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View Poll Results: Favourite Code Geass Characters Poll (Multiple Choice!)
Lelouch Lamperouge / Zero 970 67.50%
Suzaku Kururugi 229 15.94%
C.C. 833 57.97%
Karen Stadtfeld 550 38.27%
Nunally Lamperouge 167 11.62%
Shirley Fenete 214 14.89%
Milly Ashford 175 12.18%
Rivalz Cardemonde 44 3.06%
Nina Einstein 26 1.81%
Lloyd Asplund 216 15.03%
Cecile Croomy 108 7.52%
Cornelia Li Brittania 193 13.43%
Euphemia Li Brittania 214 14.89%
Jeremiah Gottwald 125 8.70%
Viletta Nui 104 7.24%
Diethard Lied 75 5.22%
Shinichirou Tamaki 22 1.53%
Sayoko 74 5.15%
Kyoushirou Toudou 62 4.31%
Clovis La Britannia 38 2.64%
The Emperor 54 3.76%
Authur (the cat) 165 11.48%
Kaname Ougi 41 2.85%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 1437. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2007-11-01, 02:19   Link #161
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: below the sky, inside the time
Lelouch = for being so cool!!! A bit evil, etc....
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Old 2007-11-05, 15:22   Link #162
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2005
A discovery today partly explained why I liked Milly so much: Her voice actress, Ohara Sayaka, was also:

1) Scrapped Princess: Raquel Cassull, the heroine's older sister. Similar character personalities and appearance (A+).

2)School Rumble: Tae Anegasaki, the sexy school nurse. Similar character personalities and appearance.

3)Emma: Grace Jones: William's older sister. Are we being type-casted yet?

4)Honey and Clover: Rika Harada. Another older woman with the killer pheromones, and one half of my OTP for that series.

5)Yuko from Tsubasa Chronicle and XXXholic. Basically, Milly with magic and drinking problems.

Invariably, the leading roles she takes on embody the following traits: The sensible/mature/grownup of the bunch, the attractive older woman, the elder sister, the fun-loving/prankster/teaser upbeat one. The exception to this pattern is Rika, from Hachikuro.

Just another reason for people to like Milly.
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Old 2007-11-06, 07:12   Link #163
Join Date: Oct 2006
After watching the series again, I like CC better than the others this time
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Old 2007-11-13, 22:09   Link #164
Arke Knight
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Malacca, Malaysia.
Lelouch - for being new kind of main character/hero

Fear me, even Setsuna's Exia wouldn't stand a chance of winning my Zaiaku!!
symbiotes_021 is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-11-16, 22:13   Link #165
Ha ha ha ha ha...
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Right behind you.
Age: 30
1. Lelouch. I love his anti-hero persona. he arrogance is all done in a tasteful manner, and he a frigging genius.

2. Karen. I dunno, I just love her character, and her dedication to a higher purpose and her dream. I also like how she admires and is totally dedicated to Zero, even though she doesn't know who he actually is.

3. Toudou. I dunno. I guess because he's cool.

And I too hate Suzaku. A LOT. I swear, during his knighthood ceremony, I wanted to throw up. Seriously, his personaily is so borderline Sasuke-emo (not even including his misguided "justice") that it makes me want to strangle him... or shoot him. Any method that results in him dead is fine with me. Me, Suzaku, and a shotgun. 'Nuff said.

Last edited by Spectacular_Insanity; 2007-11-26 at 23:07. Reason: spelling
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Old 2007-11-16, 22:31   Link #166
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Blue Raider Nation
Age: 33
Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
Me, Suzaku, and a shotgun. 'Nuff said.
Alot of people feel that way including myself.
Blue_Mercy is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-11-18, 01:45   Link #167
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2007
Lelouch Lamperouge/Zero FTW!!!!
I also like C.C, Nunally and Lloyd

Last edited by EhrinUCHI; 2008-03-27 at 17:23.
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Old 2007-11-20, 00:06   Link #168
My Lovely Bunny Chie
Join Date: Aug 2006
Location: Philippines
Age: 30
1. Lelouch--- after Kira/Light, a new kind of antihero character emerges...
2.C.C.- her search for little happiness of her own..
3. Karen and shirley- Torn between Zero and Lelouch

And Suzaku... I don't like him in the first place.... I don't know why but it feels like he's not true to himself... he's lying to himself... Putting all his ideals but to no avail..
what I don't like is one who's uncool who's trying to be cool...
formerly rave_master16
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Old 2007-11-21, 21:42   Link #169
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Location: Neo-Venezia...I wish!
Only voted for Kallen. I find her to be an interesting character. Her fake personality at the school ended up in some hilarious moments as well.

