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Originally Posted by iSuckAtWriting View Post
P.S.: Congratulations on the kid, Hon--wait, what? Eh? EEEEEEEEEHHHHHH?! YOU HAD A KID?!
Yeah, that part seemed a little out of the blue to me as well.

Nice use of some of my music suggestions. I find it interesting that you used "Tuatha De Danaan" for a scene where characters are gathering to get ready for a rescue operation -in Full Metal Panic itself "Tuatha De Danaan" is first used during a scene where Mithril personnel are being briefed about a high risk rescue operation. Granted your scene isn't set in a briefing room, but its partially set in an Ops Centre so close enough.
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Thanks to Haak, iSAW, and Darthtabby for their fun replies!

This post isn't Chapter 4 (I hope to have that up later this week sometime), but I hope it'll be of some use to newer readers and maybe some returning readers.

I thought it might be convenient to have all the AS special characters, and altered anime-based characters, in one spot; one post. Well, this post is it!

Here's the roll-call...

Spoiler for AS Special Hall of Fame:

Non-returning characters are not included here, but I may edit them in later.
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What is happening on this hill now is a simple card game, between Homura and her friend of five years, Umi Sonoda. This had become a common Saturday morning activity for the two friends.
Lol....poor Homura. Having to deal with this.

Perfect Cell then proceeded to knock out Umi with a backhand slap.
Imma fuck this this guys day up for doing that to Umi.

“That fuckwad Tatsuya Dark kidnapped fuckin' Akuma Homura!” exclaimed Haak, “Holy fuck! What the fuck are we going to fuckin' do?!”

“To avoid Homura's powers being captured by another being, I forced the bulk of that power to flow outwards. To forge a great game with risks and rewards similar to the Puella Magi system. It is a game that combines the cards and rules of Shadowverse with the Selectors and LRIGs of WIXOSS. Selectors take the place of default leaders, and LRIGs offer great abilities and wonders as they take up one of five spots on your board. This is also a game that gives each Selector one coin, and a goal of five. For each win, you gain a coin. For each loss, you lose a coin. Collect five coins, and you may wish for your heart's desire. Have no coins at all, and you will disappear from this hollow game realm, and return to your native world.”
...My worst nightmares

“This game sounds like it's going to be more work than the fuckin' AS Choice Awards.” said Haak after listening carefully to Hooves and Kotohono.

“Yeah, you're literally bright, with that head of yours!” joked Kotohono over his glowy star-shaped head.
rofl. cringe. Pure cringe at this xD

“I am the winning side!” exclaimed Honoka with a heroic look
Praise Honokami.

“Sunny Day Song!” exclaimed Honoka joyously, as Chika found herself surrounded in white blinding light, transforming her attire into that of the Sunny Day Song.

“All idol-type LRIGs get +9/+9 until end of opponent's turn!” stated Jinnai, with hands arched at his waist, and his chest puffing out boldly.

“My wards can hand...”

“...And the ability to ignore ward!” finished Jinnai with an evil grin.
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“Where are we going to sleep tonight?” Windy asked, repeating Chika's question to her, “Why, Chika, we can sleep anywhere we want!”

“Huh?” Chika replied, feeling confused, “What do you mean?”

“Well, this is a hollow game realm, right?” Windy began in explanation, “It's a replica Mitakihara Town, and like Nexus made clear, the only actual people here are Selectors and LRIGs.”

An important realization began to dawn on Chika.

“Wait, so that means...” she began, while gazing downwards and holding her chin and thinking hard and fast, “All of the houses here... they're all empty!”

“Exactly.” replied Windy, “Well, except there might be some Selectors or LRIGs here that live in the actual Mitakihara Town. If so, they're probably just going to sleep in replicas of their own homes! But the vast majority of these houses are totally empty. No shortage of homes and beds for us all to make use of.”

“Except...” began Chika, making a worried look over another realization, “That means we'll be breaking into somebody else's home.”

“But it's not their real home.” replied Windy, “So it's fine. Let's just go find a nice empty decent-sized house, and I'll break us into it. I'm good at picking locks! You have to be really good with your fingers when you play SIF as much as I do.”

“Wait, you play School Idol Festival too?” asked Chika excitedly, “That's cool! I love playing that game.”

“No surprise there.” replied Windy with a smile, “So after we find our home for the night, we can talk about our favorite SIF cards and what songs we find hardest!”

With that, Windy and Chika headed off to find a house to break into. Thankfully, many of the Selectors and LRIGs had made the same realization that Windy did, so this replica Mitakihara Town would become the setting of a truly impressive crime-wave. And one person who did particularly good at this was sailor-style uniform-wearing Ruiko Saten!

“Ok, guys, I have awesome news for you!” Ruiko said with hands on her hips and a proud smile, “I've managed to find a home here that has a small in-door hot tub!”

“Now that's the good shit! Right on!” Haak replied excitedly.

“A hot tub? Nice!” exclaimed a joyous Freyja, “I really need to get cleaned off.”

“It's all that nervous sweating you were doing” stated Hooves with a wry smile.

“Well, it looks like that star-headed guy is the one nervously sweating now.” Freyja replied, referring to Haak.

“W-well, what the fuck do you expect?” asked Haak, “I'm in the presence of... of...”

Haak then totally truly shocked Hooves by making an incredibly fangirlish moe smile!

~Ruiko Saten~!” Haak squealed, while holding his hands like a dreamy romantic.

“Ha ha ha ha...” Ruiko replied, becoming the latest person to sweat nervously.

“No, simply sensational Saten, don't worry...” began Haak, gesturing like a cool dandy and trying his best to ensure a good impression on Saten, “I'm just testing out my fantastically fabulous acting skills. The real me is much manlier than a squealing fangirl, as I'll prove to you now!”

Haak then raced towards Saten, got on one knee, and presented a white orchid to her!

“Please accept this humble gift from me, as I think it would look wonderful in your hair.” stated Haak, as his eyes and teeth sparkled, “Of course, anything would look wonderful in your hair...”

“T-Thanks...” replied Saten, backing slowly away with two hands out in a defensive posture.

“Ok, I'm officially freaked out now.” stated Hooves, “Haak, you're Haak, not Tuxedo R!”

“And what just happened to his language?” asked Freyja, “It was so filthy and dirty, but now it's so clean and sparkly!”

“I guess that's the Saten effect for you.” joked Hooves in reply.

Hooves then felt her cell-phone vibrate in her pocket, as she received a phone-call from Kotohono, while Haak continued to try his best to win over Saten.

“Hi?” asked Hooves answering the phone.

Hooves then carefully listened to Kotohono explain what had been going on for her and FlavoryFantasy over the last thirty minutes or so.

“Neat.” said Hooves, “Sounds like you and Flavory are getting along well with Kotori and Umi.”

“So why don't you and Freyja head over and join us?” Kotohono asked over the phone, “Umi knows this city well, so she knows the location of its swankiest hotel. And Jinnai is very confident that he can break us all into it.”

“Heh, no surprise there.” replied Hooves with a grin, “Well... I'd like to join you, but I'm not sure if I should. I'm kinda afraid to leave Haak all alone with Saten...”

Hooves said that while looking over at Saten trying her best to be gracious over Haak's effusive compliments.

“Don't worry, Hooves.” came a new but familiar voice entering the scene, “My LRIG and I would be glad to keep Haak and Saten company.”

“Oh, Akuma!” Hooves shouted, turning around to face Akuma Kousaka, “Very nice new look there! Your face also looks really different with short orange hair.”

Akuma Kousaka was now wearing a purple jacket with white trim over a gray vest and a striped white dress shirt white a loosely-tied gray tie around the collar. He also had on plaid green pants. Finally, Akuma had altered his hair to be short and orange.

Hooves decided quickly to accept Akuma's offer, thanking him for it, which in turn enabled Hooves to take Kotohono up on her suggestion. So Hooves and Freyja headed off to join Jinnai, Honoka, Kotori, Kotohono, Umi, and FlavoryFantasy at Mitakihara Town's swankiest hotel. Meanwhile, Akuma Kousaka and his LRIG would join the stupendously starstruck star-headed Haak and his LRIG Saten at the house Saten had found.

