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Old 2011-08-31, 22:37   Link #41
Join Date: Jul 2010
i am late for the party... Good Bye Menma.
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Old 2011-09-04, 12:58   Link #42
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Join Date: Nov 2006
Menma...!!! She was my favorite!!
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Old 2012-03-05, 05:38   Link #43
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I don't know if anyone else noticed but i just noticed while rewatching anohana, Menma's shadow starts to disappear.
At ep 10 her shadow's pretty much gone.
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Old 2012-06-29, 05:06   Link #44
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I didn't like Menma. She was just so annoying.
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Old 2013-07-10, 07:58   Link #45
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Originally Posted by katsudon View Post
so did she die from a car accident? or drowning (her slipper floating in the river?).
Well if you remember when Jinta and Anaru were running through the forest, I don't remember the episode, but Anaru slipped and almost fell down into that river but Jinta caught her keeping her from falling off the ledge.
He said "you're just like Menma.."
And her slipper floating means she was in the water somehow.
They didn't say it directly to how she died but she slipped just like Anaru did; and you know that from what Jinta said to Anaru, and fell off the little cliff ledge that was there and went into the river. Thus forth leading to her demise ;_;
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Old 2014-02-05, 03:01   Link #46
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Poppo said she was swept away in the river,

also, does no one else find it strange that it took til episode 9 before they realize, she can just communicate using the objects around her, Jintan could have just asked her to move an object or eat something, and it would have proven that Menma was there, and it not like they didn't know she can interact with objects, we have seen multiple times where she was eating.
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