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Old 2012-11-17, 11:43   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
It's not. It's a sci-fi epic where the characters happen to be bisexual. There've been plenty of anime where the main character has a hetero-love interest but the show isn't seen through the lens of hetero-romance, so why should the gay stuff be treated differently?
Well that's the thing. The story is written for a society that (unfortunately) does view things in a hetero-normative fashion, and thus I think these expectations of sexuality are meant to provoke such reactions.

It's the kind of thing sci-fi and fantasy are capable of exploring because it goes to other worlds that may or may not be beyond our comprehension.

Personally I found the creepy aspect to not really be about who they're having getting it on with but the children's relationships have changed so drastically over the past few years that I have gotten detached. I can see the physical part of the passion, but something is messing. So that just leads me to wonder if something is going on, especially in this society where their development is strictly controlled by those in power.
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Old 2012-11-17, 11:55   Link #62
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Originally Posted by Utsuro no Hako View Post
Come on, everyone wants Satoru.
Poor guy only that Rei dude wants him.

Although to be fair, if Shun kicks the bucket then Saki might end up with him at the end. It's not like she has a lot to choose from anyway.
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Old 2012-11-17, 12:34   Link #63
Dark Wing
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Well romantic relationships aside this episode confirmed what many of us guessed about Shun all along. That his obsession with gaining wisdom and knowledge had lead him down a very dark path.
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Old 2012-11-17, 12:36   Link #64
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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
The thing is that they don't seem to think it's just sex. Saki used the term "koibito" which implies they think there's more than sex to these "relationships". But to me that doesn't seem to be the case. The way Satoru just got a new "koibito" after Shun dumped him, and how Saki played along when Maria mentioned they'd be together forever even though she obviously doesn't mean it... like I said, it seems like they're role playing or something.

Only Maria's feeling for Saki, Mamoru's feelings for Maria, and Saki and Shun's mutual feelings seem to be beyond this role play imo.

Well, this is just the feeling I got.
They are 14 year olds, from what what I've seen this is normal teenage behavior. Yeah I know people who met their husband/wife in high school but it's rare.

As for Mamoru while he has feelings for Maria, I also see him as the most innocent of the group. He wants things to change back to how they were, when they were a group and when they weren't split up as couples. I am not even 100% sure if he realizes his romantic feelings for Maria for what they are just yet.

But if I was going to guess at the genuine feelings it would Mamoru for Maria, Maria for Saki, Saki for Shun, and Satoru for Shun, Possibly Shun for Saki.

Then again I suppose there is nothing to say that they can't love more than one person at the same time. Personally I think that would be an interesting development.
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Old 2012-11-17, 12:54   Link #65
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Originally Posted by Forsaken_Infinity View Post
That was my take on it as well. But I also think Shun was getting fed up. Not quite of "being a toy" as he put it (or as Kanon seems to think), but of constant and deep admiration from Satoru when he wasn't particularly happy with himself (what with being heralded as the next head for a fucked up society by most of his generation while at the same time having the deductive reasoning to deduce very well that he is under constant surveillance and that most of his society is all sorts of messed up). It is really really tough to have to listen to people telling you how good they are all the time and if the one person who's closest to you doesn't realize how much of a mess you're, it gets even more aggravating. I felt very melancholic when I heard him reply "no you don't understand" and I agree that Satoru is too naive to get what is happening with Shun. So is Saki for that matter. I can sympathize with Shun very well. It really is the worst thing in the world to have people who are "close" to you have an entirely different version of you than what you know yourself to be. And it gets seriously annoying if they try and keep clinging onto you with those naive notions.

He definitely likes Satoru though. Just that he doesn't want the gang in danger for one and for another, he is too much of a mess to enjoy extreme admiration and a close relationship where his partner is constantly trying too hard to please him and/or emulate him.
Nicely put there. I agree and it definitely adds more sorrow to Shun's predicament.

It's a bit of a shame that the novel had to go with a timeskip. It'd have been great to see the gradual change that lead to their current relationships as well as Shun's decaying state of mind, even for just an episode.
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Old 2012-11-17, 14:08   Link #66
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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
I don't think their society is promoting anything except the physical expression of love, and to be more precise, it does not prohibit it, instead of promoting it.
Well, there are some restrictions.

Intercourse between young people is forbidden (it is said in the novel). I guess it's for birth control.
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Old 2012-11-17, 14:53   Link #67
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Man, this episode made me feel bad. Shun knows very well what kind of society he lives, yet he is still goes on the verge breaking down and becoming insane even though he is aware of it. The part where he laughed as Kaburagi walked out of the classroom was hard to watch. The feeling of knowing what horrible thing you will become and having to live through every moment of it...
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Old 2012-11-17, 15:27   Link #68
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Wow... the homosexuality spiked and the animation dived. Talk about a surprising and disappointing episode.
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Old 2012-11-17, 15:48   Link #69
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv168
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This episode sure shows how blunt transitions can be, in a very bad way.
Whereas the interest in sex and whatnot is fairly normal at this age, heterosexual and homosexual, it is how it was presented in this episode that was fairly jarring. It is funny how it was absolutely discreet in the previous time frame until Satoru made his move on Saki, and then flat on our faces with this episode.
I sure wished they could have a progressive narrative and presentation, because the way it was in this episode could potentially make you think you skipped 1-2 episodes or even got the wrong series.

