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Old 2008-10-15, 02:44   Link #101
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Originally Posted by Lirael View Post
I've only heard No More Words by her...I love that song but haven't really felt too inclined to search for more of her work. And am even less inclined after reading some of the negative comments here. :P
Well, don't be.

Music is taste, that's all. Doesn't really matter what other people think, what matters is what you think.

I know half the people in this board will be freaked out at half the things I listen to.. .

Credit to Godlike1889 for the sig!
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Old 2008-10-21, 22:20   Link #102
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Has she been recording any new music for animes lately?
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Old 2009-02-11, 16:46   Link #103
AyumiDesu Princess
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Originally Posted by NostalgicDays View Post
Has she been recording any new music for animes lately?
Not for anime.

But her new song "Rule" is the theme song for Dragonball Evolution.

when I saw her on TV show (December), I felt that she wants to change her image more like Madonna (sexy) from cute image.

But somehow her performance made me feel uncomfortable.
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Old 2009-02-11, 21:40   Link #104
The Queen Of Darkness
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i like her new song green
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Old 2009-02-15, 21:21   Link #105
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I love Ayumi, her music is great..
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Old 2009-03-10, 10:43   Link #106
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Rule is the first thing i have heard by the lady and I really dig it, real high energy dance stuff, the kind of stuff we yanks really don't make anymore

She seems to have been around a while, is she like madonna in that a lot of her stuff sounds different year after year?
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Old 2009-04-14, 11:48   Link #107
Code Geass
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I like her music. She sounds great, but I have other artists that I prefer.
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Old 2009-05-27, 07:49   Link #108
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Ayu is super amazing ! Her songs are awesome great <33
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