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Old 2017-04-16, 00:30   Link #1
In harmony with the flow
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Shall the flowers bloom atop the mountain?...
Spring 2017: General Impressions thread - post your opinion and grade

Decided to make this thread before the three ep range arrived this season, but in any event let's talk about the current anime season, Spring 2017!

The intention of the thread is mostly to discuss what's hot and new, but any thoughts on carryovers from previous seasons may be brought up, but do make sure you are talking about the most recent episodes (don't come here to rant about One Piece or Naruto fillers from last year, for example).

Because it is still early, it may be a good idea to express grades in terms of keep/drop/stall if you're unwilling to give a rating at this point, or something like that. I'm more interested in which new shows are your priorities and why.

Previous formats went something like this, but obviously you are free to express your thoughts however you want; your rating can be in terms of letter grades, numerical ratings, facedesks, Chitosefaces, Satelights, Kawamoris, kisekis, etc. Or maybe you don't believe in grades. Your explanations are far more important than what you actually gave out.

Name of Series:
Episodes Watched:
Status (Keep/drop/stall):

Also, I would ask that any specifics be kept in spoiler tags, please.

Nobody will arrest you for violating any formats or anything so post whatever thoughts and try not to comment on other people too much.
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Old 2017-04-19, 16:49   Link #2
Unleashing the Homu-Rage
Join Date: Apr 2010
Alice to Zouroku
Episodes seen: 3/12
Comments: An interesting concept, a superpower anime focusing mostly on comedy and a slice of life- namely a superpowered girl living with an old man and his granddaughter, but there are implications that something far darker lies beneath this exterior- specifically involving what exactly goes on at the research facility Sana escaped from.
Smartass Remarks: Don't you point those superpowers at me!; Sugar-fueled superpowers; Pigs; Sana and Sanae's Excellent Teleporting Adventure
Status: Keep

Seikaisuru Kado
Episodes seen: 2/12
Comments: Another interesting idea- a Japanese diplomat (along with a plane full of people) gets sucked into an alien spaceship which lands in Tokyo, and becomes a Japanese ambassador to the alien inside. Also, hope Kanata Shinawa, the hyperactive meganekko physicist gets more screentime.
Smartass Remarks: Cube-shaped spaceship? Oh shit, it's the Borg!; Hyperactive meganekko physicist; Interplanetary foreign policy
Status: Keep

Episodes seen: 3/12
Comments: Basically an anime in which a bunch of fictional characters appear in reality for some reason. Some of them want revenge for their treatment at the hands of their creators, others want to just get back to their home, and some are enjoying the attention they get. It will be interesting to see how the characters, as well as the real world authorities (hopefully they won't be depicted as useless, powerless, or nonexistent) respond to this situation.
Smartass Remarks: This world's Gen Urobuchi is so screwed; This world's George R.R. Martin... is probably fine if he gets a gun; Fiction/Stay Night; Armament: Windshield Wipers; Magical girls don't understand collateral damage.
Status: Keep

Frame Arm Girl
Episodes seen: 3/12
Comments: A girl lives with plastic models that are also robots with fully sentient AI. Apparently this is normal, save for the fact that the one with the main girl is a prototype. The most entertaining moments, in my opinion, are the ones where the 15 cm cast have to take on menaces like the Roomba, a crow, etc.
Smartass Remarks: Damn birds, stop my attacking delivery drone!; Model Story; Frame Arms Girls VS the Roomba; Dollhouse apartment complex; Baselard the magpie
Status: Give it another ep or 2
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Old 2017-04-24, 16:34   Link #3
Akuma Kousaka
Zolushka Lyubov' Live!
Join Date: Oct 2009
Location: 346 Otonokizaka
Age: 27
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Name of series: Re:Creators
Episodes watched: 3/22
Comments: A unique blend of Waifu from Another Laifu™, isekai, and death game of sorts with decently interesting characters and some good non-verbal humor and animation direction. Some parts are info-dumpy despite the episode count, and it could stand to resist the temptation to rush through its own lore
Snark: source material elitists, do you want some exposition?, animeception, Celesia a bae
Status: Celesia keep

Name of series: Boruto: Naruto Next Generation
Episodes watched: 3/???
Comments: Having watched the non-filler parts of Naruto and Shippuden in their entirety since way back when, there's something surreal about watching this new main character come to grips with trying to step out of his father's shadow when we know the stuff his father went through. It's almost like watching a reflection of your past self and waiting for them to understand what you understand
Snark: They seriously named him Boruto, Shikadai dgaf, Hinata is fucking hawt, what a drag, Byakugan
Status: Keep no Jutsu
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Old 2017-04-24, 23:15   Link #4
In harmony with the flow
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Shall the flowers bloom atop the mountain?...
May as well chime in with my own early rankings....

