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View Poll Results: Haruka or Mitsuki?
Haruka, and respondent is male 258 45.42%
Haruka, and respondent is female 54 9.51%
Mitsuki, and respondent is male 216 38.03%
Mitsuki, and respondent is female 40 7.04%
Voters: 568. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2009-08-02, 13:53   Link #421
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It's not his fault that he didn't notice Mitsuki's feelings...It's nobodys fault actually. He tried to turn down Haruka at first but he felt sorry for her and gave her a chance and I guess he liked the idea of having a girlfriend and it was Mitsuki who encouraged her although she was in love with Takayuki. About the present you can't blame Takayuki neither, it was her birthday and she wanted a present from the man she loves. Haruka and Takayuki never broke up although she stayed in coma for 3 years and maybe he thought that he was betraying her especially if that person is her best friend, both of them were feeling miserable for the past 3 years and they sacrificed alot and went through heaven and hell but they still ended up together no matter what happened, if that is not true love then what is? T_T
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Old 2009-08-02, 15:15   Link #422
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Well not an expert, but just not as easy going as he was.
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Old 2009-08-29, 04:42   Link #423
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I voted Mitsuki Hayase..I hate how Haruka acts..
and the way she clings onto Narumi..ugh..
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Old 2009-10-06, 04:06   Link #424
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Originally Posted by chuckert View Post
I voted for Haruka. But I don't despise Mitsuki for what she did. If you're in love with someone, you'll do just about anything to get closer to them, and that's exactly what she did basically. Being that Takayuki suffered emotionally the whole time while Haruka was in her coma, Mitsuki worried about him and wanted to take care of him. She acted on her feelings and Takayuki accepted them which I thought was wrong if he truly loved Haruka. So if I had to blame someone, it would be Takayuki in the end. Yeah waiting 3 yrs might be a long time, but if it's someone you truly love, you'll wait for them no matter how long it takes. 3 yrs is nothing compared to your whole life. He should have spent the time he mourned looking forward to the day when Haruka would wake up and see her smiling face when he saw her. That should have given him motivation by itself, but he was just too emotional wrecked and blamed himself for everything.

Haruka was the only victim here. When Mitsuki first found out that Haruka liked Takayuki, she should have declared Haruka her rival then and there. Sometimes friends make sacrifices for other friends, but it shouldn't be for love.
My thoughts exactly.I completely agree with you.
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Old 2010-07-14, 06:26   Link #425
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I'm a girl...and to be honest, I found it easier to identify with Mitsuki. Perhaps it was because she DID do something wrong, and she's not perfect, but she's fought through it all despite that. She's a girl who really did love with a pure heart, for both Haruka, her best friend, and Takayuki.

She's been suffering in her love for both of them. In the beginning, she tried to put her feelings aside for Haruka's sake...but I don't think she could help being jealous. She envied their ability to be happy while she continued to sink lower and lower. Added on to the fact that her feelings for Takayuki were true from the very beginning. Even still, she didn't openly try to destroy their relationship. She just told herself that wanting a little bit would be enough, a little bit of time, a present...a ring.

Seeing Takayuki in the state they were in, I can't blame her for saying 'Choose me. I can make you happy.' And she stayed beside him, for years, knowing that his heart never really belonged to her. When Haruka awoke, she was willing to put aside her happiness for Takayuki's. Mitsuki's selfish, yes, but...she was honest. She learned how to become honest, through Takayuki.

So...honestly, I'd have to follow Mitsuki here xD;; Even though I really do admire Haruka for her innocence, her strength...I think I just relate more to Mitsuki.
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Old 2011-07-23, 10:38   Link #426
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I love Haruka. She's strong until the very end. (: Hands down.
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Old 2011-09-26, 21:24   Link #427
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I voted Mitsuki, and respondent is male.

At the beginning of the series, I liked both the girls for their own qualities, maybe Haruka to a lesser extend, because she was the quiet-shy overused type in anime tropes. I supported Mitsuki, because she was at first sacrificing her happiness for Haruka, before her own emotions overwhelmed her. Realistically, this is very difficult to do in life and I respect her for trying.

Later near the end of the series, as her emotions pile up, she finally begins to break-down, I always empathize for her, because I can relate to her realistically. In life, friends and family that I know goes through the same situation in less extend, but because its real life, it has a stronger defining impact than a anime is, so my point is, if you convert this series to real life, with you in it, its painful experience.

Haruka is to fake at times for me... thats another reason.
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Old 2012-06-12, 17:52   Link #428
Kyosuke Magami
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Sorry for resurrecting this ancient thread. I just watched this show for the second time, the first being back when it was originally airing. I'm not sure what possessed me to watch it again, but I'm glad I did. I'll also preface this by saying I haven't watched Next Season yet, but I plan on it.