Rest and sleep would finally be had for all the Selectors and LRIGS now in this replica Mitakihara Town. Rest and sleep would also be had for Tuxedo R and his allies, and for Tatsuya Dark and his allies. Which was very good since tomorrow promised to be a very eventful day...

Chapter 4
Element of SuRRRprise

Newfoundland would play host to two tremendously special visitors on this bright Sunday morning, as two of TSAB's finest touched down on the Dam of Solitude's roof. There they were met by Tuxedo R and some of his friends.

“Great to see you both, Nanoha and Fate!” exclaimed Tuxedo R with a big boyish smile.

“It's too bad it couldn't be under better circumstances.” added in 0utf0xZer0.

“It is under difficult circumstances, but we're confident in Admiral Jinnai's plans.” replied Fate Testarossa.

“And I know how capable all of you are!” stated Nanoha towards Tuxedo R's team, “Still, you seem to be missing a few people.”

“We tried contacting Kirito, Sailor Faerie, totoum, and a few others, but they're all unavailable for one reason or another.” replied Dr. Casey.

“Kirito is in the hospital recovering from wounds suffered in his fights against Earth's vampires.” added in Darthtabby, “The rest we simply couldn't reach. Maybe they are among those who were summoned into Nexus' game realm?”

“Also, I think we have enough people to successfully save Homura.” stated 0utf0xZer0.

Oui, mon ami!” exclaimed Kogetsu Shirogane, “So now it's time to fly Air Kogetsu, truly the seul moyen way to travel.”

“Nice, I could use a trip to Wonderland!” replied Dr. Casey enthusiastically.

“Are you sure about this?” Nanoha asked Tuxedo R with a raised eyebrow, and sheepish smile.

“Wonderland would love to play host to Blanc Diablo and her lovely girlfriend.” stated Kogetsu, “So time to gaze into the ultimate mirror...”

While Nanoha and Fate had some reservations about traveling into Kogetsu's Wonderland held within his mirror, it only took some mild persuasion from Tuxedo R to convince them that it truly was the safest way for them to travel. So Kogetsu used his mirror to transfer almost everyone, including himself, into his Wonderland! The only exceptions were Darthtabby and 0utf0xZer0. 0utf0xZer0 would carefully carry the mirror in the passenger seat of Darthtabby's VF-31 Siegfried, while Darthtabby flew them all to Japan.

As for the game world of Selector Infected WIXOSS, many Selectors and LRIGs were now flying into action there as well! Tatsuya Dark was one of the very first to do so, having already won one match this morning, next to one of Mitakihara Town's loveliest river embankments.

“Our loss to Jinnai's deplorable cheating has already been rectified.” stated Miyuki Dark , “Just as I knew you would do effortlessly, Onii-sama!”

“Of course, dearest Miyuki.” replied Tatsuya with a proud grin, “So now that I am back at 4 coins, we need only one more win to gain our greatest wish.”

“I intend to stop that from happening, Tatsuya!” came the cool crisp call from Kotohono, suddenly confronting the very vexed villain.

Tatsuya quickly turned about to face the team of Kotohono and Kotori Minami.

“So Jinnai is afraid to face me as my actual opponent, I see.” said Tatsuya with a haughty smile, “So I guess you two are more than happy to be his tools.”

“We're doing this to help all of our friends.” replied Kotori sternly.

“Jinnai did say that you're a bad opponent for him since your Complete Negation makes useless his 'ultimate trump card' Sunny Day Song.” added in Kotohono, “So it's not fear that motivates him, or us, but wise plans of actions.”

“My wise plans of action have already victimized three opponents.” replied Tatsuya, “I've defeated the teams of Rex Raptor and Hibiki Ganaha, Dia and Ruby Kurosawa, and Kyousuke Kamijo and Chihaya Kisaragi. Notice what they all have in common?”

“You could say that onii-sama has become an expert at smashing idols.” smugly stated Miyuki, effectively answering Tatsuya's questions.

“Especially when you consider how I very nearly killed you a few years ago, Minami Kotori.” coldly added Tatsuya.

“That is partly why I'm eager to face you, Tatsuya.” replied Kotori forcefully, “I will never forget your attempt to kill Honoka!”

“And you appear eager to take her place yet again, how touching...” stated Tatsuya, feigning a moved heart.

“Yes, it is.” firmly replied Kotohono, “And it is that passion that will pave the way to your defeat, Tatsuya.”

“Do your worst, you silly symphogear-singer.” responded Tatsuya, “We both know it won't be enough.”

But Katsuhiko Jinnai was banking on it being enough. Speaking of Jinnai, he was currently walking away from Mitakihara Town's swankiest hotel, and towards Mitakihara Middle School. Walking to the right of him was Honoka Kousaka, and walking a step behind to the left of him was Umi Sonoda and FlavoryFantasy. Umi and Flavory were wearing the same attire they had on yesterday, but Honoka and Jinnai had each packed a couple changes of clothes.

Jinnai was wearing a clean second pair of his standard purple suit and white shirt, along with his green soul tie. Honoka had on a sleek blue-tinted white mini one piece, sporadically decorated with flowers and a small belt wrapping around the hips. Below the belt were black-cuffed thigh-highs, and beneath the dress a black undershirt fell below her collarbone and elbows. An open, mid-sleeved white blazer with gray pockets lay comfortably over everything else.

“Why are we heading towards Mitakihara Middle School?” asked FlavoryFantasy.

“A lot of the people that Nexus summoned into this game are teenagers.” began Jinnai in explanation, “And some of them might not have thought of breaking into homes and hotels like we did! So those whom never thought of that...”

“Might have chosen to stay overnight at a school.” Honoka said, finishing Jinnai's sentence for him, “Thinking of that makes me feel nostalgic...”

“I think you had quite enough nostalgia last night, Honoka.” stated a slightly cross and overtired Umi, thinking back to last night, “All of that singing, right up until 2 in the morning...!”

“I couldn't help it, Umi!” protested Honoka, “Freyja was just so much fun. It was a blast meeting her!”

“I think she felt the same way about you!” exclaimed Flavory perkily, “She seemed so excited to meet a former Earth idol with a taste in music so similar to her own. It was a real treat to listen to you both take turns singing some of your most popular songs to one another, and then hear you attempt a couple of each others songs!”

“Honks of a feather sound together.” stated Jinnai with a wry smile, playful wave of one hand, and slight shoulder shrug.

“It's easy for you to joke about, Jinnai!” replied Umi, “You had your own room, so you could sleep soundly. I was stuck in the same room as those two orange-haired maniacs.”

“U-Umi!” exclaimed Honoka in a very hurt tone of voice, “You're being a meanie. Say something to her, Mr. J!”

“Sigh” released 'Mr. J', face-palming, “Miss Sonoda, stop picking on Honoka. I don't want you negatively impacting her morale for my upcoming first actual match!”

“Yeah, Umi, so there!” exclaimed Honoka, before closing her eyes and licking out her tongue at Umi.

“Is it really that important, Jinnai?” asked Umi, ignoring Honoka's gesture.

“Hhhmmm? What do you mean?” asked Jinnai.

“Honoka's morale for your upcoming match...” began Umi in reply, “Why even have a true legitimate match? Why not just have Flavory lose to you, and then have Hooves or Kotohono lose to you? Then you could make a wish to save Homura!”

“Y-you think I can only win with people purposely tanking to me?!” exclaimed Jinnai in shock, pumping one fist in protest, his ego badly bruised.

“Yeah, Umi, don't you have any faith in me?!” exclaimed an equally hurt Honoka.

“Sigh.” replied Umi, “It's not that. It's just that Homura would be saved quicker if we purposely lost to one another so somebody could wish for her to be helped.”

“Umi does have a point...” said FlavoryFantasy.

