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Old 2004-12-05, 12:11   Link #1
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Cool Akira

ppl plz tell me i m not the only person to read this manga
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Old 2004-12-05, 22:31   Link #2
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Originally Posted by Akeiraw3
ppl plz tell me i m not the only person to read this manga
No you aren't I have the manga's next to me on the shelf
I love the manga, the story is very good and actually makes sense compared to the anime (which just skipped 5 out of 6 manga's). I found the play between Tetsuo and Akira the most interesting in the manga. Tetsuo's who not able to control his power but tries to take control of Tokyo, while on the other hand we have Akira who controls his power but is in search of his lost friends. Slowly we see Tetsuo evolving in that direction too.

The art in Akira is amazing, so well-detailed, the numerous sceneries of a destroyed Tokyo, with skyscrapers in ruins everywhere is breathtaking. While Akira may be a well-known anime I don't know if many people took the trouble of reading the manga, those who haven't should do so. It will explain once and for all why Akira is considered a classic
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Old 2004-12-05, 23:46   Link #3
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The details of the urban background were so fine that it was jaw-dropping, I wonder if Otomo came up with the layouts all by himself or does he have to trace some actual photos. Either way they were amazing.

I really don't get the story though, Akira, Tetsuo turning into a giant baby, and the ending where they rode into a renewing city - I think they're meant to symbolize or draw allusion to something, but they're just too vague.

Whatever, the eye-candies were entertainment enough.
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Old 2004-12-06, 07:31   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Akeiraw3
ppl plz tell me i m not the only person to read this manga
I have of course read this awesome manga classic, and I own the full french translation.
My guess is, the reason why it's not discussed here is that it's old, and has been liscenced for ages. But it does come up once in a while in the favourit manga thread for instance.
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Old 2006-04-26, 07:30   Link #5
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Has anybody read the Akira comic or know the significance of the pill? I was just curious. The design is pretty cool and I'd like to get a jacket like that.
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Old 2006-04-27, 00:42   Link #6
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Tetsuo and others take pills to keep their powers in check.
If you don't take your pills you turn into a gigantic bubbling infant.
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Old 2006-04-30, 11:47   Link #7
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Total cult!

The only thing I disliked about my country's version (Portugal) , was that I was a stupid coloured version -colored by Steve Oliff- , not that it was bad, but the original Black and White was THE REAL ONE. But that didn't avoid me Collecting it.

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