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Old 2015-09-25, 17:07   Link #41
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So that's the end of the show. A light confection which occasionally nodded towards drama but never really had any. Not that that's a bad thing, it's just the nature of the show.
Cute and fluffy fun, right to the end.
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Old 2015-09-26, 03:24   Link #42
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So in the end Wakaba's still in the same class as everyone else. It's a bit underwhelming for me since there well be no change. Given this is Kinmoza's author, I was hoping Wakaba would end up in a different class from the rest of the gang, forcing her to attempt to fit into the new class and maybe able to make some new friends which would make a great cliffhanger for people to pick up the manga.
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Old 2015-09-26, 11:39   Link #43
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Ep 13


I enjoyed every minute of it! I would not be surprised if it got a second season of the same thing, but am not holding my breath.

I thought the 8 minutes or so format worked pretty good for the anime too...I always like seeing examples of short anime that "work" for me and thinking on why.

Definitely will archive this one.
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Old 2015-09-27, 00:48   Link #44
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Finished watching Wakaba*Girl yesterday! It was a nice change of scenery after the finale of Gakkou Gurashi!

Still, it would be nice if the main quartet showed up in the tentative third season of Kiniro Mosaic.
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Old 2015-09-27, 02:02   Link #45
Myssa Rei
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Actually it's easy to have Wakaba Girl overlap with Kin-iro Mosaic already if you think about it -- just have Wakaba's father be associated with the firm that Karen's father owns.
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Old 2015-09-29, 12:55   Link #46
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Can't have drama in a cute series, it goes against the law of moe.

Wakaba's just so cute in trying to become a Gyaru.

(tho I do hope she never actually becomes one... not fond of that style)
(I like cute innocent moe style better)

Wakaba being polite is cute, wonder how that hair works tho...

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Old 2015-09-30, 05:02   Link #47
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its Ghost Madoka time!!!
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ever wondered what happens if Wakaba meets Karen, is it a good combination?
"legends said that Alto Saotome made a correct decision, he left both Ranka Lee & Sheryl Nome to marry the skies & proceed to make love with her, it was a long sight to behold according to the witnesses, the sky is now pregnant"
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Old 2015-10-28, 05:29   Link #48
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That was a good final episode/ova. They used superman disguises and it worked... on Wakaba.

The edge of sadomasochism is paper thin
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manga time kirara

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