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Guilty Crown: Princess of Deadpool [Light Novel]

── there are humans possessing the “Power of the King” apart from the collection!?

The resistance organisation "Undertakers" obtained a video. In it, a character fighting
alone against a mysterious armed group was reflected. Cornered and in a desperate situation, that
character thrust their right arm into their own chest ── and then, together with a dazzling light,
a sparkling silver object materialized into their hand: a "void".

A story spun by Nitroplus, with Production IG colouring the world! TV anime "Guilty Crown"'s
official side story novel!
Spoiler for Characters that appear in the novel, courtesy of anon:


TL: all chapter titles are latin taken from parts of Requiem.
see for further details.

009 I Introite Introit
029 II Graduale Gradual
043 III Tractus Tract
055 IV Dies Irae Day of Wrath
085 V Confutatis Confounded
107 VI Lacrimosa Sorrow
141 VII Agnus Dei Lamb of God
153 VIII Responsoruim Response
193 XI Antiphona Antiphon
244 Afterwords Afterwords
I don't think we're allowed to share raws, so for now I won't post the link to the book.
But it can be found with a simple google search.

First chapter hosted on Nitroplus' site
I'll post the pics from the books if there's a demand for it.

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Deadpool had a daughter?
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looks like their are still more story potential for Guilty Crown heh

more void users!!!
more of Daath!!!
more despair too?
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sky black swordman
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Is Shu or Inori in this?
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Ah man, no Deadpool? All that's here is tragic moe and tragic service
She's in your internets, watching you masterdebate.
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does the main char speak in yellow text bubbles?
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^ It's a light novel...maybe italic would work instead?
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So we have the pc game /ova Lost Christmas that is a prequal of the Main serie and now this one? I wonder when this happen in the whole GC time line.
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Updated the first post with additional details.
I hope that answers a few of your questions.
Supposedly the novel is a side story that takes place before the 3rd apocalypse and while Shu was still a member of Undertaker
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What's the story about?
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hopefully we will get to see this animated within the next few years if this summer is any indication
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sky black swordman
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Hopefully Inori and Shuu get a happy ending.
Date A Live -Tohka Yatogami
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Post turn it to synopsis

the main reason i registered in this forum are because of anime like guilty crown, i just hope that the light novel can turn into an anime series because it's hard to get that novel from my country!
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SOme new information abouit this novel?
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Originally Posted by sky black swordman View Post
Hopefully Inori and Shuu get a happy ending.
If they did in this one.. I'll read it... if animated... watched til finished.
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Sky Saint
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guilty crown: Princess of deadpool Lightnovel translated

