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View Poll Results: Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th - Episode 11 Rating
Perfect 10 42 77.78%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 8 14.81%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 3 5.56%
7 out of 10 : Good 0 0%
6 out of 10 : Average 1 1.85%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 0 0%
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Old 2009-03-13, 21:42   Link #1
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Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th - Episode 11 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th, Episode 11.

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Old 2009-03-14, 02:10   Link #2
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Great job of adapting the second half of the novel to a 22-minute slot. They cut out a ton of stuff (obviously) and moved some things around, but overall very well done.

Spoiler for Ep11:

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Old 2009-03-14, 03:19   Link #3
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That was a GREAT episode! It's probably the first episode of Maria-sama (from the beginning) that really tugged at my heartstrings (and I'm a heartless b*stard).

Yumi's growth as a character is staggering, although I understand that in the novels they dragged it out for quite a few volumes. The way she handled Touko this episode was very mature and effective. I'd hoped that the hand that reached out to Touko at the end was Yumi, but I guess they have to stretch things out just a bit more.

Alas, next episode doesn't appear to be the pair doing the rosario, so we still have a couple more weeks to wait. The preview appeared to be yet another "event" filler, although I suppose you would have Touko find the card at the end?

Lastly, I laughed when Suguru said he didn't want to stand out. Not bloody likely, especially when loitering outside a girls' school.

Spoiler for Conversation:

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Old 2009-03-14, 05:48   Link #4
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So the truth comes out here.
It looks like I was right about a few things, such as the fact that Touko's behavior toward Yumi during the OVAs, warning her and trying to protect her from the harsh way some people would view her.
In a way, I can't help but wonder whether Touko originally started acting because she loved it, or because she felt like her entire life she'd been merely playing a role.
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Old 2009-03-14, 06:46   Link #5
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As to be expected, this turned out to be a great episode. I can't stop rewatching it.


Anyhow, I'm looking forward to seeing what others' opinions on this ep will be. Personally, there were a few times where I thought things were being a tad bit rushed, but I'm not sure if that's because I knew what was being skipped, or because I was just anxious for things to get to a certain point in the episode.
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Old 2009-03-14, 11:07   Link #6
I like pie.
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Originally Posted by mintyfresh View Post


It's two different series, really. The books are one whole world full of complex details, and the anime just hits the highlights. That's all it can do without bogging down. (And without going nuts on the budget.) The only shame is that they're plowing through so many books so fast this time through. They're skipping a lot of stories they might not have skipped before just to focus on this one plotline.

I like Yumi, don't get me wrong, she's one of my favorite characters, I just kind of miss Yoshino and Shimako... and I doubt we'll get any of their stories this time through, which is a shame.

One thing I was relieved to see (or rather not see) this week-- no Pizza Hut stuff.
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Old 2009-03-14, 12:55   Link #7
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After watching this...


*Now plays Pearl Jam's "Daughter"*

Strangely, March 14 is White Day.

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Old 2009-03-14, 14:32   Link #8
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Good episode, though I'm probably not the biggest Touko fan, I did like her in the OVA's and a few episodes so far, some I haven't but I felt for her in this one.

Spoiler for Ep 11:

really looking forward to the next episode.
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Old 2009-03-14, 14:59   Link #9
I like pie.
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Spoiler for Ep 11 stuff...:
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Old 2009-03-14, 18:15   Link #10
Apathy moe~
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Oh my goodness, it was sooo hard not to let out any spoilers that I just had to shut up for the last couple of episodes.
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Old 2009-03-14, 22:52   Link #11
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Originally Posted by cynicalicious View Post
I like Yumi, don't get me wrong, she's one of my favorite characters, I just kind of miss Yoshino and Shimako... and I doubt we'll get any of their stories this time through, which is a shame.
Heh, even though I like both Yumi and Touko very much, I agree with you. Also, that reminds of another point I thought of while wathing this week's ep.
If this season really will be 13 episodes, then they'll likely take up the next two episodes covering Kriss Kross (which we know already to be true) and then close with Anata wo Sagashi ni.

And I must say, I'm a little surprised they didn't stop at a Pizza Hut as well.

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Old 2009-03-15, 02:32   Link #12
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A very emotional episode, that very nicely done.

Spoiler for Eps. 11:
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Old 2009-03-15, 04:20   Link #13
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The animation in this episode is godly. It's like Studio Deen and Pizza Hut suddenly got a large influx of cash.
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Old 2009-03-15, 07:07   Link #14
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Spoiler for Episode 11:
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Old 2009-03-15, 07:45   Link #15
I disagree with you all.
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Old 2009-03-15, 08:57   Link #16
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Best episode this far, and the drama club president do deserve an honorary mention. It's nice to see that there are other people who care and understand Touko too.
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Old 2009-03-15, 11:39   Link #17
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What an amazing episode. Probably the best of the season. I really like Touko, have since Season 3, when she warned Yumi about the girls in episode 1. Finally understanding what she was going through, all the pain and hurt she was feeling. Even though most of it was self inflicted. Her realizing that everything with Yumi, the one she admired so much, was just her own misunderstanding. Seeing Yumi act so mature and graceful, in the face of anger as Touko lashed out at her again. Just so amazing. I think this makes my top 5 favorite Maria-sama episodes.

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Old 2009-03-15, 16:48   Link #18
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Definitely the best episode of the seasons thus far, I wanted to reach in there and hug Touko soooo bad.

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Old 2009-03-15, 19:12   Link #19
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Wow, what a powerful episode, and indeed the best episode of the season so far. The episode focuses on Touko (about time) and it does so well in depicting Touko's situation to the audience. This is one of those 'a picture is worth a million word' moments for me. I was gripped during the scene between Suguru and Touko. Seeing Suguru's anger in his face, you can really see and appreciate his care for Touko. At the realization of Touko's bitter past, I again found myself angry at those haughty girls as I had during the OVA, while sympathizing for Touko.

And during the confrontation between Yumi and Touko, you can really see how much more tolerent and mature Yumi as become in continuation from the last episode. Its was really something see, Yumi keeping her calm and telling Touko to stay behind and count to 100, and Touko obidiently do so and in the end finding herself alone. It was such a nice imagery to what we have been told just minutes ago by Suguru, how Touko will be alone if she keeps on running away.

And of course, the last scene, where Touko finally realize that Yumi hadn't known anything all along was done very effectively, showing her despair and how much she regret her actions. Of course, Sachiko did her role ever so perfectly in conveying this information to Touko. Just watching Touko count to hundred again, was very painful to see, and I teared up as well, but it was also nice to see; we finally get to see Touko's real, true emotions. And, we had Noriko to count on (I kinda forgot that though...), and it was a relief that Touko didn't end up alone finishing counting to a hundred.

And notable mention to Suguru's attire; I wonder if that is his interrogation outfit. He looks waaaay too suspicious

Originally Posted by ladholyman View Post
The animation in this episode is godly. It's like Studio Deen and Pizza Hut suddenly got a large influx of cash.
Maybe they were saving up for this episode
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Old 2009-03-15, 20:00   Link #20
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well my mom always told me never burn your brideges and i see why though touko she burned everyone around her and she had to pay for it by being alone just thank god noriko was there for her man this was such a powerful episode i was so moved with it i was like in shock on how the way yumi told her to count to 100 and i think touko got wat she deserved when it came to sa-chan and yumi it like they both want touko to know that they came about her but they are not going to put up with her crap ether surguru told touko the right thing and he has been such a wonderful help in this season at first i was disappionted about last week but seeing this episode opened my eyes to how great and powerful this show can be well great episode i cant wait to see hpw it ends
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