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Yu Ominae
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Daedalus: The Awakening of Golden Jazz (Tantei Saburo Jinguji Prequel)

The prequel to the Tantei Saburo Jinguji series. It's out by December 13 in Japan.

No trailer yet AFAIK.

Official Site

It happened a month ago. Someone killed beloved grandfather Kyosuke Jinguji, who was living in New York.

Saburo Jinguji arrives in New York to collect Kyosuke’s belongings and arrange his memories.

Jake’s reunion with the nostalgic cityscape and his old friends only lasted for a brief moment. He learns that Kyosuke was reading up on the word “Daedalus” until the moment of his death.

What is Daedalus? Why was Kyosuke killed?

“Saburo, grow the Mind Tree.”

Kyosuke’s words remained in Jake’s distant memories, his way of thinking…

For his dead grandfather, and for himself, a young Saburo who has yet to make a name for himself will challenge this sorrowful case carved into New York!
Daedalus: The Awakening of Golden Jazz is equipped with new systems including the “Mind Tree System,” which is a visualization of Jake Hunter’s thoughts, the “Stance Change System,” which allows players to change their “stance” during conversations and investigations to get information out of the other person, and the “Investigation System,” which allows players to investigate a scene at 360 degrees.

The Mind Tree System is a visualization system that likens the case to a tree and its fruits from start to solution in order to determine the truth. Also, by changing stance during conversations and investigations, players can easily get information out of other people and conduct the investigation from various perspectives unlike ever before.
In situations where you cannot use ordinary methods such as the Fruits of Thought bore by the Mind Tree, or when you cannot uncover information through investigation, you can use a Stance Change. By changing stance during conversations and investigations, it becomes easier to get information out of the other person, and they may even let down their guard. By investigating from various perspectives, you will be able to uncover even more detailed information.
During investigations, you can explore the scene at a full 360 degrees. Play as if you yourself were standing at the scene of the incident and uncover the hidden evidence left behind.
Screenshots can be found here.

Even if we were at odds with each other, I still thank you for training me, Instructor Bowman - Yu Ominae, reflecting on Bowman's death after killing him in Phantom Island
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