“But if we did things like that, people might miss out on getting their own wish.” stated Honoka, “I wouldn't want that. I don't think it would be fair.”

“Besides, I am very confident that Kotohono and Kotori can defeat Tatsuya, and I know that Honoka and I can win two or three matches in a row!” added in Jinnai.

“It's too bad we couldn't be there to cheer on Kotohono and Hooves in their first matches.” stated FlavoryFantasy in a sad tone of voice.

“Tatsuya won't fall to the same trick twice.” replied Jinnai, “After what Honoka and I did to him last night, he's likely now using highly advanced tech to ensure there's nobody nearby using cloaking shields. And if he sees anybody nearby, he'll refuse a match request. So Kotohono and Kotori had to face him on their own.”

“I know Kotori can win.” added Honoka firmly, “She's become very strong and mature over the last few years. As for Hooves, she's fine with Freyja alongside her!”

“And I'm fine now that I've found the ideal opponent!” came a very distinct voice that was somehow both gravelly and whiny.

Somebody then quickly jumped out into the middle of the sidewalk that Honoka and friends were walking down, halting them. He was wearing glasses, and his grayish blue hair was mushroom-like. He wore a light green turtleneck top with a large dark green spider symbol spread across the chest. He also had on grayish green shorts. He briefly appeared hunched over with elbows pointed backwards and legs spread widely, in a truly dramatic pose. He then stood more upright after noticing that he had most certainly gained Jinnai's attention.

“Who are you?” asked Jinnai.

“I'm the bringer of the bed bugs, and so your worst nightmare, Weevil Underwood!” He exclaimed in proud reply, “And I challenge you, old man, to a duel!”

“Weevil Underwood?” replied Honoka, surprised at the name, while Jinnai's head throbbed slightly over being called 'old man', “Are you related to Carrie Underwood?!”

Ugghhh.” answered Weevil, “I get that all the time! No, I'm not related to any country music stars. I'm much more into rock! Anyway, old man, don't think you're hot stuff just because you have three attractive women with you!”

“H-he thinks I'm attractive!” exclaimed FlavoryFantasy with a bashful blush.

“I'm more surprised he thinks you're a woman.” joked Umi with a teasing smile.

“You're quite the charmer, aren't you kid?” Jinnai asked rhetorically, with a menacing grin, “So why did you pick me out to challenge?”

“Because games are for kids.” Weevil replied, “Someone your age can't possibly defeat a young rising star like me.”

“I think you'd be surprised at what Mr. J can do.” stated Honoka, “But thanks for the earlier compliment! And I don't see anybody with you, so... are you Ok? Did you find a place to sleep last night?”

“O-Of course I'm Ok!” he replied with slightly blushing cheeks, stunned by Honoka's question of genuine caring concern, “And I had cool cockroaches to keep me company last night while I slept next to a great games store!”

“You slept on the streets...” Honoka said, a look of deep concern washing over her face.

Honoka then turned towards Jinnai, and urgently whispered to him.

“I'm worried about this kid.” Honoka said to him, “And his mom must be worried sick about him. We have to help him somehow!”

“You're right.” Jinnai reluctantly replied with a slight sense of guilt, “Some of Nexus' selections aren't exactly what I'd want.”

Anyway...” Jinnai continued, after a brief pause, and a mischievous grin, “You know the quickest way for us to send this kid back to his mom, right?”

“Ha ha, right!” replied Honoka.

Jinnai then shifted his face forwards to face Weevil Underwood.

“Ok, kid, I'll accept your challenge!” Jinnai said firmly, with hands on his hips, “Prepare to face the smartest Selector and the ultimate LRIG!”

“We'll see about that, mister!” shouted a smugly smiling Weevil in reply, “Game on!”

Jinnai and Honoka were about to face Weevil and his yet unknown LRIG. Kotohono and Kotori were about to face Tatsuya and Miyuki Dark. But at least these were card games, albeit ones where wishes were on the line. What Tuxedo R and his friends were about to face was decidedly more physical.

After a fantastically fast flight to Japan, and a landing near Dr. Gero's mountainous base, Tuxedo R's team would quickly jump into action. Released from Kogetsu's mirror, Tuxedo R now stood on a very open and rocky barren plain. He held in his hand a large megaphone with a Canadian flag design on it. That was perhaps ironic itself, but what was even more ironic, was how he was about to use this megaphone to taunt Perfect Cell.

“Ok Cell, we're here, and we know that you are as well.” shouted Tuxedo R into the megaphone, “So are you going to come out and face us, or do you prefer to hide inside your rocky fortress? Are you scared to face us without dense forts protecting you, Cell?”

“So we're actually doing this?” asked 0utf0xZer0 to nobody in particular, “We're actually going to try to rile up Perfect Cell?”

“And some consider moi crazy!” replied Kogetsu with a playful smile and shrug of his shoulders.

Tuxedo R put aside the slight skepticism of his friends in order to push-on with the plan.

“Well, Cell, I don't see you yet.” continued Tuxedo R through his megaphone, “So maybe you really are afraid. Maybe you heard about what my friends and I did to Gilgamesh, and so you think we also can do that to you. Avoiding us might be the wise choice. And I guess you can still consider yourself perfect. It's just that now you're the perfect pussy. Do you dream of Donald Trump grabbing you at night?”

“Yeah, we're going to die...” joked 0utf0xZero, or at least he hoped he was joking.

As if on cue, a fuchsia-colored powerful energy blast suddenly came descending from above, directly at Tuxedo R! Thankfully the blast was blocked by a light-pinkish magical barrier, rendered invisible by cloaking technology. While the blast was blocked, the pinkish barrier was shattered by it, and the previously invisible Nanoha Takamachi was sent reeling by it.

Nanoha collapsed to the ground with a grunt, as this sudden blast was among the most powerful attacks she had ever faced, strong enough to shatter her barrier and even short-circuit her cloaking shields.

“Nanoha!” shouted Fate, disengaging her own cloaking shield, in order to rush to her fallen friend's side.

“So I see you're not completely unprepared for me.” loudly proclaimed Perfect Cell, hovering above in mid-air, “You were able to handle a Galick Gun at least. And I didn't even hold back with it... much.”

“What monstrous might...” a strained Nanoha said to herself, while Fate carefully helped Nanoha back up to her feet.

“Not bad, woman.” Perfect Cell shouted out to Nanoha, “Perhaps you would make the perfect mate for Perfect Cell.”

“That will never happen, you fiend!” Fate shouted at him.

“Oh?” asked a diabolically grinning Cell with one raised eyebrow, “What Cell wants, Cell takes. Let's see if you all can stop me!”

Tuxedo R looked up at Cell and swallowed hard, realizing that he was now up against something even more powerful than Nanoha Takamachi. Still, all Tuxedo R and friends had to do was keep Cell busy long enough for Homura to be rescued. Yes, they were actually just decoys!

For a stealth rescue team led by Dr. Casey was now infiltrating Dr. Gero's fortress. They had managed to blast through a papier mâché camouflage covering for a hidden “backdoor” entrance to Dr. Gero's fortress. This hidden entrance included a special security keypad that Dr. Casey managed to hack through. This happened during a tense minute of plugging in a high-tech hacking device to the control panel just beneath the keypad. The large metallic doors then slid back, enabling Dr. Casey and his team to enter inside.

Once inside, Dr. Casey took the lead as he stealthily sped through the various corridors of the base, while holding a large fancy gun as though he was a top British intelligence agent. Along the way, Dr. Casey had to dismantle a couple human-sized insect-like security bots with concussive energy blasts from his gun. So far, so good!

Dr. Casey could sense he was nearing Homura's exact location, particularly as he was now at a large open junction area, the meeting point of four different wide corridors. He paused for a second to determine which corridor was most likely to lead to Homura's location. After making his choice, he was about to race down that corridor, until...

“Aaaahhh...!” he shouted, as a tiny cut had been made to his cheek, due to some small sharp object shooting through it.

