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Cosmic Eagle
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Originally Posted by GDB View Post

Episode 19 was the debut of Tanjiro using the Fire Dance and Nezuko using her Blood Arte.
Ah.....Then I can see why. Considering those two are effectively the only people half of the fanbase care about

But kids loving it seems to stem more from mass marketing than anything else though

Originally Posted by Magin View Post

Never underestimate the power of the fangirls.

Seriously, Kimetsu no Yaiba does the best of both worlds: sure, it gets rid of the fanservice that draws boys in (and turns off many girls in the process), but in replacement, you get multiple guys that probably DO appeal to female readers. That probably bumps it up more than the other thing: sure, guys like their fanservice, but the action and fight sequences are (mostly) right up shounen's alley... and on top of all that, the most recently popular manga all share another common factor: lots of blood and gore, almost to seinen levels (The ones of which I'm speaking: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Chainsawman, and Jujutsu Kaisen... all three heavier than normal shounen on the blood. Apparently that's appealing now.)
Jump titles always have fangirls regardless. And no, I highly doubt Chainsawman will be anywhere near as successful as Kimetsu. Too niche even discounting the gore
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Obelisk ze Tormentor
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Even Japanese are not sure why KnY is so popular compared to others. Most of their answers are something that other shonen titles also have.
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

The general accepted answer is that it attracted a wide variety of audience including, yes, female audience.
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Guardian Enzo
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It's one of the most puzzling phenomenon I've ever seen in entertainment. No one can even offer a credible theory.
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Me, An Intellectual
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There probably isn't going to be one. If it were that easy to figure out, we'd all be richer by now.

There's probably a myriad of factors including:
1) It's an enjoyable film (I haven't seen it)
2) It can attract the casual "zombie-flick" or "superhero" watchers. (It's literally just Samurai vs Demons)
3) It can attract kids because it looks "darker" and "cooler" than the stuff they usually watch, but isn't actually dark enough to inhibit parents.
4) It can attract a female audience (better than others)
5) It isn't a throw away film - it's actually canon to the story and I think people inherently understand how that makes it a more appealing
6) After a horrendous year, people wanted to watch a fucking film.

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