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Old 2014-09-24, 09:59   Link #661
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If there is a second season in the works, I hope Shuhei Morita returns to direct it. Few people can cram about 70 chapters' worth of content into 12 episodes and still form a coherent story.
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Old 2014-09-26, 07:32   Link #662
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Originally Posted by Calca View Post
The main character finally becomes interesting and the season ends.

Funny that you say that because Inaho and Keneki share the same voice actor. Man i love it when he went white hair he kind of sounded like Inaho to me I am just saying this to you because you seem like a Inaho fan like me

Originally Posted by LG-MAX 2.o View Post
even if we exclude all the psychological development of it, the anime totally cut the evolution of his skills by sparring and books, such as his fight against Taro-chan, in the manga he uses the blow of breaking the arm that he learned through books, but it was transformed into a "falcon punch" in the anime, so much that is meaningless to the scene where goumert mimics this move and says to Kaneki: "Do you remember that" or something.

the way that Kaneki toppled Beanjou in the anime was by a stroke of luck, but in the manga he did it with an elbow that contained skill.

and we still have his fight against one of the leaders of Aogiri, one of the Bin brothers, where Kaneki could defeat him alone.

The torture only served to eliminate the fears and hesitations of him, making he more confident, and this greatly influences the skills of a person, but unfortunately cut with this evolution, makes it appear that Kaneki learned to fight just now, turning he into something totally different.

talk about things that were cut from the anime, would not be considered spoiler, right? j
Yes i agree with you i don't know why they did that and his training with taro was out of place it seem perriot just wanted to do the fight sceens and not develop Keneki at all it was rushed and i know people who read the manga in japan will be upset with the differences. But as the anime its pretty good and it got people into it if they ever do a remake mostly not i would madhouse or uflotable to do it.

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Old 2014-09-27, 02:44   Link #663
LG-MAX 2.o
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.................................................. ..........
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Old 2014-09-27, 03:45   Link #664
milan kyuubi
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^ I was already doing it! Long before Tokyo Ghoul!
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Old 2014-09-27, 07:14   Link #665
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Originally Posted by LG-MAX 2.o View Post

.................................................. ..........
i had a habit of cracking my fingers but differently..but after watching tokyo ghoul i especially made a habit of doing it similar to kaneki
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Old 2014-09-27, 09:06   Link #666
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Originally Posted by milan kyuubi View Post
^ I was already doing it! Long before Tokyo Ghoul!
Same here. It's nothing special.
Rize and Kaneki
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Old 2014-09-27, 09:17   Link #667
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Originally Posted by LG-MAX 2.o View Post

.................................................. ..........
All I see is Half Life 3.
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Old 2014-09-28, 06:37   Link #668
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Originally Posted by LG-MAX 2.o View Post

.................................................. ..........
Have the same habit, almost the same way.
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Old 2014-10-04, 10:20   Link #669
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Well, I just felt incredibly exhausted and dirty after all that.

Originally Posted by LG-MAX 2.o View Post

.................................................. ..........
I can do it with all 28 joints on my fingers (the thumbs only have 2).

As well as the wrists and elbows.
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Old 2014-10-04, 10:54   Link #670
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Originally Posted by LG-MAX 2.o View Post

.................................................. ..........
Old habit....

I shld stop doing it before I really hurt my fingers one day...

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Old 2014-10-10, 14:46   Link #671
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Season two has been announced. It is going to air in January 2015.
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Old 2014-10-10, 15:00   Link #672
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Originally Posted by chaos_alfa View Post
Season two has been announced. It is going to air in January 2015.
FYI: A thread for the second season has already been added to the Upcoming forum. Please continue all discussion of the second season in the Tokyo Ghoul Season 2 thread.

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Old 2014-10-24, 00:30   Link #673
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Tokyo Ghoul First Impressions

Actually, I started Tokyo Ghoul at the beginning of the previous season, and ended up watching the last three episodes last Sunday.

Right now, I'm rewatching this show episode by episode due to Halloween season.

My thoughts are that I can feel a close and personal connection to Kaneki, because I do happen to share some of the same defects he has: his naivety without malice, and him trusting strangers too easily.

It is not enough to give my sympathies to him but rather to feel empathy for his dilemma that radically turned his normal life upside-down. The first two episodes nicely expose the psychological hell he's suffering at attempting to cope with the ghoul's hunger, as he's being taunted to give in said hunger by the Rize within him being an abstract manifestation of his new half-ghoul nature.

The show IMO is immersive, and I'm thankful that it portrays the ghouls with different shades, that is I realize that for most ghouls, particulary those who work at Anteiku, their psyches and personalities are just as complex as in humans and not always are driven by nature. Therefore, the anime's a sort of jewel before my eyes, because we're introduced to a non-human species living disguised amongst humans attempting to survive in order to live a peaceful existence, and the story's narrative is told from both the ghoul's perspective and the human one.

Shows like Claymore, for example, introduce half-breed beings and monstrous beings existing along with humans. While the narrative bulk and plot development is built almost entirely around the half-human characters, the Yoma and most AB in that anime are depicted as simple, ravenous beasts without personalities. Only a few AB exhibit different shades in their personalities.
Hence, from my POV that is not the case with the Ghouls in this series. Some are portrayed as murderous monsters eating people in order to survive, others indulge in human pleasures for fun and excitement while blending in human society, and some others that blend with humans refrain from eating living people and only restrain themselves at consuming human corpses because want to truly lead peaceful lives. Nevertheless, all this ghouls possess feelings and emotions as deep, powerful, and frail like in humans, and they'll fight to kill or kill for revenge in order to either protect their lives, increase their territory, or to avenge and protect their friends & loved ones.
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Old 2014-11-10, 07:25   Link #674
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psychological, violence

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