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Old 2018-01-05, 21:09   Link #781
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  • Female person with short blonde hair
  • Fights on the side of Germany in an alternate history 20th century war
  • Appears to be a psychopath
  • Has the first name "Tanya"
  • Has at least one superior officer/general in the upper echolons who is dissatisfied with this "Tanya" for some reason
  • Has at least one unique ability/skill that no one else has
  • Is a complete badass
  • Strongly influenced/manipulated by a person/being whose name and face is not known for the whole series and is always refered to by a pseudonym or social/military position
  • There is some kind of genius scientist on the side of the Germans

So... is it just me or is the author quite a fan of - or at least draws quite a bit inspiration from - Command and Conquer: Red Alert 1?

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Old 2018-01-07, 20:38   Link #782
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Tanya in the original Red Alert wasn't blonde though, she only became such in Red Alert 3.

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Old 2018-01-08, 02:56   Link #783
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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
Tanya in the original Red Alert wasn't blonde though, she only became such in Red Alert 3.
Oh yea, that's true, I almost forgot that the hair color Changed from black in RA1 to (dark) brown in RA2 to blonde in RA3. Doesn't take away from all the other points though.
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Old 2018-01-08, 13:03   Link #784
Nivek von Beldo
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The movie is a sequel story not a recopilatory one...good.
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Old 2018-01-09, 05:35   Link #785
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Spoiler for Episode 1:

Spoiler for Episode 2:

Spoiler for Episode 3:

Spoiler for Episode 4:

Spoiler for Episode 5:

Spoiler for Episode 6:

Spoiler for Episode 7:

Spoiler for Episode 8:

Spoiler for Episode 9:

Spoiler for Episode 10:

Spoiler for EP 12 Comment/ Feedback & series score:

Will definitely be watching the movie when I get a chance to eventually.

Hopefully it leads to another season.

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Old 2018-01-14, 02:41   Link #786
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Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
Oh yea, that's true, I almost forgot that the hair color Changed from black in RA1 to (dark) brown in RA2 to blonde in RA3. Doesn't take away from all the other points though.
She doesn't necessarily fight for Germany as Tanya in Red Alert 1. Tanya is different persons in RA2 and RA3. In RA2 and RA3, Tanya fights for US. So far, we can tell the crazy scientist made the defect, but Existence X provides the divine revelation and inspired the scientist to turn the defective product to technology breakthrough. The empire where Tanya is born is combination of Prussia and Austria-Hungary, so it's not really Germany as we know it. Tanya's former life is a human resources manager, and she agrees with the general who is in charge of HR. She doesn't believe in killing, because she sees it as wasting of human resources. She joined the army to take care her living. She always seeks opportunity to return to the comfort zone of office work again. However, existence X, and angels(?) tried to convert her to a faithful. They throw her into the battlefields again and again. Tanya almost has breakdown due to exhaustion.
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Old 2018-03-03, 00:57   Link #787
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Originally Posted by Botan_TM View Post
This setup is based on Kaiser Germany or Prussia, not a Nazi... Seriously where do you see Nazis here?

Spoiler for comparison with novel:

I enjoy how clouds are animated as a background, it looks great.
Good point in the setting of where this was set.
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Old 2018-03-06, 13:33   Link #788
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Loving this thread! sub'd
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Old 2018-03-22, 21:22   Link #789
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So I had been wandering in a fate thread, where it suddenly lead me to this link and from what that guy in the fate thread said.

This was originally a place where the japanese fans votes on which animes they want made.

Youjo Senki just happens to be on one of the top ten list under the label--


So do anyone think they are going to make another Youjo Senki anime? If enough fans votes for it?
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Old 2018-03-23, 13:25   Link #790
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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There's been plenty of unexpected announcements lately, so why not? I seem to recall this was fairly popular too, and it's getting a movie. That said, I very much doubt a poll would influence producers.
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Old 2018-05-01, 17:56   Link #791
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Like with many other series this was on my radar back when it aired, but as I was busy I didn’t get to watch it together with many other animes I wanted to try.

A few days ago, I decided to marathon this on a whim after seeing an amusing all-ages doujin a friend linked. Already was pretty interested by episode 1, but got really hooked on episode 2, in particular on the discussion between the protagonist and being X.

With the point of view of an anime only watcher I found it to be great. The turning point they decided to end at was a good choice but at the same time one that really leaves you craving for more. While a movie sequel is nice as they tend to have a good budget, it is kind of sad as movies tend to take a long time for production for about half of the content of a one cour anime season.

I’m happy that the anime ultimately diverged to a good extent from the source (from what I heard around the second half) while still being vey entertaining so when I get to read the LN and the manga adaptation I will be able to have a new experience with it too. I really need now to work a bit more on my Japanese to be able to read the original LNs.
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