In any case, this episode was merely used as a setup for further troubles ahead for the group, although it makes you wonder why the adults were waiting for like 2 years to make their moves: assuming they intended to use the kids at some points instead of outright killing them, it would have been smarter for them to make them forget about this whole trip.

Aside, this episode was incredibly painful to watch: the production value plummeted like as if the animation staff was beyond butchered into 1 or 2 guys. Really, the sakuga was helluva inconsistent, but there were multiple instances of frames being outright skipped.
Whereas episode 5 had some ambiant and color gradients to emphasis the mood (despite jarring camera pans), this episode suffered of virtually everything: bland presentation, grossely designed with 0 details, no in-between frames and whatnot. Definitely the worst episode in term of animation.
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Old 2012-11-17, 15:50   Link #70
formerly ogon bat
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I suppose the bad animation will be fixed in the disc releases, but I feel Sentai Filmworks will chicken out of this license as soon as they can trade it for something else.

Nobody has pointed out that if Mamoru loves Maria and she is indeed a lesbian (and not just only bi) and if Saki is really hetero (just influenced by whatever makes everybody go homo at that age in that village) and loves Shun, we can clearly see what the comment on a previous chapter about Maria killing lots of people meant.
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Old 2012-11-17, 16:27   Link #71
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the transition from childhood to puberty is a funny thing
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Old 2012-11-17, 16:30   Link #72
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Originally Posted by ogon_bat View Post
I suppose the bad animation will be fixed in the disc releases, but I feel Sentai Filmworks will chicken out of this license as soon as they can trade it for something.
I have a feeling this was a cheaper license for Sentai so I doubt they care about the animation.
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Old 2012-11-17, 17:11   Link #73
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Don't know what to think of this episode... hope it gets explained later on, and that there is a purpose to this all
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Old 2012-11-17, 18:15   Link #74
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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
This episode sure shows how blunt transitions can be, in a very bad way.
Whereas the interest in sex and whatnot is fairly normal at this age, heterosexual and homosexual, it is how it was presented in this episode that was fairly jarring. It is funny how it was absolutely discreet in the previous time frame until Satoru made his move on Saki, and then flat on our faces with this episode.
Yeah, it would have been nice if the narrator at the beginning of the episode had explained exactly what was going on with everyone and why things work the way they do in that society. That way they could have even skipped a bunch of love scenes and gone back to the plot quicker.

I wish they could make a better use of the narrator in general. Just look at how uneven are the narrator's comments during the first 7 episodes.
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Old 2012-11-17, 19:01   Link #75
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I didn't really get that they were doing a lot of that stuff before. I think it is just the difference between being 12 and 14. I know Saki and Satoru kind of almost did something before and there might have been a little of it happening before, but I kind of got that it wasn't very commonplace for the kids before this. That little opening narrative from Saki was a good segue way into the change.

As she said 2 years was a major change for them and we are seeing the reflected in these "sexual" relationships.
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Old 2012-11-17, 19:30   Link #76
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This episode made the series interesting.... As a fan of romance anime, the struggles involving Shun and Saki is emotionally powerful and leaves an imprint in my mind....

These two cares so much for each other but its the "norm" that forces them to hide their feelings... I would not be surprise if later on these two will be eating each other if more of these feelings are kept deep inside and will pile up just waiting to explode if you adult romance novels know what I mean....

Just can't wait!!!! ShunXSaki!!!
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Old 2012-11-17, 20:48   Link #77
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In trying to understand why Saki and Shun are avoiding a romantic relationship with one another in spite of their feelings for one another, I did develop a broader theory here.

Now, just to be clear, I haven't read the source material for this, so my theory could be entirely off. Nonetheless, I'm going to throw it out there just because I think/hope it might make interesting food for thought.

Here's my theory:

Spoiler for Theory on the role sex plays in this society, includes minor School Days comparison:
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Old 2012-11-17, 20:55   Link #78
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Nice.. I think Saki will go crazy thinking of Shun's where abouts based on the preview.... Love vibes.. hit me!!!
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Old 2012-11-17, 20:56   Link #79
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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Now that I've watched this episode a couple more times, I have a completely different take on the animation. I think it was particularly good. Not the drawing, which was off-model sometimes, but the animation. There were a number of scenes with interesting movement, such as when Saki was running away down the hillside path. They seem to have decided, as Kaioshin_sama's observation that there were plenty of frames suggests, to spend time/money on movement rather than careful drawing. Worked for me.

As for the bonobos, I mean the students. I thought the situation was generally well presented. There was no real reason to be surprised, since we already knew their society was planned to be this way. The surprise was that our main characters all seemed to be in homosexual relationships, but that could be natural for younger people (if 14 is young), who might be more comfortable relating to their same sex, or at least to their closest childhood friend. In any case, I found the matter-of-fact presentation kind of liberating. The cartoon-gay Kai was a bit of a well as a turn-on, lol. I'm not sure if the relationships are being properly presented, since they seem to slip back and forth between purely physical and really romantic. I hope we learn more about how these people are relating.
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Old 2012-11-17, 20:59   Link #80
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IMHO, I got no problem in the animation since anime uses different techniques in drawings and for the deciding factor is the plot and story itself...
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