Ⅰ. Introitus
2039 AD, Tokyo.
Loss of function due to political bombings and indiscriminate spread of rare disease caused by a virus, "Apocalypse" unknown ─ ─. Under anarchy, riots and massive population. Disaster that has been referred to as the "Lost Christmas incident" has robbed from all of this city, 10 years had gone already flowing.
Tokyo, appeared to be becoming ever finally regained the prosperity and security under the leadership of the ruling military troops to United Nations Transitional Administration in Japan GHQ. But people I do not know that there is no such thing in the back of the signs of such a reconstruction, have experienced even in this city with a long history, deep dark darkness is wriggling.
Midnight, industrial area on the outskirts of Tokyo.
Used to be a district that was crowded with precision machinery industry, most companies have lost eviction by the confusion of Christmas, and now it is just abandoned factory unmanned lined with.
Usually state that this is a place of quiet and silent, but tonight was a little different. Four-wheel drive vehicles and the number of units entering into the plant site off-limits, men dressed in black hurriedly traversing its surroundings ─ ─.
Dressed in body armor in battle dress, the men had been hanging assault rifle automatic rifle with silencer sound absorber from the shoulder. They are professional poise and agile combat from its sharp plated, it is in the process of some strategy right now that I could glimpse.
Open the floor plan of the factory on the hood of a large 4WD vehicle made in England, a man who looked like field commander instructed to skip around, man of late middle age that he came he calls.
"Captain, the situation is?"
And looked up from the floor plan, "Captain", the salute towards the man of middle age.
Lieutenant Colonel ", which has been to wait" "It is still in the factory. Squad rushes just A, Fox target capture. Squad B is behind the blockade"
"End rave is?"
"I arrived within 30 minutes"
"I see"
"Lieutenant Colonel" concise response to the "Captain" is Miseru nodded lightly.
It was two people call each other each other in class, rank insignia is not found in their clothing.
"Are you sure I Lieutenant Colonel, even if the question?"
The captain and his men passed to the sketch, he turned to a man of middle age.
"This number, and the input is ...... and if they were not a little exaggerated to end rave And do you Who is it? Only two people to catch the" Fox target capture this "hell"
The words of the captain, Lieutenant Colonel shrugs.
"Is called" Anne Treat untreated "man", "woman" over dose overdose
"What is the code name for over dose overdose Ann and untreated Treat ...... of guys?"
"Yes. Myself, but not all have been Kikasa from sponsors ...... Captain, do you know the body's anti-took out the damage is considerable in the fight against the terrorists lately?"
"Or who are members of the terrorist to deal with a special weapon for the end-to-rave or something ..." funeral. "If the rumor about"
"One of the Fox capture target this time, over dose overdose has similar capabilities with it"
To answer suggestive of Lieutenant Colonel, Captain Miseru blatantly wryly.
"Specifically, what do you thing it?"
"Such an agreement with the sponsor, no more can be said against you is I'm sorry"
"If you do not tell me, I do not deal with how to carry out ..."
"If I had come for., If necessary, I will issue instructions directly on the fly"
"I understand"
─ ─ captain think "I dressed with unusual at all."
The identity of the enemy is unknown, and the secret, it may work well for alleged dubious ability.
But I have received from us to deal with armed terrorists in the Middle East would be Midnight Run casual work, it might have been Hazurekuji Tonda.
"However, the body's anti-vex ...... That sounds pretty nasty"
"But. Yeah, I'll have this person might be more awkward"
"After all, such because they crazy"
"Are you crazy thing is ...... that's daredevil?"
"No, it's means just that"
Captain and have not yet taken the true meaning of the word, from the radio to the factory squad rush in A has entered.
"This is currently being tracked ─ ─ confirm the target Fox captured in D Block 2nd floor"
"Squad A, purpose is capture, just directing such much cornered. To the upper floors"
Remain in the factory of conveyor production line machinery and countless were left untreated, seemed just like a giant maze. A squad of soldiers will proceed with caution, the perfect place to ambush ambush that.
The Fumikon go to where the enemy is waiting, it's a very high-risk behavior. More likely to over or you do not know where the enemy lurking, trap trap has been planted.
Of course, support for the deal and did in those situations are sufficiently trained, the soldiers were plenty of combat experience. This strategy had the air feel to them that is completely alien things but so far.
If you want to partner with the amateur who does not know the basics of tactics, and even if you are different you are dealing with an expert who has been through hell dive. For example, a feeling of anxiety, as if He could be Hairikon in the burrows of strange monsters, let the hearts of the soldiers ... with Nakazawa.
