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Old 2010-02-28, 19:06   Link #101
Army of One
Join Date: Apr 2007
Haven't played FFX in years but I remember it being a fun game. Entertaining story, great music (Hymn of the fayth, Zanarkland, etc), fun battle system, and a fun mini game (Blitzball). Graphics were good and it was nice to see voice acting added to a rpg at that time.

Dislikes: Tidus being a wuss and voice acting was pretty bad.

Nice to see that most people didn't list FFVII first =)
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Old 2010-02-28, 19:40   Link #102
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Having played FFXIII, it's definitely on top of my favorite FF list next to FFX. The story and the characters were great. I really loved the battle system and the missions. Only 2 minus points for me, there weren't that many fun sidequests as in FFX and upgrading weapons was kind of tiresome.
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Old 2010-03-03, 06:40   Link #103
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My favourite is Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. I love Zack Fair!!!!!!
He is my all time favourite and it sucks that he dies. Genesis is my favourite villain. He's so poetically awesome.
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Old 2010-03-03, 07:34   Link #104
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While Crisis Core wasn't amaaazing in terms of gameplay, the story, graphics and music make up for it. Definitely one of my favourites, it just felt so good to finish this game.
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Old 2010-04-14, 18:53   Link #105
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Favorites: 6, 7 (huge character immersion) and 10 (good backdrop story)

Hated: 12 (didn't give a damn about story or cast) and probably 13 too from what I hear

Indifferent: 1 to 4 were simple and classic so no worries, 5 had interesting job system, 8 was a nice looking mess, 9 was boring and imbalanced, 11 was MMO
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Old 2010-04-15, 00:48   Link #106
Dragon - Igniton
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Final Fantasy x because it was one of my games and it throughly entertained me and 8 was also a good one.

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Old 2010-04-15, 00:59   Link #107
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6 and 10. 6 can't be matched by any game in terms of epicness, and the development in 10 was amazing.
Aria is the best series EVER. Rewatch Origination with me.

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Old 2010-04-15, 12:27   Link #108
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Originally Posted by germanturkey View Post
6 and 10. 6 can't be matched by any game in terms of epicness, and the development in 10 was amazing.
I agree, 6 and 10 were the best, followed by 7 and 12 as second places and finally 8, 9 and 13 as third places. 4, 5 and 10-2 where good, but a little underwhelming. Haven't played the first three and 11 though.
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Old 2010-04-15, 12:51   Link #109
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Ha whoops~ I accidently put my thing up in FF13 thread instead of this one. Go figure why I was negative repped because of some fan-driven jedoch.

Oh well~ my mistake, I gotta live with it. (though I swear I put it in here.)

After thinking about me... FF8 was one of my favorites, though 10 was fun even though it got tedious after awhile. 13? Well... 13 was all swell and good of course! Nothing wrong with it in the least. Of course, if you are like me and prefer open world and/or turn-base then it lost it's feel around the end.

FF is simply getting too widespread, eventually it will really be Square Enix's life's blood
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Old 2010-04-15, 13:39   Link #110
Join Date: Oct 2009
Just to make things clear, I only played the first 9 Final Fantasy games (original versions and reeditions included); X, X-2, XII and XIII are still on my "to-do" list.

The three top games in my list are FF4, FF6 and FF3.

My favorite FF game overall would be FF4. It has memorable moments, a more than decent story and my favorite main character of the series. I really liked the evolution of Cecil through the game, from being oppressed by his position as Dark Knight to showing his true self by finishing with his doubts and defeating his darkness. I enjoyed the fact that this was not simple moralfaggotry but also a personal search.

The rest of characters had their good parts in the game too, but I don't want to overextend myself. I'll just say that Cid and Kain are two of the most badass motherfuckers of the series.

The story is pretty fast-paced and condensed; things happen continuously. That's something I really appreciate. Tending to the end, the game gets a really epic color, with unexpected travels and impressive twists.

The difficulty level (especially in the DS version) is challenging, and it keeps being pretty high tending to the end; having 5 people at your group with two rows, each one with their function, is the style I like the most: it feels realistic, cooperative and contributes to the challenge and strategy.


About FF6... what can I say that people didn't say before. Every single character of this game is memorable and likeable, with very very few exceptions like the secret characters, but that's mostly because, well, they have tending to zero story...

It has Kefka, in my opinion the best villiain in the series: charismatic, adequately crazy and with bizarre looks. The references to Divina Comedia of the final battle are incredible, they give an ominous, epic look to it. Also, he's the only bad guy who actually wins, makes a new face to the world, and loves being a god of the entire series. No emo bishies nor archtypical bad wizards. This guy is serious business.

