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Old 2018-06-26, 16:26   Link #1
Azure Dragon reborn
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Characters afraid to hurt others

OK, I'm wondering if there are any good series with character who have a serious fear of or guilt over hurting other people or wrecking relationships. People who worry about going too far, letting others too close, saying too much, or otherwise crossing a line and leaving other people hurt. A good example is Haruka from Kotoura-san. She's psychic and can't tell the difference between people's thoughts and their actual voices, which's resulted in a number of broken relationships in the past. She's afraid of being hurt, and she's also very much afraid of hurting others, and especially of through such actions crushing relationships that are important to her. I don't care whether it's focused more on fear or guilt, an inability to act out of fear that one will do something that can't be undone or a serious pain afterward due to the fact that one has done just that.
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Old 2018-06-27, 12:28   Link #2
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I don't know if that's exactly what you are looking for but Kaga Ai from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei has an extreme guilt complex, and she's constantly saying "I'm sorry" to anyone for everything. The series is good but this particular character doesn't really have much screen time.

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Old 2018-06-27, 22:02   Link #3
Salted Tiger
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Isekai MCs are almost all like this

Sent to a world of kill or be killed, yet dun wanna kill anyone

Thankfully they have cheat so no problem at all
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Old 2018-06-29, 07:26   Link #4
Azure Dragon reborn
Join Date: Oct 2014
Location: Texas
I'm more looking for stuff where someone's afraid of causing others pain on an emotional level, or of wrecking relationships and causing strife.
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