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Nichiasa Reincarnation

Title: Nichiasa Suki no Otaku ga Akuyaku Seito ni Tenseishita Kekka, Hametsu Flag ga Houkaishiteiku Ken ni Tsuite~Gakuen Ichi no Kirawaremono ni Tenseishita Mitai Nandesu ga, Kawai Otouto ni Hero ni Tsuite Oshienagara Tanoshiku Yattemasu~(ニチアサ好きのオタクが悪役生徒に転生した結果、破滅フラグが崩壊していく件につい て~学園一の嫌われ者に転生したみたいなんですが、可愛い弟にヒーローについて教えながら楽しくやってます ~)
Author: Karasuma Ei ( 烏丸英)
Status: 373 WN chapters (Ongoing)
WN Link: Kakuyomu

Manga Cover:

Kurei Yuugo (呉井雄悟) is a regular high school student that can be found anywhere, the only thing different about him it would be his great love for the hero TV shows that air on Sunday mornings.

One day, he loses his life while protecting a mother and her child from a random attacker, however... when he came to his senses, he was reincarnated in another world as Yuugo Clay (ユーゴ・クレイ), a character from a game called "Luminous History" who has the same name as him.

Yuugo is the most hated person in the school. He loses everything in a duel against the game's protagonist, and eventually he even sacrifices his younger brother who adors him in order to summon a demonic sword, only to die in vain in a fight against the protagonist in the end.

And now the bright and foolish hero otaku, the clueless 17 years old Kurei Yuugo enters the body of such a villanous character!? Well, that's quite a mess!

"Woohoo! This is a transformation bracelet! Wow, what should my transformation phrase be!?"

"This armor is way too cool! Thanks a lot brother!"

Unaware and unintentionally, Yuugo, who doesn't even realize that he is in a game world, starts to crush his destruction flags one after another.

While the other people that have been reincarnated as main characters are confused as the story is not progressing as planned, what does the future hold for Yuugo as he rushes down the path to become a hero in a different world academy alongside his beloved brother!?

"Hey, can't we make a combined robot in the end? No? I see... Then how about a giant transformation? Oh, that's not possible either... Okay, sorry for asking something ridiculous..."

...Which one could be possible!?
Spoiler for FAQ:

Manga Raws:https://televikun-super-hero-comics....eincarnaition/
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Old 2023-11-16, 16:44   Link #2
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That FAQ and overall style of the post is so nostalgic, lately no thread was including this.

Anyway, despite not liking Tokusatsu stuff I am tempted to try reading it to take a break from the CN stuff I am consuming lately (also to not totally forget all Japanese characters).
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Old 2023-11-19, 07:45   Link #3
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Hidamarisou is starting to translate this novel. You can read the first chapter here: Link
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game world, harem, reincarnation, sword and magic, tokusatsu

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