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Old 2017-07-31, 22:37   Link #58821
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No. It's still ongoing. The releases just take forever to come out.
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Old 2017-08-04, 20:40   Link #58822
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Smile IS Virus fanfic character create

So, I don't know if this will do for the forum, as my character is driven by the main canon, but it's worth a shot. The fanfic my character stars in is IS Virus on, username tonbonkittybon.

He doesn't have a name, so he chose Sokoto Fukuyama because he thought it sounded cool. He. Yes, male. Which is worse, considering he is WAY more dense, FAR LESS tolerable of nonsense, and WAY more in your face than Ichika! And 2/3 of his height.

He has a slender body, blue eyes, and light blonde hair, which can only be described as that of a teeny bopper with too much hair messing up a sideways mohawk. He's 16, but looks like a 12 year old.

His personality isn't 12 year old-like; it's kid-like. He has a good heart, but he comes up with the craziest of pranks, mainly because he had no parents to truly raise him. He was dropped off at an orphanage at 3 months old. He was 3 years old when it caught fire and one of the woman went ballistic and tried to kill him, only for him to end up killing her. He was found by the yakuza and trained to stand on his own two feet. By 12, he decided it was time to travel the world, and he left the yakuza on a very generous note. He survived two worldwide trips, picking up all kinds of life lessons and life hacks, all the while living for the sake of living, because he believes that life should be lived without restraint. It was only thanks to his travels that he caught wind of the IS, which he dismissed as something he wouldn't be bothered with.

Until two years after Ichika graduated IS Academy. He was wondering around near Ichika's neighborhood, trying to decode a map, because he hates advanced technology. Then, he came across a compound, and he swore he could hear someone calling out to him. So, he ventures in and discovers a host of 6th Generation IS units ready for deployment. He runs his hand through them all, letting his mind go crazy with the thought of becoming a kick ass mecha hero. But none of them move at all. Then, he finds a forgotten Gen 1 model set for dismantlement. He leans his hand on it to rest...and it activates.

Thus beginning another adventure for him to screw the world over with. Only problem is, he didn't know only females could use an IS.

The IS he found was Silver Streamline, a Gen 1 brawler type, suited for rapid CQC. Its overall stats can compete with the Gen 2 models, but barely hold a candle to Gen 4. It is the fastest Gen 1 model, faster than Gen 2 even, and when entering 1st shift, it can compete with Gen 4, but only if you match its style. Because it has no weapons. It relies on fast punches and kicks to disorient the opponent and exploit a weakness. When an Ignition Boost pack is added, it can launch a continuous boost, with longer duration and shorter energy usage. It has a grapple hook that can latch onto anything it comes into contact with, as long as it is heavier than the hook itself. It can also double as a retractable shield. Its abilities are...well, let's just say its creator really likes DBZ.
Solar/lunar energy recharge. Rapid-fire palmar blast capabilities. Two energy blast options, depending on time of day. If it's the sun, it's Radiant Gallic Grapple, a solar powered explosion type laser with grapple abilities. If it's the moon, it's Luminant Gallic Gun, a lunar powered single target laser with massive damage. And yes, you perform these by holding one palm to the light source, slamming that palm on top of the other, turning your hands to initiate energy expenditure, and then it's the Gallic Gun maneuver.
It doesn't have many weaknesses. In fact, only two stand out, and they are oh so easily exploitable. Weak attack power, and weak defense. It's a brawler type, meaning fast punches, quick energy blasts, the lasers are only meant for surefire kills. But if someone hits you while you're firin ya lazar, you cannot recover and you will take a ton of hits. If you get hit during the heat of battle, or try to block a heavy attack, it may not end well for you. And don't even ask about fending off widespread attacks. Taking into account that its shield energy is only 75% of the normal, this thing is meant for speed, not power.

Sokoto himself can somewhat compensate for those weaknesses. Through his travels, he has extreme agility and reflexes. He also has a free spirit, and high charisma, meaning he can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. If he sees someone doing injustice, he will stop everything and make the wrongdoer the laughing stock of the day. He also has Aura Sense, meaning not only can he tell whether or not someone familiar to him is nearby, but he can tell what everyone around him is feeling, which can lead to Sensory Overload if he can't drown it out in time. Because he wasn't raised properly, he is a wisecracking nutjob who loves to kick back and chat, and/or cause a ruckus. There's not many that can rattle him, unless he is exploited emotionally by either holding his dear friend hostage, or exhausting him.