I was supposed to be sure you saw earlier, the Fox target capture and fled back to the hall. But in spite of that to arrive at the remotest of this story soon, I promise not feel far from that figure. I wonder if there is a place you missed somewhere. Or do you also a passageway or exit their own do not know ...?
"Escape this block?"
Squad Leader who was willing to turn around the top, I make sure to follow soldiers.
"A block and do not have. Stairs ..."
Facing the eyes of the soldiers were talking so surprised to have "something". Squad Leader was all just guessed it, returned the gaze direction of travel and to set up an assault rifle with automatic weapons in a hurry.
Figure came flying down to the floor ceiling likely height of as much as 6 m ─ ─ from the ceiling that and the poised, Squad Leader's pose assault rifle automatic rifle against were nearly simultaneous ─ ─ is, to use the assault rifle automatic rifle say, the distance between the partner is too close and too compact carbine type.
Pay with your left hand and the barrel of a rifle assault rifle, body figure came to hit the captain minute as kick the floor, before the combat knife protruding into a huge right hand grip ─ ─.
"Gafu~tsu ...!"
Squad Leader that has been pierced with a knife to the breast, fell down in place while spitting blood.
But what has stopped the movement of soldiers from the attack they were upset to get it all together soon ─ ─ a moment, to fire an assault rifle automatic rifle toward the attack.
Three three-point shooting burst aimed at the opponent's legs. It was a professional in the priority seems to support the instruction of "capture" even in this emergency, and it will lead to unhappy as a result.
"Consisting ─ ─!?"
The ─ ─ jump in the jumping ability that godlike about, and jump over and lightly a shot fired from aimed at the legs, jumped towards the soldiers following an attack, he is incorporating gouge the knife to his neck.
Plant in a dark, moist soldier scream subsequent sounds.
っ "shrinkage, was retreat!"
Second person and at the same time become the prey, the other soldiers quickly backed away from the scene.
Been approached so far, their must be considered incorrect to shoot allies disadvantage. ─ ─ but added to expand the field of fire salvo from taking the distance once, they still had a miscalculation. Backward, if one person assailants had Machikamae yet another.
Figure that had prostration on the machine, was peppered with bullets in the back and at the same time stand up defenseless soldiers.
"Squad A, disruption contact ..."
After calling on the radio many times, captain told along the lieutenant colonel.
Capture "that remain alive, such may be difficult ..."
Lieutenant Colonel is likely to spit to the ground Damn cigarettes that had its mouth.
"Leaving only minimal personnel, plunge the rest of the team as well. Accompanied the soldiers, too. Therewith ─ ─"
Headlights shone a large trailer came on site, a lieutenant colonel attached body armor taken from the trunk of the car.
"As soon as possible, it's a preparation of end sortie rave"
Leaving only the B squad enclosed behind a squad C D E starts to rush all at once from the main entrance to the stadium.
So as not to let someone get away the target Fox, sprinkle rose tear gas while advancing as if wrapped press hall, each team will continue to sweep with an assault rifle automatic rifle without hesitation if there is even a little hint.
There was no way to compete with Fox, not subject to become this way, only to climb up onto the hall was smoking in the gas.
"I know, cornered to the roof at this rate!"
When I went out to tell the soldiers over the radio, so Lieutenant Colonel and to the upper floors with the captain himself.
On the roof of the plant, the shadow of the two was forced to make an appearance gas and bullets.
From delicate physique that have been raised in the moonlight, that figure is young men and women I know.
In his field jacket military, facing assault rifle automatic rifles bull pup type, wearing them one on top of another clothing tattered, Ann Treat untreated ─ ─ man over dose overdose ─ ─ woman muffler further on it It is odd that the wound was a dress.
They ran to the roof, with the aim of evacuation equipment that is installed on the north side ─ ─.
"The target Fox, I'm going to run away down!"
The distance between two people fleeing soldiers arrived a little late to the roof, I was already more than 50 meters away. Moreover, alongside the huge outdoor unit for air conditioning and Zurari the meantime, he is blocking the direct fire.
Over dose overdose Ann and Treat untreated and reach to the edge of the roof, from inside the box of gray that says "facility evacuation emergency", we will take out cleanly rope ladder made of metal which is accommodated.
"Captain, I'm still waiting?"
"I'm coming ...!"
To lieutenant colonel rushed to chafe, the captain who had been hit in the ear the radio at the same time as answered so, from the other side of our Ann Treat untreated were trying to put down towards the ground Jacob's ladder, intense light is full.