Dr. Casey fell to one knee, and grabbed his cheek with one hand, while asking “Who's there? Who shot that?!”

The answer to that question would be a figure descending out of the shadowed crevices above, like a giant bat. This figure was wearing a bold blue bodysuit, and a dark helmet and long-flowing dark cape, all accentuated with orange trim. He definitely made for a superbly shocking sight!

“Who are you?” asked an atypically dumbfounded Dr. Casey.

“I am Apostle!” he proudly proclaimed, “I am the Apostle of Law and Order. And that is why I must stop you. Akuma Homura must never be free again! She has wrought incredible damage to our universe, with her crudely chaotic wiles.”

Dr. Casey blinked uneasily over these words, wondering what to make of them. He did so while reaching into his utility belt for a tiny bandage to apply to his cut. After applying that bandage, he continued to question this startling Apostle.

“Then are you an ally of Tatsuya Dark?” Dr. Casey asked Apostle.

“I am indifferent to Tatsuya's goals.” answered Apostle, “I care only for an harmonious orderly universe, which Akuma Homura's very existence threatens daily!”

Dr. Casey wanted to question Apostle more, but Dr. Casey's teammates in this mission had heard enough. And so a swiftly soaring sword was thrown directly at Apostle's stomach! Thankfully for Apostle, his body had a passive defensive system that included ten comet-shaped objects, each about two centimeters in diameter. Three of these 'comets' quickly came together in order to deflect the thrown sword, resulting in several scintillating sparks and the sharp sound of scraping steel.

“Wielders of the partizan, cutlass, and shotgun...” began Apostle in a truly theatrical tone of voice, “Step forward!”

Apostle was right about the identities of Dr. Casey's teammates on this mission. They are Kyouko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, and Mami Tomoe! All three then stepped into clear view of Apostle, and all three are wearing their standard puella magi attire.

“I don't much like Homura, to be honest.” said Sayaka, “And I value law and order a lot myself. But you, Apostle, you're crazy.”

“So we're gonna' beat ya'!” exclaimed a pocky-chewing Kyouko with a shit-eating grin.

In both game world and out, multiple conflicts were about to start soaring sky-high.

To Be Continued


Spoiler for Honoka SIF card that inspired her attire in this chapter:

New Akuma Kousaka look will be revealed in image form after a future chapter.

Everybody up to Chapter 4 knows how my AS Special fanfics work, so I won't be explaining that in detail anymore. I hope you enjoyed Chapter 4, which I think speaks reasonably well for itself!

Big thanks to FlavoryFantasy for his Chapter 1/2 review, as his reviews are always very fun to read! Thanks to Akuma Kousaka and Kotohono for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of Chapter 4.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Mitakihara Town, Kyouko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, references to Akuma Homura and Kyousuke Kamijo)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami, references to Dia and Ruby Kurosawa)
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (Ruiko Saten)
Macross Δ (Freyja Wion)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, TSAB)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya and Miyuki Dark, OC villainous clone)
Love Live! School Idol Project (Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Honoka Kousaka)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Katsuhiko Jinnai)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Weevil Underwood, reference to Rex Raptor)
DBZ (Perfect Cell, references to Dr. Gero)
Apostle's design is based off of the lead character of Code Geass, Zero. There are some other references not mentioned in this list. I will explain them if requested.

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Just so we're clear, this is an 18+ grown up Ruiko Saten we're talking about right? No need to call the cops folks!

Lots of funny moments but I really loved this one.

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“Well, Cell, I don't see you yet.” continued Tuxedo R through his megaphone, “So maybe you really are afraid. Maybe you heard about what my friends and I did to Gilgamesh, and so you think we also can do that to you. Avoiding us might be the wise choice. And I guess you can still consider yourself perfect. It's just that now you're the perfect pussy. Do you dream of Donald Trump grabbing you at night?”

“Yeah, we're going to die...” joked 0utf0xZero, or at least he hoped he was joking.
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Chapter 4

--I like the musical escalation going on here, raising the tensions as the chapter goes by. The Kotohono/Kotori theme is especially boss

--No, Haak, that isn't the Ruiko Saten effect. That's the Waifu Effect™. I think 0utf0xZer0 can explain that a lot better and more PG than I can though, so we'll leave that to him

--Let me see what link the people who Tatsuya Dark and Miyuki have defeated have in common, or rather, what each player from every duo have in common: the Kurosawa Sisters are blood related, Weevil is in sync with bugs and Hibiki is an animal whisperer, and Kyousuke's story strongly harmonizes with Chihaya for reasons only those who know would know, but IIRC you haven't seen that part of The Idolmaster sooo...

--Kirito, totoum, and some others are unavailable? I guess their contract with Marvel expired

--LMAO that joke Tuxedo R made at Perfect Cell's expense. Thank goodness PC isn't Trump's daughter

--If Dr. Casey is being all James Bond, then the Puella Magi Trio seriously out-muscles him; no way he got past all that security on his own. "pocky chewing, shit-eating grin" Kyouko...dope mental image yo

--AAANNND another new villain should also tell Chika being Zero isn't a bad thing...
----...okay sorry
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- Sagitta luminis is a great song to go along with the opening scene. The early parts of the song are misleadingly ominous (and led me to think this was going to be a pretty dark scene), doesn't really reveal itself to be a tranquil piece until about the 25 second mark.

- I remember when the Ambiguously Gay Duo first premiered on Saturday Night Live. I was 9 years old so the humor mostly went over my head, but it was still fun to watch. Love all the humor here as it relates to Nanoha - Honoka buying it for Nanoha as a cheeky Christmas present, Nanoha completely missing the point and thinking it was aimed at Subaru and Teana It's nice to see everyone make up a very large group of friends. Slice of life anime starring the Animesuki crew along with all their anime friends when?

- "They just wanted to get to know each other better" Yeah, I bet Windy wants that. Windy, you lewd girl.

- This chapter makes me want to go back to see if Haak was any milder at the beginning of Santa Magica. He's more hardcore than any sailor or gangster in the world. ("Those mood swings are fuckin' freaky!" Oi, look who's talking. )

- Saten is a cute, and there's something about her character design that makes it very easy to imagine her as an LRIG.

- I'd probably be too shy to talk to Moefox and just look around everywhere but at her. It's good the bishi version showed up instead

- Aww, Honoka has a three year old girl now? That's cute. Good thing she wasn't born yet whenever the Halloween special took place.

- It's great to see Flavory make her debut; I'm actually surprised she hasn't been around since Santa Magica. And, yeah, that picture of her is still adorable.


- The houses are empty, huh? I'd want to go exploring. I love the insides of houses and buildings; each type of texture and design material is nice in its own way. I enjoy using Virtual Reality a lot for this reason.

- Goes without saying that the scenes where Haak tries to romance Saten are great. It's tough to decide whether Saten or Uiharu is Best Girl.

- Kona and Kotori being badasses together and confronting Tatsuya, very nice~

- Jinnai is always a great presence in these stories. His relationship with Honoka is a lot of fun; I like the way she got him to defend her from ijiwaru Umi.

- Flavory blushing over being called attractive

- Yeaaaaaah... the point where you pull out a megaphone and taunt Perfect Cell is seriously where I'd run far, far away.

- Ohh, never mind, turns out I'm far away from this particular scene. Leading a stealth rescue mission, eh? This is a cool role. ^^

- Yeah, I'm definitely really, really pleased with my role here. I get a good amount of spotlight, kill some enemies with an energy blaster, and take on a Lelouch clone with the puella magis. I wasn't expecting anything this awesome for me. 10/10 scene and scenario.
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Oh boy, am I late to the party on this one.
... that would work if you weren't being credited for behind-the-scenes help...
Right, right. I guess I don't have much of an excuse for slacking... Still, I'm four chapters behind, so I had best get this done before a fifth arrives.