I can't say anything else without spoiling the fanfic rotten. What do you think? Anything you'd like to see him do? Let me know, and I'll try my best to work it in. And check out IS Virus when you have the time. I'd love for you to leave feedback.
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Old 2017-09-18, 11:39   Link #58823
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Okay, I kinda futz out after the last time I post, but FOR A GOOD REASON!
...I-It's university...That's a good reason, right? I got accepted to Vietnam's Open University...
Also P.S >TFW my faculty (Faculty of Foreign Language) is basically 90% girls. I'm serious.
Anyway, here's a small snippet of a fic I'm planning. It's revolves around a secret conspiracy inside the I.S academy that's basically Deus Ex in I.S without the Illuminatti or aliens, since I can't describe for shit.
"Thank, guys! The Plasma Regulator you guys gave me is way better than what I can afford!" the pinkette waved at the engineers that was helping her. While society was heavily female-dominated, men were still preferred when it's come down to the dirty work. But now, the matter was more "better men get hurt than women" than "muh diversity (sic)".
The pinkette always call bull on that one. "Well, look's like I'm going to be ready for my first escort mission for the second year! Better make sure the ol' Rafale Kai doesn't spatz out and reject the new parts tho-"
"UNACCEPTABLE! My Libertech needs to be ready for the next shipment from Magnus Lab's Atlanta Division, and these new platings are TOO SLOPPY!!" Another voice roared, distinctly of New Jersey accent. Miki turned to see another girl with long, braided blonde hair that was decorated with a metal (butwhy dot jpg) hairband, who was yelling at one of the male engineers. He was young, probably younger than Miki and the other girl.
"B-But m-ma'am, I followed the instructions you ga-"
"AND YET YOU LET THESE UNSIGHTLY PAINT ERRORS EXISTS ON THE MAIN CHASSIS?!" She said, pointing to what presumably was her I.S: A blue and white machine with red highlights and a slim build.
One of the older engineers came in hurriedly "I'm sorry, he's new here. He isn't used to how things work around here yet."
The blonde wasn't taking any of this "Then, I'm happy to tell you sexist male pigs that you two are going to be reported for this."
"W-What?! But I ju-"
"SHUT UP! No mansplaining! As we speak, I'm already calling the-"
The blond didn't have a chance to finish, as Miki, who approached her from behind, took her phone away.
"That was for your rudeness to the new intern." The pink-haired girl said, then she threw the phone on to a nearby table and promptly smash it with her wrench, much to the blond girl's shock. Miki followed up with a smirk:
"And that was for being a complete retard."
"A regular human, just like those two. You, on the other hand, seems to fall into the "triggered human" subtype, which I pity."
"THEY WHAT?!" Miki shouted, catching the blonde off-guard. Miki proceeded, with a quiet, yet threatening voice "Tell me what these two innocent HUMAN BEINGS did, and if it's something that matters, I'll say sorry, offer to be your slave for a week, and do your manicure too, if you like".
The other girl said angrily " Their paintjob after replacing the parts for my I.S was sloppy, with the paint probably applied by ways of one single stroke or multiple stroke while the paint was still wet. Not to mention, as men, they are inherently sexist pigs who objectifies women and thinks only about sex. Hence why the sloppy paint job, because they think I won't notice it." As she finished, she noticed the expression that Miki had. The pinkette then bursts out laughing like a madman.
"BWAHAHAHAHA!! OH DEAR LORD I was afraid it was something serious, but this?! BWAHAHAHA!!"
As the blonde was flabbergasted by the Italian girl's reaction, she didn't notice Miki slapping her in the face.
"Bitch, do you even logic?" Miki asked.
And here's another segment, slightly further into the story, for those who want action scenes
The blonde held her hands up instinctively, believing that the mortar has hit her. To her surprise, Miki blocked the shot, but...
