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Old 2017-02-08, 06:00   Link #23921
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Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
Knowing Sunrise, a lot of teasing the fans with no completion.

No. She's too good for him.

Considering all the crap that Lelouch put her through...if he is still alive and with C.C., I would hope she has moved on and gotten somebody better.

Again, if Lelouch has a code and is alive in this new series (which has not been confirmed or denied at this point), then NO. What would be the point if Lelouch is immortal like C.C.. That pretty much ends any chance Kallen had/has.

Lelouch? No. The character was not written like that in S1 or R2, so no. He's a Narcissist so he would not feel bad about it since he'd view his decision as the correct/logical one.
Kallen should be PISSED at him for lying to her (again, if he is still alive).

No, I hope she actually becomes friends with Lelouch again and hopefully her feelings were infatuation not actual love (Taniguichi could easily write that into the story). I dislike the idea of her being in love with him since he was such an asshole to her.

I hope not. Geass is portrayed as a curse not a blessing.

A. With the caveat of "good riddens" to a guy that doesn't deserve Kallen in the first place.
Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Lelouch, but the guy is seriously messed up emotionally and Kallen has enough (as a character) with her mom, getting her life back in order, and making her own life without having to deal with all of Lelouch's psychopathic BS.
He was messed up, but not sociopathic. He was given no satisfying choice regarding Kallen. He could have not turned her away, but that would have meant she would have died with him, something he clearly didn't want. So of course he had to shoo her away. Since when does that qualify as dickish, when he had no other option at that point? (Though yes, had ZR not been a thing, we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Truth of the matter is that Lelouch never wanted to ditch Kallen like that, no more than a person committing suicide to end their pain would their loved ones.)

Not to mention she forgave Ohgi for using her as bait to incite the betrayal against Lelouch which indirectly led to ZR happening.
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Old 2018-04-06, 11:33   Link #23922
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Is there anyone here that sees Kalen as something more than just an arm decoration and baby factory for Leuluch.

and also would it make sense to anyone that:
Rather than a brain-dead amazon she is a highly-motivated socially inept savant that will surpass Lloyd, Cecil and Rakshata with a few more years of study and practice. Her high level of physical ability and piloting skills come from a hands on approach to R&D. Her simplemindedness comes from a lack of interest in understanding society and other humans. Her protective and patriotic nature comes from a decade and a half of effort by her brother.
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