It was the light of the searchlight type robots who have been climbing the walls of the plant vertically while hoisting the anchor wire alone.
"End rave ...!?"
Falter while the light to be poured, Ann Treat untreated gasp in surprise.
And end rave is a humanoid robot called "Endoskeleton remote slave armor (armored vehicle remote control expression in skeletal type)" and formally. Is operated by a special remote system, it is also very high performance as combat vehicles, had been operated also active in military and special forces around the world.
っ "Oh shit!"
Anne Treat Untreated assault rifle to fire automatic rifle on him rave end. 5.56mm caliber, was a bullet that has the power sufficient for interpersonal rave to end the fighting that has been covered with a deck of ordinary armored vehicle had no effect at all.
End rave "Gautier" is, and has climbed to the roof as it is, to grab the untreated Ann Treat manipulator in its huge. And I slammed into the side of the water tank, as if to a child at play with dolls like.
"Ah ... tool!"
Smashed into the back-to-back three times and twice, assault rifle automatic rifle fall from the hand of Anne Treat untreated she apparently lost consciousness soon ─ ─.
Under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel, "the woman! Stay away too much," that, soldiers began to move to confirm uninstall Treat untreated is did disablement, trying to rush to over dose overdose The remaining, a certain distance I surrounded her place.
"To surrender, there is no escape anymore. Besides ..."
I tell to over dose overdose while watching the Anne and Chirari Treat untreated lieutenant colonel came out to walk one step forward from the circle of the siege, are limp remains rave Tsukama to end.
"Once that happens, you of" ability "is you can use Mai"
It was her seem to over dose overdose that is illuminated by the light that is attached to the assault rifle automatic rifle soldiers ─ ─ fate to how worn out longer, through a gap in the muffler which is wound layers of the neck The thin lips smile floats were excluded.
"Are you, Do you know what kind of power of me ...?"
I do not think anything of a young woman, my voice was hoarse overdose of over-dose.
"It forces Tsukuridaseru Void or something dangerous items from others. Yet, more than all the way to the bank man detained, certainly not do it anymore?"
"It said that" the Lieutenant Colonel who told proudly so, I sent a glance towards the captain.
"フフフ Ahahahaha ...... ...... different. Completely different"
Over dose overdose smile derisively.
"You do not be fooled. Transcendent abilities to rule constraint rules always have capacity constraints. Of you, in themselves but can not create a Void"
"I do not wonder Ufufufu ...... whom was asked, I'm not Mora~tsu teach essential things"
"What ...?"
"I'm afraid really, its constraint rules, to me the" Invalid
Trying to grab the heart of its own Daso though, over dose overdose, put yourself in their own right hand thrust into the breast and say so. As soon as, right arm is covered with crystal-like substance, the light of the double helix pattern double helicoid is overflows from the chest at the same time. The expanded light will converge to wrap around the right arm over dose overdose become the band, pulling the "something".
At the instant that the crystal over dose overdose was listed in heaven right arm, the arm was covered with strong light was shattered. Silver objects such as "Violin" in her hand and make an appearance.
However, the violin that emerged was not a decent figure. Deep wound is engraved in the direction of the bow just to run, on the surface, the life of the stringed instrument strings are hanging from the neck down. I was no matter how you look at it, "violin" broken.
Sandwiched between the chin and the violin at the state that does not even care about such a thing, as if they also have a bow that does not look like, over dose overdose you play it ─ ─.
っ "regrettable attack ..."
Back to reality, was a lieutenant colonel ordered the attack in a hurry ─ ─ I was slow.
Trembling strings that should not exist, emit a tremendous vibration wave.
That sound waves that are focused on one point. It was not true and even laser beam of sound.
"I'll let slowly? Sound would be nice"
Heading sound waves emanating from the violin to the soldiers who were surrounded, I tighten them one after another death to shake the brain with the skull.
I had a sound wave of murderous attack relentlessly trying to protect the captain began to move his superiors on reflex.
"Oh will not allow!"
Mihirai while the eye pain, belching out a large amount of blood from the ear and nose, the captain who was hunched over to Lieutenant Colonel, and death.
Over dose overdose is when you play the string continues violently, hit the end of the drive system rave, sound waves with increased further convergence has penetrated. End rave "Gautier" had been detained Ann Treat untreated is 頽 helplessly as a doll to be incapacitated immediately scrap, yarn manipulation has expired.
