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Old 2011-02-20, 18:07   Link #1
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Himitsu no Akko-chan

I just found out about this very interesting anime, and since there weren't any existing threads referencing "akko" in the title, I thought that since this is such a massive project that it would be interesting to ask if anyone has heard of this series. In the 60s/80s/90s respectively there have been 94/61/44 episodes respectively, the 80s remake also spawned 2 films.

I find it interesting that one of the retitles for this is Magic Mirror, does it involve the same trope that we've witnessed in anime like Alice in Wonderland or Rozen Maiden?

Also, I heard there might be 5 movies from the original series but can't find any proof of that so assuming it's a rumour for the moment.

Does anyone know if this anime has been referenced in newer series? I find a lot of older series sometimes get props or vague references to appeal to the nostalgia of older viewers.

The posted picture says DVD Video so I'm guessing it's being sold in Japan, but I can't find any information in regards to whether or not it has been licensed in North America or if there are any plans for it, and if there were, if it was all or only a portion that would be receiving that.
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Old 2011-09-02, 17:21   Link #2
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I relize this is an old thread....BUT WHO CARES!

Ah Himitsu no Akko chan, a classic Fujio Akatsuka series, his gag manga was the hottest sh*t back in the day, this series is notable for being the second magical girl anime, after Yokoyama's Sally the witch, but the manga predates sally by a few years.
yes it was made 3 times, as for the movies, they were basically OAVs before OAVs were around, let me explain, they would make a bonus episode same length as any tv ep, but play it before a movie in the theater, I only seen the 2 oavs (lets just call them oavs) for the second series.

Now on to where to find these and how they hold up, well the original...its from the 60s so no one but you and me would be interested, I seen a few episodes of the original, and like most anime from the 60s its clunky but charming, and definitely worth a look, even if just a few episodes. best bet youtube

Now the second series however is probably one of the best remakes anime has to offer, it has great energy the characters have been updated to feel more relevant, but still have the same heart as the original. The animation is great, a late 80s look that you dont see anymore. And dare I say, one of the best end credit sequences ever, thank you YOUTUBE LINK

There's no fansubs, but you dont really need to understand to much of the dialog, alot of the character in this series is through body language and physical humor, and the stories are easy follow, a torrent of all 61 episodes AND the 2 OAVs are available via torrent, yeah yeah illegal means but hey, if nobody cares enough to fansub it, I doubt anyone will buy it
TORRENT LINK its readily seeded by...uh JUST ME! so yeah do check that one out

the 3rd one has alot of the same staff as the 80s one, but done on a much tighter budget, the animation is decent but not as memorable as the 80s one, the voice acting is fine, and the writing is just as good as ever, but I would say the 80s anime is the one to go for. I saw 1 episode fansubbed, other than that, very expensive import dvds

So yeah thats that, if your still around or still interested or if anyone else is after I dug up a couple month old post do check out Himitsu no Akko Chan 2, even though its old it still very unique, and VERY FUNNY, and lets face it a good anime comedy is hard to find now a days, so it may be worth it to dig for some treasure.
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