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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
I don't think Yorozu's gift has anything to do with Sukuna's original form. He already said he had the option to do it back when he was about to fight her but chose not to.
Ah yes, I remember now. IIRC she was pissed off because of that.

Originally Posted by Tactics View Post
Sukuna original form is something unlocked after he reach 15-20 Fingers.

It similar to Mahito shapeshift victims which Mahito overwhelm their souls via CT, altering their forms.
This time Sukuna overrides Megumi soul which he more than pleased to do now Gojo gone there's no need for 10 Shadows anymore (CT is tied to soul, so if Sukuna use his true form from start, he cannot use 10 Shadows); kinda speaks how powerful Yuji 'design' considering Sukuna with 15 Fingers cannot overwhelm his soul like this.

... Whether Megumi still alive or not is unknown.
I hadn't considered that. It makes perfect sense why he didn't want to use it before, assuming it's not something he can reverse. Regardless, I don't think Megumi is gone. I really want Megumi to come back just to find out what Yuji would say to him about what Sukuna did. Pretty sure he would take responsibility again for Sukuna's actions because it was his binding vow with him that allowed Megumi to be possessed in the first place, and this time I don't think his guilt would be misplaced. He messed up big time when he made that vow.
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Yuji still shouldn't have any memory of his binding vow, so from his perspective Sukuna just broke out on his own.

Maybe he'd feel guilty because he thinks he's too weak to hold Sukuna in, but to him it wouldn't be any different compared to when Sukuna took over during the Shibuya Incident.
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