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Old 2013-12-19, 03:05   Link #481
The Sword of Darkness
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Unlike in Alpha, Euzeth bided his time.
And it's possible that Euzeth blocked Septugaint's attempt to contact to the Balmar homeworld to keep them out of the picture while he set up his plans.
Explain it to my Bear Knuckles!!
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Old 2013-12-21, 00:19   Link #482
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Originally Posted by hawkeyesvn View Post
. I guess banpresto will make a mission in the next og game with all yerba member in the same map so that Spectra Mcready can kill all of them except Selena. I wonder when will they introduce Corbray?
Probably very late, considering he is the one and only time diver now....
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Old 2013-12-25, 03:24   Link #483
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So has anyone cleared the Ex-hard mode>?
Started playing after I stopped for a year. I have most of the trophies except for 1 Platinum and 1 Gold. Platinum is acquired by getting all the other trophies, but I really dont think I can even clear the Ex-hard mode. No upgrade to both the units and pilots? Man......
Anyway, has anyone from this forum completed Ex-hard mode?
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Old 2014-04-17, 12:47   Link #484
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Shu's DLC Dark Prison is available in JP PSN Store, 3086 JPY with 4 GB size.
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Old 2014-04-17, 14:21   Link #485
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You know... OG series, at least this universe, should be ending in a few games if they're serious about no Z Originals in (current) OG series... I would say like 3 tops with maybe a spin-off or two like Dark Prison. As they made it clear that Z Saga Originals aren't planned for (current) OG series.

Kinda wanted Crowe to go drinking with Kyosuke and Esther to meet Excellen, Mai, and Latooni. Setsuko would make a lot of friends there too as would Rand and Mail.

I'm not even sure if they would put the UX stuff in OG or if they'll save it for a rebooted OG series that uses Z originals as its foundation.

But that's years off, so don't mind me. I'm still going to enjoy the games and there's that old saying that all good things much come to an end eventually.

Though makes me wonder who'll be the "Final" enemy of the current set of OG games.
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Old 2014-06-26, 20:00   Link #486
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Beautiful EX-Exbein. Out in four months.
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