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Old 2018-07-14, 09:56   Link #101
Mushroom Princess
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Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
first its not i'm biggest mashima fan, i will do the same for any other serie which i see "bad complain" you can find others threads i'm doing things like that, it's just which annoying me see which it's looks like "western peoples (at last some peoples) don't understand difference between cultures" what you call "lazy" is "normal' in they country them it's your issue to feel like that.
You have FT avatar and FT signature. You are the only person that I knew from many forums that defending Mashima like he is your god. If this doesn't make you the Mashima's biggest fan, then I don't know what is it.

Also, you should stop shoving me with your "western culture" talk to me. So far, I had been strictly speaking this from the perspective who had been born and raised in the eastern country.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
About the little" it's because i only see peoples talking about "the first chapter and "too much use of nakama" word not because the nakama power itself" and to be honest this is somethiung which "almost every mangaka in shounen, because this is something really common in that "gender" in japan that is why i really don't mind because after, see it too much with countless anime/mangas/novels it don't botter me anymore cuz this is something which is part of they culture, now if you don't like it them go to japan and force them to stop do that, otherwise it never gonna "disappear" and aways happen.
You are right that every Shounen has "Nakama" trait, and it is not something will be changed for Shounen manga but I am pretty none of them are actually spamming the word as much as Mashima did. It is just the 3rd chapter for a god sake.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
"about her name" ok, because a "single name" which is not even "the same" (can look very close but still different), while i can give you "that single name" i still fail to see he being "lazy when the others are having different names.
What is the cat name again?

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
Again it's not about being "fan" of A or B is about you know "how things work" in country A and don't try to aways aply your "country B logic cuz this never gonna work, for exemple i'm a bigger "harem isekai hater" but i know which this is something pretty popular in japan and while i hate and try to avoid the big majority of them at last i know which is something which "they like" and i try "to respect it" and try to avoid most of them (at last the ones which i really don't like cuz in some cases i can actually enjoy it), that is the problem with "taste and opnuons' it's important to remember "just because i like or hate it or you like or hate it don't means which everyone must follow it and no matter "how trash" something can be you aways will find someone which gonna like it because that is what means "taste" and eveyrone have they own tastes" and like something which you don't like can't be saw as a "sin".
If this is the case, why are you so adamant to defend the negative opinions from others (such as mine) about Mashima and Eden Zero?

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
IT's not the first time mashima did ( mashima also have others one shots and short runn mangas which basically show how much he use the same style), he even pulled a one shot about a "character which was a mix between wendy and erza, which was one of his previous attempts to publish a new serie, mashima don't only did raven master and fairy tail.
To be frank. I would have preferred him to create the female MC a Wendy+Erza version for Eden Zero than Lucy v2.0. At least he tried something new instead of just copypasting from FT.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
It's not about being hater or fan is about "common sense" and know which if what he is doing is "normal and common" in the country market, the worst will gonna happen will be i stop to follow/read it as i did with many others series which started to not "appear me anymore" them instead of "keep complain" i just moved on to another serie, because that is what "normally peoples are supposed to do when they don't like something" just ignore it and look for what they want.
There is nothing wrong with people expressing what they dislike about the things that they have read or seen. Not everyone likes to be a silent majority.

Originally Posted by Blueknight78 View Post
About brolly the peoples "complain over it" are the same peoples which "hated in in the first place" and get anger for him being turned in canon and again as aways are a "minority".
It doesn't matter whether it is a majority or minority group, the point is people do disagree with the direction that the writer is taking. Very different from you, initially believed that people are a hypocrite for not complaining about other authors.
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Old 2018-07-14, 11:43   Link #102
I disagree with you all.
Join Date: Dec 2005
I hate to agree with Blueknight (and in fact, I don't know if I do. I don't have the courage to read his posts.), but I feel that at this point, complaining about Mashima is like complaining about McDonalds. Sure, if you insist, there's a lot to say, but we all know what we're getting when we walk into one.

And frankly, character reuse is one of the least objectionable things he does.
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Old 2018-07-15, 01:21   Link #103
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I think Mashima's greatest weakness right now is his power of resolution. Be it battles or plot threads, he is quick to wrap it up. Technically, it's not a bad thing, especially for the battles, since almost every other mangaka loooooves to draw out a fight as much as possible, but the way it is done leaves scars on the manga, like a bad aftertaste after a pretty decent meal.
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Old 2018-07-15, 05:48   Link #104
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He tends to finish fights in 2 chapters after all.
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Old 2018-07-15, 13:14   Link #105
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While Sixth and Blueknight were having their good grammar anti Mashima vs. bad grammar pro Mashima war (btw Blueknight, you may wanna change your avatar and sig if you're claiming to be not that big of a fan of Mashima, like Lucy jiggle cleavage gif and swimsuit FT crew, really?)
Spoiler for Ch. 4:
She's in your internets, watching you masterdebate.
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Old 2018-07-17, 02:29   Link #106
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Location: South East Asia
lolololol, same setting with siegheart skull in rave
This size of this sig is beyond what A-S permits.

Last edited by charasu; 2018-07-17 at 06:57.
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Old 2018-07-17, 06:04   Link #107
a random Indonesian otaku
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what is this? is this manga got axed already?

please explain the timeskip...
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Old 2018-07-17, 08:55   Link #108
Dragon King
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Location: Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Age: 28
Probably a quick flash-forward to the future for some reason, for hints maybe. I think we'll come back to 20,000 years earlier next chapter. At least I hope so.
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Old Yesterday, 10:01   Link #109
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Well the ending was unique i suppose. Not sure how to feel about it yet.
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