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Wait for it...
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: In between time and space.
Spiral of insanity

This is random ramblings of mad man trapped between space and time, you decide if it is sane enough to exist (and for me to continue) or not and must be forgotten.

Shall we begin?

So I am training to join the BPO industry then I realize something. Many things can be Outsourced: Customer Service, Collections, Technical Support, Graphics, Sounds, Programming, Research, Engineering, Development, and Productions....

Could War be Outsourced?

Sure, we've seen PMCs (Private Military Company for the uninitiated) but what if we can outsource commanding? What if the world becomes like Heavy Object, where wars are so common, there's even a show for it, what if we fought proxy wars, wars fought by drones.... Where corporations fought for the wars a nation wages. I wonder if such thing will happen.

And if it does, how much do we pay?
How much do we earn?
Is the profit worth it?

Okay, for me I want this:
1.) A fresh graduate in college looking for a job and decided to join a company that outsources war assets.
2.) He's not special, and that won't be a problem since he has coworkers to sometimes save the war but he can learn from them.
3.) The said company has an average rating, it's not special, it has generic forces, not too high tech, but also not too obsolete.

If possible I want a soldier or logistics to give me advice here, I read "Guns and Stamp" but I still don't see the big picture on how big the logistical nightmare you guys suffer....

Well I just wanted to get this idea out of my mind, so that I can forget it until I reopen this post, this is getting in the way of my work, but if you want to continue, you the community can steer the story.

"Time is more gentle than anything. Even though the two of them will lose this once in a year opportunity to meet, that sadness will heal as time passes. However time is also more cruel than any other, even though the two lovers have pledged their love for all eternity, that pure emotion will fade away into dust in the flow of time. That one instant where their existence are recognized by each other are being constantly taken away by fate, just how long will the lover that resides in their heart exist till?" -Tokisaki Kurumi.

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