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Old 2019-01-17, 23:11   Link #161
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Ok, this is not COMPLETELY on topic, but it is somewhat ON topic. I just bought and watched the Danganronpa 3 Stage play. Ok, ending is different (there is no hope ending with the appearance of the 77th class, which I never liked in DR3). And also, it seemed like the people who "died" from the NG code revived with Seiko's medications and were the ones fighting off Mitarai's brainwashed guards. Makoto was the one that convinced Mitarai to stop even after being shot by Mitarai's brainwashed guards, which makes DR3 future ending more about Makoto anyways. (Also, Bandai, Kizakura and Izayoi survives)

Also, when Mitarai was about to input the hope video, there was a contrast with him and Junko's despair, which makes the hope/despair videos the opposite side of the same coin so much better.

So anime or stage play? Stage play ending was SO much better.

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.

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Old 2019-03-22, 16:23   Link #162
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The Hope episode was pretty much just fan service,and it caused more questions and plotholes than it answered. originally after watching it i was going to give it a 5,but now that i thought about it a 4 is a more fitting rating. Future Arc,which literally only had ONE good episode (episode 6) is a 2 (would have been a 3 if not for the worst,most despair inducing, DR episode of all time,AKA episode 7), and Despair Arc is an 8,which is,funnily enough, the same rating i gave DR2 lol XD. also, for reference,DR1 was a 9 and DR:UDG a 7.5
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