"Ahahahaha, Nde sound too good, I wonder how he Cha~tsu Kikihore everyone?"
To soldiers who were already stuck, continue to pour over dose overdose sound waves forever. In his eyes, the light is extraordinary was full.
In the roof full of corpses, Ann Treat untreated to roll off the out-of-power manipulators, finally regained consciousness, just stared in silence, the figure of over dose overdose continue to laugh alone.
In Tokyo to continue reconstruction, as was left behind in time, Roppongi ─ ─ a city that I have continued to keep the appearance of evil as it is at that time. It is a place that was once the center of Lost Christmas.
Roads despite being blockaded all, criminals and vagrants, and illegal immigrants are settled in the district, that of course, the general public is the area that do not stay away too much even the police and the GHQ has long been.
Such deep underground in Roppongi, Hideout "funeral" resistance organization was being made.
They are a group to challenge the dominance of Japan GHQ, we are developing a variety of terrorist activity if you look at Resistance ─ ─ from the GHQ in various parts of Tokyo.
Tsutsugamigai lifelong 恙神 young leader in funeral had been staring at the image of the monitor that was placed on the table, along with our other members.
Video probably was taken with a telephoto lens from a distance, the Special Forces and to expand on the roof of the factory, wearing a pair of men and women who have been cornered them have been projected.
"Where was this taken, Shibungi quadrant?"
"I was also allowed to keep track of regular troops is Akishima.'s GHQ, guys information nor body's anti-white clothes that are hanging around the metropolitan area since entered, by chance"
I told the man who called Shibungi is indifferent tone devoid of emotion like.
"This problem is after"
In the words of Shibungi, everyone's eyes focused on the monitor.
In the screen, looked like an elderly man and commander, such as wearing a rag girl had exchanged words. Suddenly, the girl is covered with heavy noise, its appearance is no longer but with discrimination.
"What, or failure?"
One of the members had been staring at the monitor on the right of the guy, Argo muttered to questioning look.
Cut and say "The problem is not in the machine and data" and is so Shibungi "? Do you not recognize that the way turbulence of this image" to all questions.
The funeral was a member of the tilted his head to the question of Shibungi, Guy was just sullen eyes narrowed in it.
"When you have taken a state in which the void to fire, noise similar to this has occurred, surely ..."
"Furthermore, it is never"
Shibungi When operating the remote control to fast-forward the video.
Everyone, fall down on the spot, on the screen the noise disappears, the Special Forces should have been overwhelmingly dominant until a while ago have been destroyed even end rave.
"According to reports, this girl, and began to grasp the void from his chest"
"It is possible"
Guy immediately to deny, Shibungi to refute.
"The Void genome, present in addition to what we have taken. Has this girl was in the stomach get it?"
"Strengthening the company Sefira genome genomics has successfully culture, however. Would there likely to. Stolen it is certainly present two more ..."
rewound the video until just before the noise.
It was not clear what the details for the distance, the moment, it looks like the girl trying Toridaso certainly something from his chest.
"The ability of the King", "The analysis of the genome of the others, it is converted to void the power to draw out hidden power within it. I can not be derived from the genome of its" never
"Made me rave and end cripple the soldiers of the guy so much, in a moment if it is not void, would do exactly what was in the report but the ability?"
It was a guy that still does not answer the question, was staring at the picture in silence for a while, eventually ─ ─
"These guys, What did you do after this?"
"I was chased by several people, seems to be familiar with escape, I was wrapped in the middle"
"Find, we must ascertain the truth. These guys" enemy "faster than, and we will take contact. If it does not come true ..."
"You must come true?"
"You probably need to but dangerous. In some cases get rid of"

Tell me if you liked
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needs heavy editing.

I only read the first few lines. Will wait for a summary or more translation but this translation need a heavy editing.
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....Did that come out of Google translate or something?
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its like machine translation but some part are edited but still it needs heavy editing for others to understand.

I'm fine with it because I'm used to machine translation. Though I'm still waiting for a whole translation or a summary of what is the story about.
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Perhaps not, it seems his English really is like that.
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