Lelouche is very well portrayed as smart, yet imperfect. I found him to be cool, but not "likeable" as such.

As for Suzaku...did they throw him in just so that Sunrise can do what they do best - break friendships? Very Seed/Mai franchise-esque!
X10A_Freedom is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-11-27, 18:33   Link #170
Death Comer
Join Date: Nov 2007
I vote for:

Lelouch Lamperouge / Zero
Lloyd Asplund
takisa is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-12-01, 09:34   Link #171
Join Date: Dec 2007
I voted for Cornelia, Cecile, Villetta, C.C and Milly. Girl Power!! LOL

Hmmm... did I vote for Lelouch? Can't remember lol
rath-vermouth is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-12-02, 09:39   Link #172
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2007
I voted for:

Lelouch - I like the conflict within his character, and how he appears both kind and cruel. He's driven and intelligent, and really pulls me in. I like his relationships and mannerisms. Also love his voice actor xD

CC - I like her as much as Lelouch. The mystery around her is interesting, but even more so I like her personality. Her and Lelouch have excellent chemistry, though I'm not inclined to call it romantic. Anyway, CC demonstrates a level of kindness and cruelty that reminds me of Lelouch, and I like it. xD She's also amazingly cute.

Euphie - Her fate was really sad, and I found her appealing in that she was kind, impulsive, and strong. The fact that she could do little drove her to try and change the situation... V.V I just really liked her.

Cornelia - Her and Euphie <3 Cornelia is intelligent, strong, and capable. I love her character design and presence. She's very cool and I hope she survives.

Shirley - I like her because of her relationship with Lelouch and what unfolded between them. It really drew me in, and I loved how kind Lelouch was with her. Besides that, she's cute and good-natured, and I like her voice actress (the same one for Meyrin from GSD and Rukia from Bleach, two characters I really like).
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Old 2007-12-03, 21:19   Link #173
call me Sneddon sama
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Location: UK
Age: 29
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its gotta be Lulu/Zero and Kallen..big fan of them both
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Old 2007-12-04, 01:29   Link #174
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2007
Location: Espoo
i am a fan of c.c. because of her seiyuu yukana
Rin_Tohsaka is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-12-06, 20:34   Link #175
Senior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Age: 28
Lloyd Asplund
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Old 2007-12-20, 14:27   Link #176
It`s a miracle!
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: This is the Kind of Woman I want to play Games with. And by playing Games I mean.... ^____^
Age: 37
I voted for Euphie because her Fate was made of EPIC WIN! Also I loved her good natured personality (and her long beautiful hair) a lot

Second vote goes for Cornelia. Great Character, great Design... too bad her Knightmare sucked

and where is my Kaguya Option? ;_;
Ichy is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2007-12-27, 16:08   Link #177
Gray Witch
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Italy
Age: 32
My votes are for:

- Lelouch (I think that he's absolutely the best male character ever <3)
- C.C. (I adore her!!! *-*)
- Shirley (Kyaaaaaa!!! I think she's one of the best, I love her character ^__^)
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Old 2007-12-27, 22:59   Link #178
Join Date: Dec 2005
Originally Posted by Sonhex View Post
So I voted for:

Lelouch/Zero: More for Zero because in his disguise he's totally theatrical and so over-the-top.

C.C: Who wouldn't love an undead green-haired, telepathic, pizza-loving chick with a penchant for cosplay?

Karen: Episode 3 (17:56 to 21:00)

Arthur: Any cat that can pwn Lelouch deserves my vote!
i agree with all of that.

as for me

Lelouch/Zero: do I really need to say anything?

C.C: see above.

Karen: again.

Lloyd: and again.

Arthur: and again.
d33:"the only ones allowed to bash should be those who are prepared to be bashed!"
Onizuka-GTO:yeah, great post WD, but also puzzled. if it's a race you see, okay then. but at the moment it's a one man race, with Suzuku doing timed laps against his personal best....
WhiteWings:To this day I don't know what the insanity behind the decision to release the first GSD ending. My God that was without a doubt the worst ending I had ever seen in my life in a anime series.
Blizzer: He already has special powers called super pheromone powers which makes him irresistable to Sekirei's in heat.
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Old 2007-12-29, 17:00   Link #179
Ultimate Coordinator
Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: San Francisco
wow C.C. is getting close to the all-mighty Lelouch.....
bbduece is offline   Reply With Quote
Old 2008-01-05, 05:33   Link #180
Join Date: Aug 2007
Yay, I added +0.01 for CC! 16% to go!!!!

CC died so many times.....normally I think I would be laughing, but the ways she died...><.

P.S.: How can you live after having your head chopped off?
ch0c0b0fr34k is offline   Reply With Quote

characters, favorite

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