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Dragon King
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@Sixth: Even True Harem stories are rare in Japanese LNs. And proactive MCs who aren't reluctant to have sex with their harem early on in the series are very rare in Japanese LNs. I still haven't seen any in the LNs I've read. It mostly happens at the end from what I've seen. But I've heard that some series had it earlier (I just don't know if those series are originally WNs or not).

There's one Japanese WN to LN series that isn't a harem but an OTP. Sword Art Online. The main couple did the deed in the virtual world in Volume 1. Off screen of course.

Anyway. I'm happy to know that Aeril (and maybe also the Triad) will marry Lux in the future. Aeril's reasoning for not marrying him yet does make sense but it's still a pity. I don't fully understand why the Triad aren't marrying him yet if they'll also do so in the future? Not enough development with him, just like with Aeril?

Edit: And no, I'm pretty sure Airi isn't joining the harem. There's nothing like that in this series (thankfully).
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Old Yesterday, 21:28   Link #6882
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Ah, so this series didnt betray us like Yuragiso no Yuuna did lol. Thank god.

I swear this author had bad luck with illustrators. For this series the illustrator had to change for unknown reasons. And for his other series also from GA bunko had to be stopped after volume 1 due to the artist went missing without a trace. Before he went missing he was posting many tweets on the authors twitter.
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