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Old 2011-06-30, 08:34   Link #21
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That's true I even thought it would be a wolf at that time. But at 0:52 all thoughts went away.
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Old 2012-06-23, 04:52   Link #22
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I figured I'd bump this thread since the movie came out yesterday.

So far, it seems the general consensus is that 50% of critics love it and 50% of critics dislike it, but next to no one "hated" it and the large majority of them are not saying that it's a horrible film, per se. However, a majority of user reviews (non-paid non-snobby/uppity movie critics a.k.a everyday people) have been showering the movie with nothing but praises. Regardless of one's own personal feelings on the story (some have said it is one of Pixar's best works, others feel it is lacking -- it'll all up to you in the end), no one can deny that the visuals and animation are absolutely stunning and superb. The score isn't too shabby, either.

I'll be seeing it today (hopefully), however I did spoil myself quite a bit by flipping through a children's book in Barnes & Noble about a month ago. I hope it won't ruin my perceptions of the film (an unlikely occurrence).

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Old 2012-06-23, 09:09   Link #23
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It's very hard to describe Brave. On one hand, there are the stunning visuals (I want Merida's hair) and superb voice acting (the best I've heard all year). On the other hand, though, there is a very weak story ('slight' is the best description, especially compared to Up, Finding Nemo, Toy Story 3 (which I'm not a fan of) or even Wall-E, all fairly mature stories wrapped in kid's packaging) that never really goes anywhere and the end result is as trite as it is unresolved. What moments I did like (while the film starts with the often misused 'girls can do anything boys can' storyline, the ending solved with traditionally "feminine" activities was a nice twist) are often overshadowed by the unease of the script as the characters try to accomplish tasks that serve no real purpose (or even self-sabotaging themselves). What makes matters worse is that the story is really ridiculously dark, yet the characters and direction emphasize lightness and fluffyness and comedy. This is, ultimately, a story about a mother selling her daughter as chattel, and somehow we are supposed to simply ignore this and believe this is a story about family (Or a mother and daughter who are disagreeing on a minor issue). This is a movie about a mother who is literally trying to sell her daughter, and the daughter that is trying desperately to escape her slavery (and what makes matters worse, the daughter is quite literally forced to be humbled and accept that slavery might be an okay option just cause it might save a kingdom (Aladdin had a similar storyline with Jasmine, but that movie dealt with the potential horrors in a far better manner).

Overall, I really disliked the story (I didn't even get into the silliness of the second act) and ultimately the characters. The 3D is also unnecessary (Pixar still hasn't learned how to use 3D, unlike it's many competitors that are rapidly equaling Pixar in the creative department). While not as bad as Cars 2 (which is still Pixar's worst film, not to mention darkest and most violent), Brave still suffers from massive problems that directly affect nearly every aspect of the film (beyond the visuals and the acting). (Some of this could be blamed on the many problems and disputes going on behind the screen (originally, a woman (the first female director for Pixar) was in charge of the story and direction, but, for unknown reasons, she was replaced halfway through, and I kept help but wonder if the disconnect in the film results from this extreme move).) 65/100.
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Old 2013-01-29, 05:04   Link #24
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If this movie was made by Disney, Elenor would be evil and she would hate Merida for her beautiful hair. Elenor would go to the witch for a strength potion but it turned her into a bear. She thinks "Hm well I am not a strogwoman like I expected but now I can kill Little Annie!!". Merida would sing about how she hates being sheltered as a princess and forced to choose a husband from the three suitor dudes. Merida would go thru a rite of passage to kill her mother along with her prince, who would be a common boy who's striking hot, probably that one guy with the muscles who looks like kid from Train Your Dragon. Then Merida and boy would kiss passionately, get married and sing about how to keep bears from extinct and Scotland.
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