Chapter 1 - Selector Infected Shadowverse

It was fun seeing Umi and Homura's interactions during the card game, and the BGM you picked out for it heightened the playful nature of both the card game and the teasing of a certain herald. The battle that followed was also nicely handled, and it was amusing to watch the not-quite-immediate aftermath transitioning into the main plot of the fic. Bit of a shame I wasn't one of the ones to get whisked away into the world of trading card games, but alas... Anyway, the setup for the coming card battle between Windy/Chika and the Super Dark Siblings was great, and an amusing reminder that Tatsuya is actually a competent villain, despite what his encounter with yours truly would've implied.

Overall, I'd say this was a great starting chapter to the fic as a whole, and while I only singled out one, I felt all the song choices were fitting here.

Chapter 2 - Loveless Magnificent World

Despite my knowledge of WIXOSS and Shadowverse being on par with Haak's(which is a tad ironic in the case of WIXOSS, given my prior association with Ulith), I was able to follow the match pretty well. While I have played quite a few TCGs before, but I doubt I would've been able to write out a full match with the level of concise clarity and character focus you did. And speaking of character focus, I loved the use of characters outside the match to really flesh out the situation. I also particularly enjoyed the injection of Honoka and Jinnai to the match at the end, in large part due to Jinnai's particularly humorous dialogue. And the Chico shoutout.

As the previous chapter was a great way to start things off, this one is a great way to really introduce the meat of the story, as it were, and quite a lot of fun dialogue was had... though as per usual with these stories, I think Haak got the best line with the AS Choice bit.

Chapter 3 - Operation: Permanent Halation

First off, LOVE the chapter name.

This chapter was a nice little cooldown period, excellently matching the in-series card game's built in cooldown. That isn't to say I found it lacking, far from it. The two factions communicating across realities was nice, and allowed you to take care of the "what's going on?" question in the real world side of things. The meeting of the former Muse girls and their Selectors was nicely done, as well. Also, I totally would gush over tiger stripes on a machine. Tigers are part of the reason for my nom de plume after all.

A special mention I feel should go out to the use of Skeletor's theme. Quite a fitting background music for a conversation between people who are most certainly not nice.

Chapter 4 - Element of SuRRRprise

Let me start off by stating this chapter addressed two questions I would've asked had they not come up by this point. The first was "With all these protagonists in the card world, why are none of them suggesting the simple approach of simply throwing games against one trusted ally so they can solve the problem faster?" which had a very satisfying answer, and the second was the more pressing concern over the absense of Puella Magi not named Madoka or Homura, and thankfully at least three of them are still active... as Casey's Angels.

Truth be told, I'd rather be inflitrating the evil lair of the mad scientist than standing next to the guy taunting the big scary bug man who can easily kill us all with little to no effort, but I digress. Dr. Casey is better suited for the sabotage attempt, whereas the "Stall Cell while Dr. Casey does his thing." mission is a far better use of my being the grandmaster of wasting time.
... that's not something to brag about...
Right... At any rate, I love the setups for the coming battles(Jinnai vs Weevil is a particularly inspired choice), and I'm looking forward to seeing them as well as who it is Akuma and Weevil have as LRIGs.

I just hope I get a good scene or two in before having my face royally murdered by Cell.

Overall impression so far is that this is certainly looking to be quite the conclusion to the Anime Suki Special Trilogy, and I've really enjoyed the music selection so far.

Oh, and... um... sorry for being so late with this...
... grandmaster of wasting time, indeed...
Kyouko Sakura and Madoka Kaname, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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“Not that there's anything wrong with Nanoha.” began 0utf0xZer0 in swift startling statement to Perfect Cell, “But perhaps you'd prefer the world's cutest fox-eared loli?”

“Hhmmm?” asked Cell, raising one eyebrow over 0uf0xZer0's statement.

Oh boy, here it comes!” exclaimed Kogetsu Shirogane, with dramatic arm wave.

“It's so exciting that you forgot to say any French words!” shouted Tuxedo R in reply.

0utf0xZer0 was rapidly immersed into a wave of glowing whitish sakura petals. He held his left arm out to the side, holding his left hand daintily in the air. It started to glow! He then held his right arm out to the side, holding his right hand daintily in the air. That hand also started to glow!

With a bright wide childlike smile above a slightly scruffy chin, his face also transformed, gaining a flower hair accessory in the process! His face became smaller and incredibly more feminine, causing him to wink knowingly. He then turned about, to get a symbol of luscious lolicon love emblazoned upon the back of his orange and yellow magical girl outfit! Then his head turned about, with a cheerful smile that made Tuxedo R feel a sparkling rush of warm nostalgia.

0utf0xZer0 then clicked his heels, and gestured his hands over his chest, causing cute boots and magical bows to appear. He then leaned his face forward, closed his eyes, and made an open mouth smile while making an indescribably moe sound that left even Kogetsu Shirogane fearing an onrush of diabetes.

0utf0xZer0 then lifted one arm dramatically up, like the Statue of Liberty, symbolizing his flaming freedom from his sex of birth! Bracelet-style wrist weapons and rows of tulips appeared on his costume, causing chimes to be heard. Then with one last theatrical cutting motion through the air with his left arm, 0utf0xZer0 completed his transformation into Moef0xZer0. With a final echoing giggle, M0efoxZer0 took one of the most Kawaii~ poses of all-time.

Tuxedo R and Kogetsu Shirogane's eyes lingered briefly on M0efoxZer0, but not for long, as both wanted to know how Perfect Cell would react to this!

“That costume looks very soft to me.” said Cell, his arms neatly folded, as he sized up M0ef0xZer0, “Still, a transformation as major as that one must have many practical subterfuge uses, not that I have any need of that! Does the transformation give you any notable powers, boy? Or should I say girl?”

“Cell... appears largely unfazed by that transformation.” stated a disappointed Tuxedo R.

“To not be wowed by a cute loli, he truly is mauvais!” exclaimed Kogetsu Shirogane.

“I'm sure FlavoryFantasy would agree.” joked Tuxedo R, though sweating nervously.

“Then let me wrap him up with my magical strands!” exclaimed m0ef0xZero in the cutest chirpiest cry you'll ever hear.

“Wait, Foxy, no, that's...”

Divine... BUSTER!

Tuxedo R's worries over m0ef0xZero getting in over her head were alleviated by a thunderous sound rattling in his head, as Nanoha Takamachi unleashed a divine buster attack directly at Perfect Cell!

“Don't worry, our fine fox-haired friend...” Fate stated to m0efoxZer0, “You did succeed in distracting Cell long enough for Nanoha to shoot him down!”

But would Cell be shot down by this pinkish, powerful, potentially concussive magical attack? That's what all gathered waited to determine as smoke slowly faded away in the aftermath of Nanoha's attack. And then...

“You have managed to mildly impress me again, woman.” stated calm Cell coolly, his position unchanged and his arms neatly folded, though his greenish shelling appeared slightly worse for wear, “I felt that attack! It gave me a jolt, and a temporary headache. Now, do you have anything better to throw at me?”

Fate looked on in abject shock and horror, Tuxedo R and moef0xZer0 both swallowed hard, and Kogetsu felt très triste. As for Nanoha, she showed remarkable strength.

“I do have an attack even more powerful than that, Cell.” she stated sternly to him.

“Please tell me it's not only one more powerful attack.” Cell replied with a teasing grin.

“Ok, Kogetsu, I hate to have to order this, but...”

“No fear, mon ami!” exclaimed Kogetsu, interrupting Tuxedo R, “I know what's next!”

Darthtabby then made a dramatic entrance with his VF-31 Siegfried, using it to blast wildly at Cell! The VF-31's armaments are very powerful against most machines of war, but Cell's hide was far too tough for them to even leave a scratch. Still, they left Cell once more distracted, just long enough for Kogetsu Shirogane to surprise him with a sucking giant mirror opening!

“Ever dance with the Devil in the pale clair de lune?” Kogetsu asked Cell, “You will now, Cell!”

And with that, Kogetsu and Cell were both sucked into Kogetsu's Wonderland, while Nanoha and Fate used magical binds to prevent everybody else from being sucked in with them.

