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Old 2018-07-03, 11:03   Link #3121
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I assume you took a look 3 years and know the difference between Tohka and Lilith at least.

And the mc gets more criticism than the mh.
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Old 2018-07-03, 11:37   Link #3122
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Darkofficer gets it.

BTW, they could have easily used a group photo as the teaser image, but went with Lilith. It's like using the other 6 together with her would be misleading for a series called Trinity S E V E N. You could say it's not a big deal since it's just the first pic and all, but for me it's not a good sign. Is the 3rd LN also about her? She has a prominent role in the Abyss Trinity arc, but I can get behind that, because there is also Akio action and the whole Liese rescue.
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Old 2018-07-12, 05:47   Link #3123
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New Spinoff Series Announced

Trinity Seven: Seven Days romantic comedy spinoff
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Old 2018-07-13, 07:22   Link #3124
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Originally Posted by Gaizafaiz View Post
New Spinoff Series Announced

Trinity Seven: Seven Days romantic comedy spinoff
Is that all? Guess we should be lucky the manga ins't ending. But no doubt we will never see this scanned or translated just like the trinity seven-san spinoff.
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Old 2018-07-16, 13:29   Link #3125
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Old 2018-07-16, 14:45   Link #3126
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Originally Posted by Triok123 View Post
Welp Iím definitly confused now. They didnít announce the mangaís ending either so Iím wondering what they are planning now.
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Old 2018-07-21, 04:01   Link #3127
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The important announcement is the second movie, most likely 3rd volume of the Light Novels, about the heterochromic shrine maiden or whatever. And stop talking about manga ending, cause it's not going to...

Spoiler for Spoiler:

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Old 2018-07-30, 05:43   Link #3128
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Wow, new chapter and Lise is on cover *nosebleed*
Good chapter, and I'm wondering, is this my imagination, or has Mira really become more "mature"?
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Old 2019-04-17, 10:28   Link #3129
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I want anyone who has read the raws of this series up to the latest untranslated chapter to please answer my questions.

Does Arata get back his Magic King element or does it at least seem possible that it can happen? And why does the True Magic King have the same magic and even perhaps the same personality as Arata? What's their connection? If Arata can get his Magic King element back, maybe the True Magic King can be involved somehow (even though he's been absorbed by that Malebranche member who's able to absorb someone and get their personality and powers, I think it's possible that he could still be in there somewhere).

Also, didn't the True Magic King control Arata's body before? Was that also actually that Malebranche member, or was that the real deal?

I've also been rereading the series from Chapter 1 recently and I just came across Abyss Trinity saying in Chapter 33 that the simplest way to kill a Magic King is to destroy the Magic King element inside of them. In the latest translated chapters, Arata's Magic King element is supposedly gone and yet he's somehow still alive? I wonder if it's not really gone but just dormant? If the True Magic King is really Arata's other half, then Arata can probably get his Magic King element back (or reawaken it if my theory is correct) somehow by using his connection with him. But the problem is that one of the Malebranche has absorbed the True Magic King; how can Arata do anything with him like that? Unless he has a part of him inside his body somehow? It could be how he was able to control Arata's body that one time.

And maybe this is just me, but I don't like how Arata "lost" his Magic King element right after becoming a Trinity. A Trinity that doesn't have a Magic King element is incomplete. I don't like that at all.

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