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^Heh, while a bunch of us may make some cockamamie theories now and then (half of them not even being serious anyhow), they still don't even begin to compare to some of the crazy crap that I've seen typed up at forums like AP and Narutofan.... simply put, the cognitive dissonance posted here is extremely pale in comparison!

Originally Posted by holypanl View Post
But without a doubt, there will be rankings among them -- that's the nature of Shounen

While true to an extent, that's not really an absolute rule, either. For instance, series like Jojo and Hunter x Hunter are prime examples of series that don't really follow that formula to a T. Heck, even in this very series we've seen that there's no no large power gap between the monster trio (I don't deny that Luffy is slightly above Zoro and Sanji, but I just wouldn't say that it's by a very large margin). And really, considering that we're talking about the freaking rulers of the New World here, I pretty have to go back to what I said before about how irresponsible it is to consider the possibility of an "entry-level" yonkou.....

Oh, and yes, there IS a chapter this week. Expect to see the new thread sometime later tonight or early tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: And as promised....

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