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Old 2004-08-27, 14:58   Link #1
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Lightbulb New section forum: Tranlation


I'm was thinking... it would be great if there were a forum where we could post messages about the meaning of some expressions or word (in english) that we found out wathing the animes.

I'm a brazilian, but I prefer download animes with english subtitle, so this way I can pratice my english a little more

For example, in Shingetsutan Tsukihime it had a line:

"Siel-sempai do you cosplay or something like that?"

I don't know what 'cosplay' means, my dictionary doesn't have this word, and I just don't know what it means

There are a lot of other doubts, and since I could not understand, there were others who didn't too.

So, how about creating a 'translation' section in the forum, where we can post this kind of questions?

Eduardo de Santana.
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Old 2004-08-27, 15:27   Link #2
Lord Raiden
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Actually, a whole forum would be a bit of overkill. A single thread dedicated to it somewhere might be more apropriate. Then if it grew big enough that the thread couldn't do its job anymore, THEN a forum could be added. I've seen this done wiht plenty of shows before too. Since the number of threads asking questions like that is low, try making and using a thread like that to start with and use a generic title. Something like: "The Official "What does this word mean?" thread" or something like that. Maybe ask a mod first before making one, but that would be a better idea I think right now instead of a forum.

PS: Cosplay is short for "Costume Playmaking". IE dressing up as a favorite charecter from a favorite anime.
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Old 2004-08-27, 15:30   Link #3
annoying white bat
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Nothing wrong with just asking for definitions case by case. You only need maybe 3 replies to derive some idea of what any given word means. And there are tons of dictionaries on the web too, along with stuff like wikipedia.

"Cosplay" is not exactly English anyway. The idea is cooking up a costume that looks something like what an anime character wears and then filling it with someone who looks more or less like the anime character who wears it. To get people to look at the finished product there are shows and contests at conventions.
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Old 2004-08-27, 15:44   Link #4
Just call me Ojisan
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Originally Posted by klansm
So, how about creating a 'translation' section in the forum, where we can post this kind of questions?
There are no plans for such a forum (and no real need) as we have a number of threads already in existence that serve the purpose. They certainly don't look anywhere near overloaded to require a whole forum dedicated to them.

Have a look at the General Chat Thread Index sticky found in the General Chat forum. There you will find a list of important and useful threads and topics. One of one listed is Common Saying in Japanese, I suggest you post your requests there.
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