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Old 2023-10-01, 21:32   Link #141
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My highest so far for MoC is 27 stars. Leveling traces more could help in my damage as most of my units are around level 4 to 7 in their traces but farming trace mats is a pain. Not in a rush to try hard in MoC. It took me until Yelan's release in Genshin, months before the 2nd anniversary, to start getting 36 stars in Abyss.

Only just finished SD4 in Preservation route.
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Beefy shields from Gepard plus DPS from Seele and Kafka and Nihility blessings.
I almost finished SD5 yesterday with same Preservation route but I kept getting screwed at the last phase with the True Stings suiciding and immobilizing some of my units. Even with getting an Abundance blessing with an Effect Res bonus.
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Old 2023-10-01, 21:37   Link #142
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I did preservation on first three worlds, but It turned out to be inadequate for fourth one. Gepard shields just couldn't stop bugs ulltimate attack. In the end I figured I have to be able to kill them before the uneashe thatt attack and now I am running pure hunt not even bothering with interplay. Though picking propagation blessings is still have to.
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