Bonne chance, Kogetsu...” said Tuxedo R.

Tuxedo R, m0ef0xZer0, Darthtabby, Nanoha, and Fate all admired Kogetsu's calm considerable courage in the face of a direct one against one struggle in Wonderland. But this also meant that Tuxedo R was rapidly running out of cards to play. Cell had been effectively drawn out, and Nanoha had at least been useful in helping to determine just how powerful Cell is. Moef0xZer0 and Darthtabby were helpful distractions in the fight against Cell, but unfortunately Cell had proven impervious to lovely loli looks and charms.

So now Kogetsu bravely fought Cell in Wonderland, while Tuxedo R mentally prepared to use his final card. With that in mind, Tuxedo R took a deep breath, and hoped that Dr. Casey would not be...

Chapter 5
Too Slow

But this
strange and mysterious Apostle threatened to cause Dr. Casey to be just that. A fact that did not escape Mami's very swift, sound, sharp mind.

“Kyouko and Sayaka, please keep this Apostle busy while I join Dr. Casey in rescuing Homura!” Mami shouted to two of her closest friends and most trusted allies.

“You can count on us!” shouted Sayaka, while she dashed towards Apostle.

“Nobody needs to tell me twice!” exclaimed a grinning Kyouko, “Besides, I'm in the mood for a good fight!”

“I'd like to be of service, but I have no intention of letting Dr. Casey leave.” replied Apostle, as he deftly dodged Sayaka's opening attack, while he himself hurriedly rushed at Dr. Casey.

Kyouko attempted to trip Apostle up by unfurling her spear into a chain-link whip, and then swiping that all around where Apostle's feet now were. Apostle then somersaulted backwards, and upon landing on his hands, he hurled his full body forward in order to land a powerful two-footed jump-kick on Dr. Casey. In an instant, Sayaka decided to put her own body in harm's way in order to help Dr. Casey and Mami escape Apostle!

So Sayaka ended up taking two feet hard to the back, as she shouted in pain.

“Sayaka!” exclaimed Kyouko in horror, “What are you doing?!”

“Let's go!” shouted Dr. Casey, taking the hand of Mami Tomoe, as the two then raced down a corridor, at the end of which they hoped to find Homura.

Mami briefly looked back in concern at Sayaka, but Mami knew that time truly was of the essence, so she privately prayed that Sayaka would be Ok, while focusing her mind on rescuing Homura as quickly as possible. As for Kyouko, she felt anger boiling over due to Apostle's adroit attack hurting Sayaka, so Kyouko released a ferociously frenzied fury upon him!

“I'm gonna make you pay for hurting Sayaka like that!” Kyouko shouted, as she entered into incredibly intense combat with Apostle.

The two combatants then had a wild exchange of punches and parries, or kicks and blocks, of slashes and dodges. So impressive was their combative dance that it briefly engrossed Sayaka, after she regained composure from Apostle's earlier attack.

“I could use some help here, ya know!” a nervously sweating Kyouko shouted towards Sayaka, as Kyouko was finding Apostle an amazingly tough opponent.

“Right.” replied Sayaka, “Let's go for our fastest combo!”

Kyouko knew what that was, so she slid well backwards of Apostle's high-kick, making room for Sayaka's part in this combo attack. With a battle cry, Sayaka then lunged forward at Apostle, with her sword positioned perfectly to run him straight through the chest! Apostle dodged that with a swift sideways skip, which Sayaka reacted to by making a swinging tripping kick motion with one leg. This in turn forced Apostle to leap high into the air. Sayaka then made a wild overhanded hacking motion at Apostle, causing him to bring four of his tiny comet-like objects together in order to block it. Now it was Kyouko's turn!

With four of Apostle's comet-like objects now out of their typically perfect rotation around him, Kyouko saw an opening through which she should wrap her chain-link whip around Apostle's body. But much to Kyouko's surprise, Apostle managed to take hold of part of that whip, and he then used it to fling Kyouko violently against one wall.

An angered Sayaka then sought to bring her sword down upon Apostle's arm, hoping to make a deep and painful cut, but stopping short of severing his arm. Much to Sayaka's surprise, Apostle was able to block this attack with an arm block, which made it seem like Apostle's arm was a sword itself!

“How are you not bleeding?!” exclaimed Sayaka in question.

“I am just full of mysteries, aren't I?” asked Apostle rhetorically, “But this you can know for sure. I will not allow you and Kyouko to stall me for much longer.”

At that moment, Hooves had made a similar determination about her opponents Haruka Nanase and Kanan Matsuura.

“You've done well to last this long against me with a weirdly constructed Dragon deck...” stated Forest-playing Hooves.

“Yeah, I know.” interrupted a sighing and dejected LRIG Kanan, “Island Whales just aren't good enough for their cost. Our deck could have used more powerful followers and fewer fishes.”

“Don't insult the fishes like that.” stated Haruka, as though personally offended.

“Don't worry, lean muscle-man, I really like fishes myself!” exclaimed Freyja cheerfully, “They're scrum-diddly-umptious!”

“Eating fishes is nice, but swimming along with them is even better.” stated Haruka.

“Oh, so you're like Mikumo!” exclaimed Freyja.

“Enough chit-chat, it's time to end this thing!” shouted Hooves, “I'm going to play Cynthia in order to make my fairies powerful enough to destroy his Neptune ward. That will clear the way for you to win us the match with a direct attack, Freyja!”

“He he, we're going to win.” stated a gleefully smiling Freyja, “I wish Hayate could be here to see Hooves and I win like this!”

Cynthia is much like the elvish version of King Arturia of Earth, both in Cynthia's physical appearance and choice of attire, though Cynthia does brandish a spear and not a sword. Neptune is a breathtakingly beautiful and very shapely mistress of the sea, with a glistening purplish hue to her. Haruka was saddened at the thought of losing her, as well as his planned wish.

“I could have been one with the ocean...” Haruka said with such depth of emotion that it fittingly could rival oceans, “I was going to swim with the fishes, forever.”

“I really like swimming, but this guy is something else.” stated Kanan.

“Don't worry, Nanase Haruka.” said Hooves with a grin, “You're still going to get to swim with the fishes... just in a different sense of the phrase.”

Hooves then made her finishing moves, as Freyja decided to start singing Start!Dash with her final victorious attack on Haruka and Kanan. Shortly thereafter, the match world crumbled away, with Haruka and Kanan eliminated from the game, and so safely returned to their respective homes in Japan.

“We now have three shiny coins!” exclaimed Freyja at Hooves happily.

“Yeah, with two more we can make a wish.” stated Hooves, “Now, let's see if I can find another Dragon opponent.”

“We're not all weak, Hooves!” came a shout from Dragon-playing Windy, with Chika Takami at her side, “My Dragon deck might be able to beat your Forest deck.”

“Wow, we're being challenged again already.” stated Freya.

“Don't worry, Freyja, I know Windy personally.” added in Hooves, “A match with her could be a lot of fun!”

“It's been so much fun already.” stated Freya, “I've already met so many Earth idols! First Honoka, Umi, and Kotori, and now Kanan from this new group Aqours.”

Chika's eyes went wide over this sudden declaration.

“So at least three μ's members are here...” said Chika in a low tone of voice, “And someone else from Aqours is here?! Where is Kanan? I want to talk to her!”

“Freyja and I just defeated her and her Selector, sending them back home.” Hooves stated with a grin.

“Hey, that's not nice!” shouted Chika with a pouty face, “It would have been nice to meet someone I know personally...”

“Want to avenge the loss of your Aqours team-mate, Chika?” asked Windy with a smile.

“Is that a challenge, Windy?” asked Hooves with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, it is.” confirmed Windy, “But let's make it a special challenge. We'll both agree to not use any coin bets! That way neither of us can be eliminated by this upcoming match, and we can both continue to enjoy this whole experience for awhile longer.”

“Sure, that sounds good.” replied Hooves.

And with that, Hooves and Windy prepared for a friendly match. A far less friendlier match was currently going on between Kotohono and Tatsuya.

