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Old 2009-09-09, 14:52   Link #581
Join Date: Jul 2007
Enjoyed the show till the very end, wish there where more but I guess this is all we get :/ Personally I thought that after the train ep the anime really took speed and was a good one as well. Defectively one of the better anime's as of 2008 who was an terrible year for anime overall ( beside Kaiba )
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Old 2009-09-10, 21:12   Link #582
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Not the ending I thought it would have but it had been a very good series.

And to Tenerezza, there were plenty of good anime in 2008.
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Old 2010-05-06, 09:35   Link #583
AS Oji-kun
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I was reading the European Space Agency's press release about the Herschel Space Telescope and found this startling discovery:

Herschel is also a prime instrument for detecting the smallest forms of matter: molecules. It has made the first discovery in space of a new ‘phase’ of water. It is electrically charged and unlike the more familiar phases, namely solid ice, liquid water and gaseous steam, it does not occur naturally on Earth. In the birth clouds surrounding young stars, however, where ultraviolet light is pumping through the gas, this irradiation can knock an electron out of the water molecule, leaving it with an electrical change.
Not naturally on Earth, but inside a secret Japanese laboratory? Perhaps!
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Old 2018-11-18, 16:18   Link #584
AS Oji-kun
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Hokkaido
Age: 69
Or maybe this is the fourth state of water?

There’s theoretical evidence that liquid water might actually come in two different forms — one of which is denser than the other. Ball described the difference at the level of molecular bonds. In the denser form of water, the molecules of H2O would be snuggled up, holding onto each other in a hug. In the less-dense form of water, in contrast, the water molecules would be holding hands, but not getting cuddly. A glass of the denser water would weigh more than an equally full glass of the less-dense water.

Right now, these two forms of water exist only in computer models.
It's rather remarkable that there is still a lot we don't know about the most common substance on earth.
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bones, maturation, seinen, shounen

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