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Old 2011-01-16, 21:59   Link #1
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do not say one piece

im lookin for an anime starring pirates. and i know about one piece so dont say it. i know ur thinking it, just dont. i am not looking for space pirates either. im talkin old school. peg legs, swords, cannons, whores, rum, wood ships, and eye patches kinda pirates. it should definetely have a good, mature or darker, story. and i like character devlopment too. and hell lets toss in a bit of romance if possible to. oh yeah and i want action too.
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Old 2011-01-16, 23:29   Link #2
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One Piece're not going to find what you're looking for. It doesn't exist.
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Old 2011-01-17, 03:50   Link #3
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Treasure Island?
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Old 2011-01-17, 09:01   Link #4
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Why not watch One Piece when it clearly has everything you're looking for?
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Old 2011-01-17, 09:54   Link #5
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But ..But ... But .. One piece sukumizu is the best fetish ever.


I dont think pirate based anime exist .. pirate fetish is more of a western thingie while japan obsessed over ninja and samurai

There's pirate in Spongebob *tried putting up a straight face*
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Old 2011-01-17, 10:34   Link #6
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Peter Pan no Bouken? From the World Masterpiece Theater. It's has a darker story towards the end.
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