“If nothing else, I can see why Jinnai had you challenge Miyuki and I.” stated Tatsuya towards Kotohono, “Your LRIG's passive flight ability is bothersome.”

“Your freezing wall of wards is nothing to me, Tatsuya.” said Kotori with a proud smile.

The match between Kotohono and Tatsuya had just completed three turns for both sides. Tatsuya had already witnessed Kotori essentially fly over all of his ward followers, including Bellringer Angel, and Veight Vampire Noble. While these ward followers had prevented Kotohono's followers from dealing any damage to Tatsuya, Kotori had already inflicted 5 damage to Tatsuya. This was thanks to Kotori being grown on Kotohono's second turn as well as her third. And it was also thanks to Kotohono attacking with Kotori each of those turns.

Tatsuya went first in this match, and now it was his fourth turn. Kotori was now at 3 attack and defense, and was wearing the very frilly black and white costume of the No Brand Girls performance. Tatsuya did not have enough free points to grown Miyuki any, so she still stood at a mere 1 attack and defense. As such, Kotohono had taken only 2 damage from Miyuki so far. So Kotohono now stood at 18 health to Tatsuya's 15 health.

“It's now only a matter of time, Tatsuya.” said Kotohono confidently, “Even if you gain a slight advantage when it comes to followers against followers, Kotori has jumped out ahead of Miyuki considerably. Through her alone, I will be able to defeat you!”

“We will see about that.” replied Tatsuya sternly, “I have a move that may surprise even you.”

Then, on his fourth turn, Tatsuya summoned two of Unicorn Dancer Unica! She is a very cute little human-unicorn half-breed, wearing a simply navy blue dress. She has 2 attack and defense, but most importantly, she restores 2 health to her leader each and every turn, starting the turn after she is played. So with Tatsuya playing two of them...

“This could end up being a long match.” said Kotori in a slightly ominous tone.

“Yes, it could.” replied Kotohono, “But don't worry, Kotori. I excel in long matches!”

While Kotohono steeled herself for a long battle of attrition, Haak was wondering why he wasn't getting any challenges.

“Why the fuck isn't anybody challenging me?!” Haak exclaimed in annoyance, “It almost makes me wish I had challenged Akuma Kousaka before he headed off this morning. Shit, man, I'm sure we've walked down this same street three times now.”

“And every person that sees you...” began Ruiko Saten in reply.

“Flies away like a bat out of hell!” Haak shouted.

“Hey, Meat Loaf would be proud!” joked Saten.

“Don't worry, Saten, I'd do anything for love and I would do that.” said Haak.

“Ok, I have to admit, that was funny.” replied Saten with a big grin and chuckle, “Anyway, Haak, you just intimidate people a lot!”

“It's because of his filthy uncouth tongue...” came the silver-tongued words of...

Biba Las Vegas.” Haak said, at the sight of the fabulous Nevada casino tycoon, “I'd recognize that pink pompous pompadour anywhere. Hey, Biba, the 60s called, they want their hairstyle back!”

“The most important call ringing out right now, Haak, is the one my sword makes for your beating heart.” replied Biba, wearing a thick but short shoulder-hugging red cape over a black bodysuit made out of the finest of leather.

“Are you challenging me, Biba?” Haak asked, “Because if you are challenging me, I'm so fucking ready to rumble!”

“And I'm ready to cut out your tongue, as I will the tongues of all such ruffians after I'm the undisputed Lord of a free and independent Nevada.” replied Biba, as he gestured with his hands as though he was the most important of aristocrats.

“I'm going to silence your tongue by blowing you the fuck out!” Haak shouted in reply.

“Time to get this party started!” exclaimed Saten, with hands on her hips.

While Haak prepared to face Biba, a match was already underway between Katsuhiko Jinnai and Weevil Underwood. A matched observed by Umi Sonoda and FlavoryFantasy. Jinnai's deck is Sword, and Weevil's deck is Shadow. Jinnai would end up getting the first turn. Jinnai went into this match with cool complete confidence, but that changed in the blink of an eye due to him seeing who the opposing LRIG is...

“D-Diva?!” exclaimed Jinnai with stunned rapid hand motions, at the sight of the long-winged pink-haired auburn-skin Bugrom Queen, “What are you doing here? And opposing me?!”

“I assure you that it is not by choice, Mr. Jinnai.” replied the Bugrom Queen, garbed in elegant jet black attire covering her torso, arms and legs, “It is not my wish to oppose you. Or you either, Miss Kousaka. My people still fondly remember the song and dance performance that μ's once held at The Hive, upon Mr. Jinnai's request. Why Groucho even sleeps at night while hugging a pillow that bears your likeness, Miss Kousaka.”

“I still remember Groucho giving me a crystal flower after our performance.” replied Honoka with a nostalgic smile, “I will always cherish that gift, Queen Diva.”

“Damn it!” exclaimed Jinnai to himself, while face-palming “Hayate and I should have programmed Nexus better. Now I have to face my former ally from El Hazard!”

“That's right, old man!” exclaimed Weevil, pointing at Jinnai, “And of course an actual bug queen would be my LRIG. I'm going to wish to take your empire of bugs from you, and surpass what you did with them, with me as Bugrom Emperor! Ha ha ha ha ha!

“We'll see about that, kid!” replied Jinnai with a sneering smile and fiery eyes, “I get to go first, and I have the perfect opening card. Quickblader!

A human follower with a steely sneer, and two steely weapons, then appeared on Jinnai's side of the field. He has short blue hair, and wears bluish leather armor. He has only 1 attack and 1 defense, but he has storm, enabling him to attack the enemy leader the turn he comes into play! So that is precisely what Jinnai had him do. And so right off the bat Jinnai took a 20 to 19 lead over Weevil. Jinnai then ended his turn.

“I might be old, but I'm not slow, kid.” a smirking Jinnai said to Weevil.

“You're slow compared to what I can do!” replied Weevil, “Coin Bet!

Zerg Rush.” stated Diva.

“Zerg Rush enables me to give one follower storm each and every turn.” stated Weevil, “And Diva's passive ability gives me a free 1/1 insect follower, each and every turn, if I have any free slots on my side of the field. So I basically start with a free Quickblader of my own, ha ha ha ha! Attack!”

Weevil then ended his turn after playing Burial Grounds, a low-cost amulet that provides 1 shadow at the end of each turn, very helpful for Shadow-class players. After each completed their first time, Jinnai and Weevil stood at 19 health each.

“You might not be slow, kid, but I'm even faster!” exclaimed Jinnai, gesturing an open palm over Honoka, “I summon a second Quickblader, and Honoka grow!

Honoka then transformed from her pink girly Start!Dash outfit into her red and white Bokura no Live Kimi to no Live outfit, an outfit that looks like one for a marching band. In the process, she doubled both her attack and defense to 2.

“Now, Honoka and both Quickbladers, attack!” shouted Jinnai, dramatically throwing one arm and finger forward, in a gesture reminiscent of the immortal Hulk Hogan.

Jinnai laughed slightly as a smiling Honoka and two Quickbladers brought Weevil down to 15 health. Jinnai then ended his second turn.

“I hope you enjoyed that, old man, because it's going be all down anthill for you from here!” shouted Weevil confidently, pumping one fist to begin his second turn.

“Before we continue, I'm curious about something, kid.” began a questioning Jinnai, “Why Shadow? Sword fits my unparalleled tactical brilliance and Honoka's straightforward striking style. But how does Shadow fit your love of bugs?”

“Lord of the Flies!” replied Weevil proudly, “It's the ultimate Shadowverse follower for a bug lover. But there's a different Lord you should worry about now, old man.”

Weevil then played Ghouls' Banquet, a low-cost amulet that puts a ghost in play whenever a necromancy effect is trigger. Weevil also received another free 1/1 insect follower due to Diva's passive special LRIG effect. So Weevil's board now had two amulets and two followers. Weevil used his one remaining play point to grow Queen Diva to a 2/2. Weevil then had Diva and the first insect follower attack Jinnai directly for 3 health damage.

