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Old 2012-05-29, 06:32   Link #21
Monarch of Rughzenhaide
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Treated to some glorious yuriservice throughtout most of the ep and then BAM. Maximum tease and then the writers throw a "LOL U MAD" ball at you at the end.

Bravo Bravo! Brilliant troll.

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Old 2012-05-29, 06:42   Link #22
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If that's going to be the case, then I'll have to check my harness so that I don't get thrown off.

I'm getting this. And a box of tissues to prevent any accidental nosebleeds.

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Old 2012-05-29, 07:43   Link #23
Aesthetic Shampoo
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I'd say that was a pretty nice episode, knowing the twin was going to die had me on the edge of my seat...and that bird flying pass scared the crap out of me.
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Old 2012-05-29, 07:55   Link #24
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Came back from watching....

Spoiler for and...:
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Old 2012-05-29, 10:07   Link #25
White Manju Bun
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Great epi, I fell (no pun intended) for that scene too.

The beginning was so light hearted even though you knew what was coming. I loved how Mei was trying to be protective of Misaki after she found out. I have to think this did start the curse since based on how Another ended, we all know the student count had nothing to do with it.

I did like how she said her class seemed "cursed".
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Old 2012-05-29, 10:10   Link #26
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The bird was definitely the work of the curse. I'd imagine the other Misaki's rapid deterioration must have also been the product of the curse too.

It remains to be seen whether Koichi could, in some manner, coax back out the Mei we saw in the OVAs. It's going to be and uphill task, and I wonder, if that Mei we saw in the OVA re-emerged among Koichi, how their relationship might change.

Hmm..... that's just hypothetical, but I'd imagine any fanfic author wanting to write a Koichi X Mei romance might be well advised to watch the OVA first.
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Old 2012-05-29, 13:25   Link #27
Kamen Rider Muppeteer
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And that really is all there is to say on the matter.
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Old 2012-05-29, 14:51   Link #28
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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This episode gave me diabetes. It was ridiculously cute and yurilicious.

It was nice seeing how Mei behaved under normal circumstances. She was a very normal girl back then. Given how close she was to her sister, it's no wonder she became so removed and apathetic after losing her. It must have been horribly painful, especially since she most likely blamed herself.

I didn't buy the ferris wheel scene for a second since I remembered Misaki was supposed to have died from illness, but it sill made for an amusing troll.
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Old 2012-05-29, 14:53   Link #29
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That blew the actual series out the water.

In fact, it was well worth watching that trainwreck to the end just to have context for this OVA.

Man, that was so good.
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Old 2012-05-29, 15:44   Link #30
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What a disgusting collage of meaingless, pointless loli fanservice. I don't believe the deep, complex character of Mei was this childish just a few days before the series proper began. Way to misuse this fascinating story to propagate utter stereotypical garbage.
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Old 2012-05-29, 15:58   Link #31
Dr. Casey
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Originally Posted by achirist View Post
What a disgusting collage of meaingless, pointless loli fanservice. I don't believe the deep, complex character of Mei was this childish just a few days before the series proper began. Way to misuse this fascinating story to propagate utter stereotypical garbage.

I'm just about ten minutes into the episode, but so far Misaki seems very much herself. She's a happier person, but she's still classy, subdued, mature, and anti-girly (ie her complete lack of interest in being hooked up with guys). Her outward demeanor isn't that much difference besides, uh, laughing a few times. Sorry if that's too wild a character departure for you.
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Old 2012-05-29, 17:38   Link #32
Julio C
Bury My Shell
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I thought it was going to be a full fanservice OVA, but it turned out to be something deep and engaging. It's no wonder why Mei turned into a social misfit after her twin's death. I like how at the end, it connected to the first episode.
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Old 2012-05-29, 18:00   Link #33
Me at work
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Freaking darn it.
it's after seeing episodes like this that I wish I could erase episodes 11 and 12 from my memory,this OVA reminded me why I got so hooked on the show in the first place.
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Old 2012-05-30, 02:00   Link #34
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The Other

This zeroth episode felt fantastic.

We got ourselves an almost entire episode dedicated to both Misaki twins, and it shed a lot of exposition about Mei originally being a very opened person towards her twin.
The interaction between the two twin sisters was flawless and sublime.

It was a nice setup watching those two twins going shopping, discussing their tastes in clothing, and Misaki (Mei's twin) was just a cute little devil teasing Mei.

This is how Mei was before Misaki unexpectedly pass away, and the loss of her twin triggered the Mei we got to see in the TV show.

Some of the scores reflecting Mei's everyday life used in the TV series were reused for the zeroth episode, but given how this episode began as cheerful and serene those scores did not feel gloomy and sad to me.

The episode itself does a very good job to seamlessly integrate and tie together without holes the time when both Mei and Kouichi crossed paths and met for the first time at the hospital, and the post-ending credits scene gives into detail what Mei did with the doll she carried, originally meant to give as a gift to her twin Misaki.

Likely, the real blunder I got with this episode was that Misaki got diagnosed with leukemia and her manner of death was just too convenient to be believable.
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Old 2012-05-30, 04:07   Link #35
Hardcore meets Casual
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I was expecting a throwaway episode so imagine my surprise to see it actually improves upon the series. Bra-freaking-vo guys you bowled me over.
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Old 2012-05-30, 13:04   Link #36
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this episode almost made me cry... i'm just glad Koichi is there to be with Mei.. since we all know he certainly has feelings for her.. the loss of Misaki was the time Mei met Koichi, its touching.

okay i change my mind, maybe i'll just cry in one corner now. bye.
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Old 2012-05-30, 19:01   Link #37
Guardian Enzo
Seishu's Ace
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Am I the only one who thought the kid who hit on Fujioka looked a lot like Kouichi? And we know the one who killed Reiko did, too... Is there a point to this, or just trolling - or homogeneous character design?
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Old 2012-05-31, 18:45   Link #38
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The breast-grab bit made me facepalm and sigh, but other than that, this was an excellent episode.

The highlights for me:

1) The overall atmosphere. Very easy to get into, very "friendly" yet with just a touch of hidden horror to keep me in suspense, the careful pacing.

2) The Troll-Death Scene was marvelously executed. Absolutely wonderful directing there.

3) How this episode shows a different, happier side of Mei, and helps to justify her pretty passive behavior in the main Another series. Given how close she was with her sister, it makes sense that Mei would go very numb and not quite care about things as much after losing her sister like that.

4) How this episode very effectively introduces us to Mei's sister, probably the most important Another character not to get a line in the main Another series, IIRC.

5) How it tied back into the main Another series with the little bit there before the ED. Good, effective way of doing that.

I agree with Demi Soda. 9/10 for this episode.
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Old 2012-06-01, 03:12   Link #39
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Seen the subbed just yesterday and its quite good. Truly be a good opening for the series. Felt sorry for the death of such a cute, dependable twin sister... It touched me... 9/10

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Old 2012-06-02, 05:30   Link #40
Moe Kyun~!
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Spoiler for OVA:

It seems that Another's basic premise (in Episode greatness) is that:

It gets worse as it reaches Ep 12. Therefore, someone make Ep -1 XD
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slice of life, trolling auther

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