"Y-Your...transforming gunblades..." The blonde girl was shocked as Miki's weapon was shattering, their cheap parts and second-hand plasma generators not capable of withstanding the impact. Heck, some of the part even scratched the Italian's face, causing her to bleed a bit, since her shield are programmed to ignore these small-scale damage to improve energy efficiency.
"It's just a weapon! Now, get back up and finish this shit-show we call an escort operation!" Miki shouted, one of her eyes barely open as blood was flowing over it. Only now does the blonde notice that her "co-student" 's I.S was heavily damaged, the cheap improv parts taking beatings that wasn't meant to even happen.
"Y-You could've easily dodged all of those..."
"And what, let your slow tank ass getting pummeled as you try to fight one single opponent?"
"Wait, I thought there were thirteen attackers?! I took down six-"
"And I cleaned up the other half-dozen while you were fumbling around. Not having a gauss cannon or personal third-gen I.S sucks, but hey, I'm used to it." Miki said, one of her arm holding up a spare minigun trying to laid down suppression fire upon the last enemy I.S.
"But I thought you hate me!"
"So what?! You're a human, just like me!" The American was baffled. This nosy, poor-as-dirt Italian who she swear hated her with a passion of a googolplexian suns, saved her life for a completely mundane reason: she was human. She slowly remembers what her mom told her years ago
"Everyone is equal"
Maybe... she didn't mean it in a socialist way... nor a racial way either...
Miki was running low on ammo, and she's starting to warm up to the idea of using "it".
"Well, I think I still got enough caffeinated drink and pep bars... If push come to shove, I think I can sneak in a cigarette packages or even some booze... " As she was muttering to herself, she slipped and got her gun shot out of her hand. Before the next shot can pin her, the blonde was blocking the shot with her disc-shaped shield.
"...Jeanne." The blond said.
"What?" Miki was surprised by the timely arrival of the American bitch that she thought would've love nothing more than to kill anyone who opinions goes differs from her own in the world with a patriarchy-destroying gun.
"My name. Jeanne Blazkowicz. You asked for it, no?"
"Of all the time in the world, you think NOW is the best time to tell me this?! You stupid yank!"
"HEY! I-"
"The name's Miki. Miki Martinozzi." Miki shared her name, smirking. Jeanne was taken slightly back, but then smiled warmly.
"So" Jeanne then asked "What's the plan?"
Miki smiled slyly. "Got a spare gun?"
"I got a spare coil pistol. But it needs quite a lot of energy." Jeanne reluctantly hands her the handcannon. Miki quickly grabs it, and pulled out a strange syringe, filled with a strange blue liquid.
"Watch this." Miki said as she jammed the syringe into a port on her I.S that probably leads to her wrist. Miki groaned in pain, her arm's blood veins glowing bright blue for a moment. Jeanne wasn't sure what was happening.
Miki then charged at the last attacker, her hand was clutching the pistol, which seems to be charging up way faster than what seemed possible.
"DEEEYYYYAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Miki screamed as she started dashing and side-strafing at incredible speed, firing her pistol with accuracy that shouldn't be possible when moving and shooting at the same time. A few shot grazed her, but she closed in to point-blank range, her gun at her target's abdomen.
"Jeanne! fire the Gauss cannon right after I disable the shields!" Miki ordered, the coil pistol spazzing out and spewing out electrical spark everywhere.
"WHAT?! SHIELDS?! AS IN, PLURAL?" but before Jeanne could get her answer, a huge electromagnetic discharge originating from Miki's coil pistol has disabled the last attacker's shield, leaving them open to an attack. Unfortunately, the same goes for Miki.
'If I fire now, Miki might be caught in the blast too. The snipe module's broken, so the gauss cannon is about as unwieldy as a horse on fire...
...let's just hope that the M.P.G system works'