Early Spring 2017 evaluations
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?
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Old 2017-06-18, 20:08   Link #5
Marcus H.
Toji Affairs Secretary
Join Date: May 2009
Location: the Philippines
Name of Series: Uchouten Kazoku S2
Episodes Watched: 11/12
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Same story pattern with changes mixed in. Still enjoyable, though.
Status (Keep/drop/stall): Keep

Name of Series: Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata flat
Episodes Watched: 6/11
Rating: 7/10
Comments: There has been an attempt to justify Megumi winning over Tomoya's feelings by dirtying Eriri and Utaha's reputation towards Tomoya, and the drama was poorly handled. Sad to realize this after Maruto writing WA2. Easily the least entertaining series of the season.
Status (Keep/drop/stall): Keep

Name of Series: Danmachi: Sword Oratoria
Episodes Watched: 8/12
Rating: 8/10
Comments: A "not so bad" series whose thread morale was ruined by high expectations by other fans.
Status (Keep/drop/stall): Keep

Name of Series: Sakura Quest
Episodes Watched: 9/25
Rating: 9/10
Comments: A story delivered with sincerity and maturity. Unlike coming-of-age anime that press on various lessons in life, this anime about adults proves how life isn't as straight as what the parents tell you about.
Status (Keep/drop/stall): Keep

Name of Series: Rokudenashi Koushi to Akashic Records
Episodes Watched: 11/12
Rating: 8/10
Comments: Does a lot of LN tropes straight but holds its promise of telling only what is necessary. It makes for a more carefree anime experience since you don't have to worry about any twists and turns in the story.
Status (Keep/drop/stall): Keep
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Old 2017-06-28, 11:13   Link #6
Just another tanuki.
Join Date: Mar 2017
Location: Germany
Age: 25
Mostly done with summer stuff. Only need to watch Attack on Titan S2 as well as the last episode of Tsukigakirei and Kado respectively.

Big Yes:
Little Witch Academia - Everything I wanted from this show. First episodes were some of the best, but it was strong throughout its entire run. Would love to see a sequel or another family-friendly anime from Trigger.
Tsukigakirei - Best romance show in recent years. Manages to avoid the annoying parts of typical romance or romcom show. Very cute main couple, very relatable. Animation sadly drops in the second half.
The Eccentric Family 2 - As good as expected.

Small Yes:
Natsume Yuujinchou Roku - Same as always, a treat for Natsume Yuujinchou fans. First two episodes were the best, though.
Alice & Zouroku - Strong and cute slice-of-life parts, but the actual story felt a bit detached because the concept of the super powers and Sana's origin remain very fuzzy.

Okay / Maybe:
Heine, The Royal Tutor - Surprisingly not just fujoshi fanservice. Decent comedy moments and character development.
Kado - Intriguing premise, but disappointing development in the last third and a pretty generic finale that doesn't do the story justice.
Laughing Salesman - Only had a few good episodes, but also some really bad ones.
Makeruna!! Aku no Gundan: Colorful comedy shot. Not too funny, but expressive visual style.
Forest Fairy Five ~fairy tale~: The first season was horrible, but the fairy tale spin-off was much better. Still badly animated, but also much better than S1. Some of the jokes are extremely stupid, but also very funny (everything involving the old man). You get to learn a couple of things about classic Japanese tales, too.
Saekano S2: If you like the first season. Some interesting character moments and developments, but it's still basically a harem show with a wimpy otaku MC, so definitely not my cup of tea. Despite that it was surprisingly entertaining and well-directed, so it definitely stands out somewhat.

World of Yami Zukan: Yami Shibai S3 and S4 were very bad already. This is even worse.
The Silver Guardian: Utterly generic. I rather liked the first half for its classic 90s/00s anime feel, but the second half was boring and almost nothing interesting happened.

Will catch up next season: Sakura Quest (med/high expectations), Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Souls (med/hight expectations), My Hero Academia S2 (med/low expectations), Ninja Girl & Samurai Master S2 (mid expectations).

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Old 2017-07-02, 17:54   Link #7
Mad Pierrot
Corrupted fool
Join Date: Nov 2012
Age: 28
*Little Witch Academia: Pretty good from I've seen. Early episodes seemed fillers focused on the friend of the week whereas later episodes were more interesting.
*Attack on Titan season 2: Probably the best one for me.
* Boruto: I originally didn't have much expectations considering it is a prequel to the movie but the animation and the twist revolving the main plot were well done.
*My Hero Academia: More or less. The animation is pretty good, but they spent too many episodes just training.
*Dragon Ball Super: Meh, we had like an entire season focused on the build up for Power Tournament. However, the tournament has finally began so I'll watch it.
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Old 2017-07-06, 00:42   Link #8
In harmony with the flow
Join Date: May 2010
Location: Shall the flowers bloom atop the mountain?...
Final assessment of the season!

Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

More details on the sections later. ^^
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Old 2017-07-25, 08:52   Link #9
Unleashing the Homu-Rage
Join Date: Apr 2010
Posted a while ago on another thread, albeit with a slightly re-evaluated score:

Seikaisuru Kado
Episodes seen: 12/12
Comments: It was an interesting with regard to the whole idea of an alien coming to earth and giving humanity a bunch of fancy new technology, and a Japanese government employee being charged with negotiating with the alien. That being said, I won't say it was perfect- for one, I thought the fact that the alien would eventually turn out to have a secret agenda was a bit predictable, and most of all, the ending kind of threw a lot of stuff at you at once, to the point where there were several WTF moments. Still, I'd say it was still enjoyable, particularly the moments featuring Shinawa Kanata, the hyperactive meganekko physicist.
Smartass Remarks: Interdimensional foreign policy; Free energy origami; WTF ending; Needs more Kanata
Rating: 5 hyperactive meganekko physicists out of ten.

And now, some opinions on other series, to be added to as I get around to it:

Frame Arms Girl
Episodes seen: 12/12
Comments: Silly, clearly a pitch for the Frame Arms Girl line of model products, and yet, I still found the various personalities of the characters as well as some of the situations resulting from the lead living with a bunch of 15cm-tall sentient robots amusing. Really, it was the slice of life moments, not the virtual reality battle scenes that I found the most entertaining.
Smartass Remarks: Delivery drones; The apartment manager has everything; Baselard the magpie; Poor dumb Stylet; Ride the Roomba
Rating: 6 plastic model pieces out of ten
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