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For Hataraku Maou-Sama fans

I hope im allowed to post this here.. or at all... Anyway, *Takes deep breath* In January I posted a theory about the series Hataraku Maou-Sama on the site Myanimelist. It took me a total of two days full of tries to get out my words right and create it. After a few days of no one replying on it, I ended up just forgetting about it. 2 months later I end up returning to the forum post to just delete the whole thing and forget about it. I thought I came off as a dumba$$ to people who read it. However, upon my return, I find that a few people ended up leaving comments on it. Some agreeing, some disagreeing. It felt really satisfying, as all I wanted was for someone to debate with me on the topic. That being said, why am I here now? Well, I'm actually pretty eager to get more people's opinion this. I want to do one of two things. (Assuming I'm allowed to do either).

1) I want to post a link to the forum post directly. Only problem is, im not sure if im allowed to post links to other forum sites..

2)Re-create the post in a copy-paste fashion, to here. Thing is, im not sure if im allowed copy post and paste them like that from other sites, even though they are my own.

So ultimately what I plan on doing is posting the link now, and if im told I cant do such things, i'll just re-create the post somewhere im allowed on the site. Hopefully this is fine!


I hope you guys enjoy my thoughts on this one..
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