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Old 2018-07-09, 05:20   Link #1
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Mushoku Tensei -Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu-

Original Title: 無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~
English Title: Mushoku Tensei
Author: Rifujin na Magonote
Illustrator: Shirotaka
Release date of the 1st volume: January 23rd, 2014
Based on a web novel (thread:

Licensed by Seven Seas on July 8th, 2018
First volume scheduled for release in Spring/Summer 2019

Spoiler for Summary:

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This is the first Isekai that I read and the reason that I check all of them even if by now I can see that there's more bad ones that good ones out there.
There's a lot of will fulfillment for sure, but I never felt the MC was a selfincert, Rudeus is his own person who evolves in ways that are unique to him. His story in the new world start at his birthday and we follow all his life (with reasonable timejumps) and each girl also has growth of their own and reasons to fall for him other than he's the Protagonist and/or was kind to them that one time.
I can't say it's a mastepiece and with a few exeptions the actions is not that great but it's a really good adventure story that focus in the characters and how they evolve, sometimes due to huge and funny misunderstandings.
Is one of my favorites and I can see why it was so popular so please give it a try if you can, even if Isekai LN or anime have failed you before.
I would give it a 8/10.
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Old 2018-07-09, 18:25   Link #3
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MT was one of those isekai that really raised the bar in terms of story, completely agree with Waxman on that Mushoku Tensei is not perfect at all and has many flaws, especially at the beginning but the ride was wild, it was fun and anyone who read this can feel how Rudeus and the rest of the characters evolved.

I say, is worth reading and investing time on it.
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Old 2018-07-09, 21:58   Link #4
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Must admit that I was hoping for the Eris single woman path. But if it went that way it wouldn't be even remotely the same story. So sometimes you have to take what you can get.
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Old 2018-07-09, 22:37   Link #5
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Yeah, Eris path after she goes solo has more screen than Silphy and is arguably better than Roxy in the WN and that's why she's Rudeus' Husband while Roxy and Silphy are his wifes so there's that.
But it seem they give more screentime to other characters in the LN volumes.
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Old 2018-10-05, 17:40   Link #6
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Thinking of picking this up and noticed there's a narou version.

What's the difference between the narou version and the LN?
「友達なんていない。人はすぐに裏切るし、学校っていうのは誰かを標的にしないとやってられない馬鹿共の集 まり。ままごとみたいな役決めて、仲のいいふりして都合が悪くなったら知らんぷり。そんな奴らと仲良くした いとか全然思わない。」
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Old 2018-11-30, 21:21   Link #7
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Volume 1 will be released on May 21st 2019.

Translator will be Koestl (Grisaia Series)
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