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Why Are Big Hollywood Studios Buying Anime Distributors?:

"This is an insanely chaotic time in the entertainment business. To understand where
we are and why we're here, we need to understand the bigger picture.

The North American and international entertainment business is in a state of major
upheaval. It's hard to see from the consumer point of view, but here in Los Angeles,
people are freaking out. Competition from Netflix, the accelerating decline of cable
television, the slow erosion of the motion picture business, overall globalization and
internet-ization of entertainment content, and the collapse of traditional broadcast TV
has led to a massive, massive shake-up in the entire entertainment business that has
only just begun. People are bracing for mass layoffs, mega-mergers and the effective
end of major companies that have been around for nearly a century.

How massive is this upheaval? Of the six major movie studios (Disney, Sony, Warner
Bros., Paramount, Fox and NBC/Universal), two have been sold and are in the early
stages of merging, and one is, as of this writing, embroiled in a ludicrous Game Of
Thrones-esque fight over its future and possible merger with a major TV network.
Disney now owns Fox, Warner Bros. is getting absorbed into AT&T (despite legal
challenges from the Department of Justice), and Viacom/Paramount MIGHT be getting
merged again with CBS.

This upheaval has been creeping in slowly over the last decade. As more and more
entertainment consumption has moved to online streaming, traditional entertainment
companies have been withering as theatrical, cable and advertising all decline. Netflix
now has more money to spend on making stuff than any of them. Amazon Prime
Video is growing. Hulu, who is partially owned by those traditional media companies,
is a distant third. Apple, now the first trillion dollar corporation in history, is constantly
making moves that seem to indicate that they're getting into the content business too,
but never seem to actually launch anything."

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