My only complaint about FF6 is the system. All characters have their own unique abilities, but using Espers you can make them whatever you want. Having all-terrain characters is usually broken and makes the game less difficult. All in all, FF6 is VERY easy. Probably the easiest game in the series.

Why did I choose FF4 over this one in my list? Because I had more fun with it, mainly due to the playstyle and challenge.


FF3 took the good stuff from the first two games, put it together, and improved it. The Job System was incredibly upgraded, the story got a little more elaborated and the world was the biggest so far, bigger and more variated than its predecessors.

With the DS version, not only the game became popular outside Japan, that release improved the very game even more. Rebalanced Job System, 3D graphics, renewed soundtrack (talking about it, I must say Uematsu was pretty inspired when he composed this one, some tracks are really memorable) and some backstory for the main characters. Keeps the difficulty high (it is actually higher) and it's fast-paced enough to not bore. Not to mention the extra objects, dungeons, features and enemies. It's in my opinion the best port/conversion alongside FF4 DS.
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Old 2010-04-15, 13:48   Link #111
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^ Man, Cecil turning to Paladin was amongst the lamest moments in my gaming life. He was supposed to be upgraded and yet he was just a Lv1 ant, monsters could step on. He needed support by the other players for 1 hour until he reaches a high enough level to survive.
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Old 2010-04-15, 13:52   Link #112
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It pays off. And I was speaking more about the character evolution itself, anyway.

...I don't remember it being that hard though, he leveled up pretty fast precisely because he started at level 1.

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Old 2010-04-15, 15:49   Link #113
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Have you noticed how they add something new every 3 games?

FF1 - FF3: Save the crystals
FF4 - FF6: Save the crystals + character angst
FF7 - FF9: Save the crystals + character angst + 3D
FF10 - FF12: Save the crystals + character angst + 3D + Board games as status improvement
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Old 2010-07-16, 10:48   Link #114
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So far I have played only 3 versions: FF 9 (finished), FF 10 (Inside Sin right now) and FF (12) (still playing)

And so far I like FF 9 the most.
Spoiler for FF 9:

Spoiler for FF 10:

Can't say much about FF 12 right now... I'm not really into politics but I don't think that it is THAT horrible as some people make it =/
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Old 2010-07-16, 12:26   Link #115
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Final Fantasy X mainly because it was my first Final Fantasy game. I thought it would be another decent game and I wouldn't get very attached to it but once I started playing, I couldn't stop .
Final Fantasy 12 .......meh.
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Old 2012-05-07, 23:36   Link #116
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Final Fantasy X is my favorite by far and it was also my first.

I like the story the most, the characters the most, battle system the most.. basically everything was really good and every other FF game I've played are either boring or have some annoying flaws that help me to not enjoy them more (there are still a few I like like VI and IX)
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Old 2012-05-07, 23:45   Link #117
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Hmmmm.... believe it or not, my favourite Final Fantasy would be IV. Back in the day I would always go to my neighbours house and play with him. I'd play Yang and Cid, and we'd play Co-op through the entire game. For some reason, the music sticks out to me more than the other games too...

Guess you could say since I grew up playing it, it's kinda grown on me~
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Old 2012-05-08, 00:47   Link #118
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A two years old thread going back to life! But hey, since it's here, might as well write it off.

I've only ever played FF 7~10. And of those, I enjoy 9 the most. Unique and colorful line of casts, and high fantasy content. Great main menu theme song ("Place I'll Return to Someday") and "You Are Not Alone!" (that BGM in the scene where Zidane is having identity crisis in Garland), and the overall music.

And as far as extra contents are concerned, I enjoy 9's the most as well. I still has shivers remembering the nightmare of extra contents in 10 international (though I did get them all, except Penance. I still can't beat him without Zantetsuken D: ).
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Old 2012-05-08, 06:57   Link #119
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FF6 > FF9 > FF5 for me.


Chrono Trigger = DQ5 = FF6 > DQ3 > FF9

I don't really like the newer Final Fantasies. X was pretty good though.
However, I haven't been dissapointed by DQs in a long time.

Except DQ7. Boring as all hell.

OH! Speaking of good old RPGs... Devil Summoner Soul Hackers getting ported with full voice WHOOHOO!
SH is one of the best Megaten games ever.
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Old 2012-05-08, 07:26   Link #120
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Oh, never noticed this thread. Well, I'm done with Final Fantasy, but I still liked the games I got.

My favorite Final Fantasy had to be IX. For me, it was classical Final Fantasy at perfection- the gameplay was just right, the characters were likeable, had a lot of playing time, big world, and a rather balanced difficulty level.

My second favorite would probably be IV.
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