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Old 2022-06-17, 23:50   Link #201
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Despite how critical I usually am about the series I consume in general... I actually thought that was a mostly satisfying end to the series. To the point that if it got a 2nd season, I'd definitely watch it. But I also don't necessarily feel like it needs (or is guaranteed) one.

First, my nitpicks...
- While I don't feel he's the worst character I've ever experienced, I do think Kabe's development was lacking compared to Eiko's and Nanami's throughout the series and he really could've been fleshed out more. His "conflicts" just really needed more flavor. Had this been achieved, a song being performed by all three main characters (either earlier or in the finale) could've been warranted.

- A scene of Eiko and Nanami actually talking together (instead of a few stills that just implied it) also is something I think I would've liked to see. It felt a little bit like something was missing. We had all these scenes of these two slowly becoming friends and we don't even get to see them sort of close the book on their "chapter", so to speak. I can see the argument that such a thing wasn't really necessary, but... I don't know. I would've preferred seeing it.

- Folks can argue all day about whether or not the "point" of this series was to use Kongming as a gimmick... I don't really care either way, I still feel he was kind of under-utilized. I don't hate Eiko or Nanami, quite the contrary. But Kongming was undoubtedly the best part of the story for me, so I lament there not being more of him in it -- especially in the last act.

As for the rest...
- There are lots of little things that I personally appreciated in the finale. Things like the fog clearing/sun coming out after Eiko's song and Kido being the 100,000th were both absolutely cheesy, but they felt thematically appropriate to me. The Azalea fanboy and fangirl seeming shallow at first but turning out to be true fans. Azalea being right next to Karasawa and Kongming all along as he was acknowledging the truth behind why he made Azalea do all the things they did at the afterparty. (I choose to believe that Kongming intentionally set that up, because the comedic timing of having Kongming dip out as soon as Azalea went to clear the air and leaving behind his sash saying "I am the Mastermind" is too perfect for him to have not done it on purpose.)

- While I anticipated the 'reveal' with Karasawa, I did not anticipate that it was distinctly a visual kei band that he was in. That... actually makes his choices for Azalea's branding make more sense in context. (I am also in the camp of genuinely liking Azalea's more "mainstream" song over their personal sound, but that's just my musical preference. I don't blame the composers for that or anything.)

- I actually really appreciate that Karasawa was given multiple forms of pushback to his actions. In a lot of stories like this, you'd just get the "hey, I wanna be myself!" speech and the villain just relents and/or fucks off. Here, they didn't exactly do that. Yes, Azalea still had the "we wanna be us" moment... But their real fans turning out and Kongming's gesture of publicizing their true selves managed to give Karasawa proof that things don't have to be done the way he was going about them. I think that's a much better sell than the resolution running on pure emotion alone. He's a logical man, so give him logical facts in addition to showing conviction to convince him.

- The biggest surprise of the finale for me was Azalea actually choosing to keep Karasawa as their producer. Despite all that he did, Karasawa saw something in them and took a chance on talent he recognized. I genuinely liked the decision on their part to keep him onboard so they can utilize the knowledge they know he has about the industry... And it's kind of nice thematic bookend for Azalea to choose to put their trust/faith in him after he put his trust/faith in them. I know some people don't like that Karasawa was "redeemed" or feel he doesn't deserve it... I'd probably agree if he had been presented as just a greedy asshole. In that scenario, I would've rolled my eyes and been hoping for his splendid defeat. But I was actually lowkey invested in how he'd be handled at the end of this, because they made it clear from the start (I feel) that he was more compelling than that.

- Oh, and I also like that at no point did they do some really hamfisted "we disagree, so we're not friends anymore and gotta go our separate ways!" thing with Azalea. Sometimes friends can just... be in a shitty situation together, not fully agree on how to handle it, and still be friends. I know it's a common trope for a reason and I know why it happens so much. I'm just tired of seeing it and I'm glad it didn't show up in this.

All in all, I had a lot of fun with the show. There are definitely things that could've been done better, more fleshed out, toned down, and whatever else... But I went into this series literally expecting a shitfest, so maybe that's why I've come out of it as impressed as I am? But I thought it was good time and I still consider it a solid recommendation to someone looking for something a little different from the standard anime comedy. I'd probably rate it something like a 7.5~8/10.
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Old 2022-06-18, 00:23   Link #202
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Originally Posted by Decel View Post

I'm not too fond of those softball everyone wins in the end, even the antagonist. Feels like a paint-by-the-numbers story.

The first ep was promising. After that it went slowly downhill.
Did everyone win in the end though Only one of them is going play in that big ass event
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Old 2022-06-21, 04:10   Link #203
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I personally had no plans to pick up this show because the premise itself, being an unusual reverse isekai story (take note that the accounts of Romance is largely exaggerated compared to Records) did not really take my interest. However, as if caught in Kongming's strategem, the OP was what persuaded me to give it a try. Turns out it was not only an enjoyable show, it was also cohesive, even more so than their latest shows.

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Old 2022-07-03, 01:45   Link #204
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By the way, the motif for Karusawa's past bad is speculated to be
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Old 2022-07-03, 10:45   Link #205
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I was dissapointed that Kabe didn't get to rap alongside Eiko song. I thought it was gonna be kinda like the California Gurls of Katie Perry (the only example I can think of and also my favorite). Outside of that this was a good show and I'm satisfied with where it choose to end. ironically I don't want a S2 because I don't think they can't top the OP, such magnificent piece.
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