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Old 2004-08-31, 21:22   Link #1
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Need help in ActionScript

Ok I need to turn a lab in using Flash and I dunno what the hell to do.
If anyone knows ActionScript. Go here:
That's my assignment, just tell the script that I need to write. Please...I'm going nuts trying to figure this out.
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Old 2004-09-01, 00:29   Link #2
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You have to make a flash movie consisting of 2 frames.
First frame's name is "start" and the second frame's is "story".
In "start" you have to place 3 text fields (dynamic) and one button.
In the second, one text field (dynamic, multiline, wrap) and one button.
The button in the "start" frame should have an event function (release event) that will copy the values from the 3 text fields to 3 global variables. You can do it like this:
_global.var=textfield.text, where var is any variable name and textfield is the name of the textfield. For example:
And then make the movie advance to the "story" frame.
In the story frame, you need to set the thext in the one text field like this:
textfield.text=_global.var1+"'s friends sang "+_global.var2+", while playing a game called "+_global.var3;
The button in the "story" frame should have an event function (release event) that will make the movie return to the "start" frame.

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