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Old 2015-07-04, 17:11   Link #1
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RED ASH - The Indelible Legend

Here we go again....

So, if Mighty No. 9 is NotClassicMegaMan and Azure Striker Gunvolt is NotMegaManX/Zero, then where the heck is our NotLegends? Why, HERE it is! With main characters named after MN9's main duo to boot!

Anyway, this project definitely looks a lot more ambitious compared to MN9.... what with there being a separate anime project by STUDIO4℃ planned and all. If there's one problem I have though, it's that this alternate Beck looks WAY too dorky, IMO. Hopefully, he gets a redesign at some point....

So.... yeah, Inafune's next project! Is this a true successor to Legends, or is he potentially ripping us off (as some assumed was the case with MN9)? Whatever your thoughts are, discuss!
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Old 2015-07-04, 17:17   Link #2
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Join Date: Oct 2011
I need to go look up some footage of Mighty No. 9 so I can decide for myself whether he did actually deliver. That'll determine whether I jump on this project.

The amount asked for is very low... I assume this game will be 3D, which should drive up the cost.
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Old 2015-07-04, 18:47   Link #3
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Not falling for it again after how MN9 ended up looking like...
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Old 2015-07-05, 01:32   Link #4
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Here's the kickstarter for the Game:
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