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A specific request involving action series with gender equality theme

I was planning to watch Kiznaiver as I'm in a mood for Megami Tensei-ish action teen dramas with a equal male to female cast ratio similar to M3 the dark metal (which I liked it) and I'm planning to work on my manga with similar motif so I wanted to watch an anime (if it's an anime original) or more importantly, even read a manga or novel with gender equality theme that has this sort of criteria (has to fit all of them at best or most at worst):

1. For manga, it could be aimed at the shounen demographic particularly (according to MangaUpdates so please double check it in case), but titles targeted towards other demographics (seinen, shoujo and josei) are fine as well.

2. Translation completed or up to date with the Japanese release dates for ongoing titles.

3. Setting and theme can be anything: fantasy (medieval or urban), sci-fi (mecha optional), historical, modern real world etc. Doesn't matter if it has superpowers or not.

4. Good balance of story:fighting amount. Even if the story is more focused, I don't mind it much.

5. Equal male:female cast ratio. Characterization is important for all the recurring characters and female characters shouldn't be treated in a sexist way from the author's standpoint.

6. Give the female fighters the overall same treatment as male fighters in every way, from character development to screentime count, strength and yes even potential damage in battles (even if fatal), and can fight every kind of enemies besides female villains and low-tier male bosses. Their roles also shouldn't get shafted over the course of the story.

7. Fighters of both genders also shouldn't win all the time (Mary Sues) nor be complete jobbers either.

8. Right amount of balance between teamwork battles and 1v1 battles, balanced mixed-gender fights could be a plus too (exchange of blows, highs and lows for each side, tension, no obvious winner, for starters). Good planning and tactics are a bonus.

9. Romance doesn't need to be a thing for all female characters, a few OTPs is ok. Love triangle is also acceptable as long it ends with a satisfying resolution.

10. Training arcs optional, but they need to tie with the overall story run with purpose. They also need to show how the fighters train a lot onscreen, not just for the protagonist but also other characters and villains.

11. Gore optional, but it doesn't need to get overused and has to serve a purpose in the story.

12. For completed stories, actually conclusive endings that doesn't suck and has to make sense with the story on the long run. If it's an happy ending, it needs to show how authorities (especially of the political nature) actually improve and become democratic in nature over the course of or at (or near) the end of the story instead of remaining corrupt and authoritarian throughout the run.
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Closest I can think of is My Hero Academia. Haven't counted them out but there are plenty of male and female characters alike. Yes, many are sexualized at times, but again both genders: you'll see guys posing and strutting and showing off their sexiness just like you will with women.
Spoiler for if you haven't seen it:

Actually, surprisingly if you're OK with it you can find a degree of this in a number of "Battle Harem" series. This varies quite widely in terms of quality, making it hard to find a "good" one, but when done right they can produce men and women who are both real powerhouses and both engage in combat equally. Even mediocre ones go out of their way to give a lot of character to the female cast and good ones can similarly put effort into the men and just what it is that make people form bonds, whether these be bonds of love or friendship. Some of the best even have large groups with a broad variety of gender distribution. It's hard to find them but it'd at least be an interesting search.

More seriously, you might also enjoy Shion no Ou. The series centers on a girl named Shion from when she's twelve to when she's fifteen, as she grows and develops as a professional shogi player. At first she's in the Women's league, in which there's only one man (who cross-dresses in order to join the league and make easy money for his sick mother), but fairly soon a tournament opens up that is open to men and women alike, and both demonstrate some serious skill. It directly deals with both the potential for women to compete evenly against men (most of the strongest professionals couldn't care less about anything but how you play) as well as the tendency for women to be stigmatized (which is realistic since no woman to date has managed to win enough in the main pro league to achieve proper pro status). In truth, you have heroes and villains alike trying to raise up in ranks and hoping for a day when the "Women's League" would become irrelevant.

Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple also works. There's a broad range of fighters of both genders, and they're all quite deadly. Kenichi's initial goal is to catch up to a powerful girl so that he'll be able to protect her, not because she's a girl but because he likes her. He has a policy of not hitting girls (which I think he eventually sets aside in sparring matches at least), but it's not even treated as a matter of him looking down on women or anything, just holding to his creed on what is and isn't proper. Despite this he knows all too well that more than half the girls he knows could kill him even if he did try to hit them, and when thugs try to attack him and Miu his desperate attempts to defuse the situation aren't for Miu's protection, but rather to protect the thugs.

Aside from that I don't know. But thing is that Japanese manga/anime in general doesn't seem to care all that much about it. The strong are strong and their fights are drawn to impress. There's statistically more men than women at certain levels of physical strength and aggression, as is generally true in real life, but the women at these levels are certainly not to be underestimated. And generally if they are underestimated rather than get upset or offended at the discrimination, the girl simply takes advantage of this foolish mistake and wipes the floor with them. For that matter, even the women who remain apparently submissive and kind and loyal to the men in their life generally can demonstrate the folly in assuming weakness just because they choose to support. Which makes sense considering the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype is based on women from old Japanese nobility, who were often given thorough training in use of the naginata and other weapons to defend her household from intruders.

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Old 2018-06-27, 14:06   Link #3
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Simoun doesn't really fit but addresses some interesting gender issues.
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Old 2018-07-03, 03:34   Link #4
Prefectural Magical Girl
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Location: Paris, France
On another note, gender equality doesn't necessarily have to be a main theme but it should be seen in a way in how the writers treat the characters (BWTraveller's seems are interesting), however I also wanted to try reading/watching things that are more similar to Shin Megami Tensei while specifically fitting my OP criteria (have seen Divine Gate as a recent example even if it only fits some of them).
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