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Old 2010-12-26, 14:32   Link #321
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do you think we will get a 2nd season? well i don't know how much of the novels,manga or whatever is adapted they have covered in the anime
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Old 2010-12-26, 18:05   Link #322
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They cover up to the end of volume 6 of the light novel, and there are two more volumes so far. So even if it does well enough for a second season, it won't be for a while unless they go for original stories...

edit: Episode 13...
Spoiler for the finale:

How Suetsugu Yuki drew the cover for Chihayafuru volume 34

Interview translations etc

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Old 2010-12-27, 05:42   Link #323
Moeshit hater
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Bawl..I cried so hard at Episode 13.

Spoiler for 13:

I actually cried throughout the last half of the episode. This series actually exceeded my anticipation. While it lack the mysteries that it's supposed to have judging from its name and first impression, it turned out to be great for the last few episodes when they started to focus on Yakumo and other characters' development. The bonds between them became a huge focus that make the series shine later on. Almost all the main characters got me emotionally attached, especially Isshin and Gotou. Not to say I love the family-themed plot.
It wouldn't be bad if they plan for second season.
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Old 2010-12-30, 06:46   Link #324
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I only just watched episode 12 now. I have to admit, it was certainly a very impressive episode. By far the best episode so far.
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Old 2010-12-31, 16:57   Link #325
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Spoiler for Ep13:
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Old 2011-01-01, 16:29   Link #326
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I am pleased with the series. Just saw epi 13. Don't worry Iam not even going to say anything about it besides it had good ending.
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Old 2011-01-01, 20:20   Link #327
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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The surprise of the season. A quiet show, more about characters and hints of romance than about the occult or mysteries. Not a masterpiece, but a highly enjoyable anime, for me.
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Old 2011-01-02, 05:33   Link #328
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I think the ending was quite strong. The last two episodes of this series were by far the best part of this series. Unfortunately I found everything else lame and boring.

Overall Score; 5/10

A bit of a disappointment overall.
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Old 2011-01-02, 11:58   Link #329
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Old 2011-01-03, 16:44   Link #330
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Well, the first 1-3 episodes were sorta downing my opinion about this anime. But then when the plot finally went somewhere wild, then my opinion started to rise with each episode. Then came the last episode, very lovely ending and I do agree, that the last two episodes are the most impacting to the story.
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Old 2011-01-10, 17:54   Link #331
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i liked how they ended the series, i honestly thought they couldn't work in anything in the last 3 eps, but it turned out good
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Old 2011-01-10, 22:45   Link #332
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Where is the post I did a week ago?
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Old 2011-05-11, 23:52   Link #333
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I just finished the anime and I am trying to figure out if there is going to be a second season. I ended up liking it because the characters were enjoyable. The ending was bittersweet but I liked it. I'm hoping there will be a second season with maybe some more plot.
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Old 2013-01-04, 17:28   Link #334
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Sentai announced that it's licensed the series for a sub-only DVD release later in 2013. [Source]

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