At any rate, I think I feel compelled to respond because I realized how different my feelings are about this show the second time around. I think if you had asked me back when I first watched this series, I would have selected Haruka, but this second time around (and 6 or 7 years later) I strongly feel that my choice has to go to Mitsuki. Haruka was a great character, but the events in the story really work to paint a picture around just how dedicated Mitsuki really was. Ignoring the fact that she saw Takayuki through the rough period immediately after the accident, for the longest time it seemed to me that her primary concern was that he was happy. I suppose some might say that is selfish of her, and maybe to an extent it was, but if you take a step back and think about it, how selfish can you be when your goal is to make someone you love happy? One thing that can't be argued is that she used her actions to show how she felt, even though the message was often not received by the other party.

Earlier in the thread, much was said about Mitsuki's decision to cheat. The decision was perhaps regrettable, but was also done for a reason. Something had to give. I thought it was striking that, after she reveals what she has done to Takayuki (after nursing him back to health yet again), her response to his somewhat muted surprise is "you didn't get mad..." right before she runs out of the apartment. This line proved to me that it wasn't just a drunken mistake but more of a calculated decision. She was searching for something more. She wanted anger and sadness, a sign of caring, and instead she got what could almost be described as indifference.

I was a bit disappointed with the ending. For as much as the show focused on the relationship between Mitsuki and Takayuki, I thought not nearly enough attention was given to their reconciliation at the end. Conversely, I felt like more attention was given to Haruka's future endeavors and successes. Maybe this was done intentionally, a sort of "fill in the blanks yourself" type of thing.

You have to feel bad for Haruka in the end, but I think Mitsuki was the one who really suffered here, and despite her flaws she continued to support Takayuki. The show's writers did a great job portraying her character as dedicated, loving, and human. Now if only I could find a lady with all those qualities, I'd be set :-)
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Old 2013-06-17, 00:35   Link #429
Filia Nox
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Haruka. No two doubts about it. Mitsuki is/was a betrayer. That is a fact. No matter how many excuse(s) the audiences try to give. Perhaps being of Asian heritage, I perceive love differently. You never take a best friend's lover, unless he/she is confirmed DEAD. Being in a coma means that ONE (fine) day, your best friend has a chance of waking up. That's loyalty that a best friend should do to one another.

In the end, Haruka was and still IS the mentally strongest character when she releases Takayuki, for the sake of ALL. Mitsuki's fans might hate me for saying this, but she IS a cheater, no matter how you see it or whatever reasons you try to give. Love is a selfish thing, but it should not be when it involves other people that you ought to love as well. Hence, I cannot feel any sympathy or empathise with Mitsuki because like someone said, she brought it all to herself. She isn't a victim. Haruka is!
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Old 2013-08-16, 00:53   Link #430
Lumine Passio
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Well, this is kind of "Bad-Bad" situation, which all characters got themself entangled in a Spider Web. After all, people does crazy stuffs for love.
Also, I feel bad for both Haruka and Mitsuki. I mean, it's not like Mitsuki is a bad person. Life move on, but nothing going to the plan.
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Old 2015-10-09, 20:57   Link #431
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Mitsuki didn't sacrifice shit. She was an indirect cunt, who liked Tatsuyuki, but didn't have the guts to come out and tell it to her friend straight, and that's why all this crap started. The reason why you can't feel bad for Mitsuki is because all her drama and shit she put up with is HER FAULT. I can't feel bad for someone who wasn't honest with themselves or others. She purposely kept Tatsuyuki from going to Haruka, didn't express her feelings from the get-go, then tried to sneak alone time in with him behind Haruka's back! Then there's Tatsuyuki, who clearly liked her, but he didn't say shit either.

Haruka was put in the middle of their drama because those two idiots couldn't admit their feelings, then in the end, once Haruka has her feelings very strong for the boy, and everything is messed up, then they want to come out and say something? Mitsuki dug her own grave, she is pathetic, and the only reason I would say Mitsuki should be with Tatsuyuki, is because they deserve each other. They are both pathetic and Haruka deserves a better friend and boyfriend than either of them. Mitsuki for being an indirect cunt who liked that boy all this time, but "stepped" aside, only to be indirect in spending time with him in between, and Tatsuyuki for being an indecisive moron. How anyone can dislike Haruka is beyond me, she did nothing wrong in this entire situation except like a boy, and have a shitty friend.

Mitsuki deserved all the crap that she went through, and I hope she and Tatsuyuki break up in the end and she realizes she threw her life away for some bullshit. Meanwhile, proud of Haruka for becoming a successful childrens author and child psychologist. She's going to go far, and Mitsuki and Tatsuyuki will be stuck at shit jobs, not living the life they were hoping for. That's what they get. What I hated about rumbling hearts is everyone treating Haruka like shes' just some fragile girl to be pitied, but in the end, the only ones to be pitied were them. In the end, she took the bullshit they did perfectly fine, and was mature about it. This most likely would have happened anyway, but instead, her shitty so-called friend did this crap. Mitsuki is a terrible friend, person and a psychopath.
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Old 2015-10-10, 08:32   Link #432
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Wow, resentful, much?
It's always a great time to immerse yourself in Deculture love!
All hail the Empress!!!

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