriage. Both make for emotionally powerful stories, but the reality shouldn't be forgotten. While it would have been even better for Tsukuyo, Courtesan of Death, to drop in and save Ryou from assault, it is good in the end that she was saved and she wasn't alone.
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