Then, with a bit of hesitation, Jeanne clenched her teeth, raise her gigantic gauss cannon and pointed it at the target.
"Magnetic Projectile Guidance System, on!" As soon as she said those words, the cannon roared to life and blasted a storm of steel flechettes at the two I.S
What Jeanne hoped for was a miracle. And a damn timely one at that.
And I won't be spoiling the rest. Tell me if you guys want a full first chapter posted on here.

The thing that formed my childhood...

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Long time no visit guys.

Just like to present some additional info/fun facts for the canon characters I have knocked up to make my story more interesting, see if you like.

—Ichika is AWFUL when it comes to learning foreign languages.
—Houki is the best among the girls when it comes to textile work (ie stitching and sewing).
—Cecilia is actually half Scottish on her father's side, and her family (history can be traced to the age of Charlemagne Empire) had became extinct in the male line several times, leading to female heirs taking the name instead (her mother being the last heiress before herself).
—Lingyin hails from Fujian Province in SE China.
—Charlotte actually likes playing FPS games.
—Laura prefers American guns over German ones.
—Sarashiki sisters are REALLY part Russian (one quarter on their maternal grandfather's side), and they had a little brother who unfortunately died not long after being born. Said brother's demise indirectly costed them their mother's life. Tatenashi was about 12 and Kanzashi was 11 when that happened. PS: Tatenashi is suggested to be purely Japanese but just had Russian nationality in the original novels.
—Tatenashi became head of the family (more like a clan, actually) at the age of 15, after looking after her physically ill and emotionally traumatized father for three years. (Old man was still alive when she enrolled into IS Academy) Two of her skills from her massive skill set include language (apart from Japanese and Russian—English, Chinese—Mandarin and Cantonese—Korean, French, German, Spanish and just a bit of Arabian) and medication (was able to perform a bullet extraction surgery on a wounded Laura).
—That ONE line Kanzashi really wanted to say? “Justice rains from above!”
—Chifuyu started drinking as young as 13. One of her most prized possessions is a limited-edition, gold-plated beer can of her favorite brand launched to commemorate the 1st Mondo Grosso, in which she emerged victorious as the 1st Brunhilde.
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Not sure if Zero is still here, but if you are, have we thought up of One-off abilities for Kurogane? I can't remember.

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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Recently, I’ve been making an original story that is a response to Infinite Stratos and some of its elements. That’s said, I’ll be doing a fic crosses the two stories over.

To summarize the original story, it features nine powered that stuck targets all over the globe and crippled the world’s infrastructure. Now the planet is in a constant state of warfare where mechanized dominate the arms market. The main character is a student from Korea who ends up piloting a unit just a powerful, but unique from the nine infamous now known as “Death Scythes.” Joining a space-based organization that’s the only international power remaining, he seeks to end the war economy and destroy the nine units responsible.

The purpose of this story is show an IS-like story gone horribly wrong, but more importantly integrate actual, grittier elements of Gundam, the main influence to the IS units. This includes a body count, consequences of warfare with such powerful units, and in a possible second saga, a group based on the Titans/A-LAWS/OZ.

If anyone has opinions or questions, I can be sure to respond.
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anyone still here?
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Originally Posted by coco6561 View Post
anyone still here?
I am.

Oh just another thing to share about my OCs if you don’t mind.

Spoiler for OC traits and details:
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I think I have an interesting idea. How's this one...
Spoiler for The Plot of the Story:

What do you think?

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Not bad, but does anyone come here anymore?
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Originally Posted by coco6561 View Post
Not bad, but does anyone come here anymore?
Yes, though not often.
So... this is how it ends eh...?
I wish.. we could've met on different terms...
See you on the other side...
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Old 2018-10-21, 06:47   Link #58832
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Say, can someone help me translate this fanfic here? I know it’s dead by now, but I was interest in this Japanese crossover fic between Infinite Stratos and Gundam UC. Fics like that have been a must for me in the past couple years.

The link is below is anyone wants to check it out and start translating or summarizing:
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Old 2019-03-02, 09:01   Link #58833
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As someone who had been here on this forums in its most glorious days, as well as who introduced i'mhererepresent's to Animesuki, it is hard on me hearing of his death. I hope that he lives on through his work.

...Going through this thread alone makes me feel aged so much...
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I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope someone will carry on to finish this Truth to be Told story.
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fanfic ideas, fanfiction,, harem, is fanfic, warning fanfic spoilers, wincest

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