“Why aren't you using Zerg Rush on your newest insect follower?” Honoka asked Weevil.

“To keep Zerg Rush free for the greatest play, Lord Atomy!” answered Weevil.

Lord Atomy is a very expensive follower, but he can be special summoned if the player has 4 allied cards in play, which Weevil currently had. Diva looked vaguely disgusted at Weevil sacrificing his two insect followers, and both of his amulets, in order to special summon the powerful 8/8 Lord Atomy! Lord Atomy holds the appearance of a truly awesome zombie warlord, all decked out in thick ornate greenish-hued spiky armor, reminiscent of a basilisk.

Weevil then had Lord Atomy attack Jinnai for 8 more damage, leaving Jinnai's health at a mere 8 health! With arms outstretched, Weevil ended his turn and laughed loudly at taking such a quick and seemingly decisive lead. But then Weevil noticed something that concerned him greatly and chilled him to the bone. Jinnai appeared completely unshaken, and even had a smug serene smile on his face.

“H-how can you be so calm after that?!” asked Weevil.

“Because Honoka and I are still going to win.” Jinnai replied in an unusually even tone of voice, “I'll give you some credit, kid. You did well! You might have a good future in the world of competitive card-playing. But Honoka and I are about to send you back to your mom.”

Jinnai then summoned a third Quickblader, and grew Honoka to 3/3, temporarily transforming her attire into her No Brand Girls costume, much like Kotori in Kotohono's match against Tatsuya.

“Three Quickbladers...” Umi mused to herself, “What great luck.”

Then Jinnai joyfully played his ultimate trump card...

“Coin bet!” he shouted, “Sunny Day Song!

With closed eyes and big open smile, and arms stretched out wide, Honoka had a look of pure bliss as she transformed back into her reddish Sunny Day Song costume. Along with two previous growths, it brought her all the way to 12/12!

“12/12 and three Quickbladers against an opponent with exactly 15 health.” said Honoka, “I might not be good at math, but even I know what's coming next!”

“Y-you have to be freaking kidding me!” exclaimed Weevil in abject horror.

Jinnai had rarely been as amused as he was right now. And so he began laughing with extreme length and loudness even by his standards. In fact, it briefly seemed he would keel over from laughter!

“You still have to actually order the attacks, you know.” said Honoka playfully to him with one raised eyebrow and a teasing grin.

“Right, right... just a second...” said Jinnai, catching his breath after some wheezing.

Jinnai stood up straight, and retrieved something out of his jacket pocket, in order to...

“He's combing his hair?!” exclaimed Umi, observing this match along with Flavory.

“I-I guess he wants to look his best for his first victory?” suggested Flavory sheepishly.

“It's more than that!” shouted Jinnai, “Let me explain it to you!”

Jinnai then made many theatrical gestures as he made a particularly proud proclamation.

“Today I, the great glorious God of War Katsuhiko Jinnai... with the aid of the musical goddess Honoka Kousaka... have achieved a new record that will stand for all time! The record for fastest Shadowverse victory ever! A victory on turn three! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Oh, Mr. Jinnai...!” exclaimed Queen Diva, almost swooning over her old ally.

“Are you ready now?” a grinning Honoka asked Jinnai.

“Of course! Attack!” replied Jinnai thunderously.

“Sorry about this, Underwood-san” stated Honoka to Weevil, “But it's for the best!”

Honoka, flanked by a full subunit of Quickbladers, then launched her finishing attack, as Jinnai once more laughed uproariously over this glorious victory! And with that, the match world dramatically crumbled away.

While Jinnai and Honoka celebrated their truly tremendous record-setting victory, Tuxedo R was just hoping he'd get to celebrate anything at all.

“Kogetsu, all on his own, against Perfect Cell.” said m0efoxZer0, “Does he have any chance at all?”

“There's something special about Kogetsu that only a few know.” replied Tuxedo R, “And I'm counting on that to enable him to hold his own. At least for awhile.”

“Still, Tuxedo R...” interjected a deeply concerned Fate.

“Yes, it's time.” replied Tuxedo R, “I want you, Fate, to head after Dr. Casey's stealth rescue team, and retrieve Sayaka. She's necessary for what's next. And I'm now putting in a call to the final piece of my desperate last resort plan to deal with Cell.”

“Who's that?” asked m0ef0xZero.

Santa Claus” replied Tuxedo R, in a starkly serious somber tone.

Though out of season, Tuxedo R was now putting hope in jolly old Saint Nicholas to provide essential heroics yet again.

To Be Continued


Spoiler for Akuma Kousaka's new look!:

Everybody up to Chapter 5 knows how my AS Special fanfics work, so I won't be explaining that in detail anymore. I hope you enjoyed Chapter 5, which I think speaks reasonably well for itself!

Big thanks to Haak, Akuma Kousaka, Dr. Casey, and Kogetsu Shirogane for their very fun and wonderfully appreciate reviews. Lots of good thought-provoking comments between all of them. I'm glad that everybody commenting on the fanfic seems to be enjoying it so far. And don't worry, this is Ruiko Saten after she just turned 18 and is about to graduate high school.

Thanks to Kotohono, Kogetsu Shirogane, and Akuma Kousaka and for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of Chapter 5.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS (Nanoha Takamachi, Fate Testarossa, TSAB, Jinnai's reference to Hayate)
DBZ (Perfect Cell)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Kyouko Sakura, Sayaka Miki, Mami Tomoe, references to Homura)
Free! (Haruka Nanase)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami, Kanan Matsuura)
Macross Δ (Freyja Wion, references to Hayate and Mikumo)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (Tatsuya and Miyuki Dark, OC villainous clones)
Love Live! School Idol Project (Kotori Minami, Umi Sonoda, Honoka Kousaka)
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (Ruiko Saten)
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (fanfic version of Biba Amatori)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Katsuhiko Jinnai, Queen Diva, reference to Groucho)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Weevil Underwood)
There may be other references not mentioned in this list. I will explain them if requested.

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Chapter 5

--I thought Nanoha's Divine Buster would at least make Cell try to block, but even that didn't happen. I wonder how you're going to handle the power scaling for the endgame considering nobody else can shrug off attacks like that. Or we can just go all Justice League War and pull a Darkseid on Cell's resilience

--Cell is nothing short of a lightning bruiser, but he's been doing nothing but tanking so far. Wonder what'll happen when he really starts flying...or whether he actually can fly liberally. There's a nice contrast in styles between Cell and Apostle that don't make them redundant, methinks

--Go home Kanan. Nobody likes you

--Okay, I'm going to be honest. Freyja's dialogue is 4-2 cute 2+2 me. Were you going for irony with that Shana track though?

--I don't think Biba acted like that. Not that it matters since nobody remembers Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress anyway...I want to see fanart of 18+ Ruiko Saten now though

--That Bugrom guy with the body pillow has clearly never hugged a nesoberi. I also question Weevil's wisdom to try and take Jinnai's waifu knowing they'll be back in the real world eventually

--oh hey, my new look is up : >
Heil Muse. Bow before the Cinderella GirlsMuses are red
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You disgust me.
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The only thing funnier than 0utf0xZer0's transformation itself was Perfect Cell appraising it like some sort of "transformation scholar".

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“I'm going to silence your tongue by blowing you the fuck out!” Haak shouted in reply.

“Time to get this party started!” exclaimed Saten, with hands on her hips.
Sorry; dynamic content not loaded. Reload?

I refuse to lose to a pretty boy emo with daddy issues.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Then let me wrap him up with my magical strands!” exclaimed m0ef0xZero in the cutest chirpiest cry you'll ever hear.

“Wait, Foxy, no, that's...”
Okay, now I'm thoroughly disturbed...
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You're disturbed? I just read a detailed description of my twin brother doing a magical girl transformation! Someone pass me a jar of brain bleach...

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
“Don't worry, lean muscle-man, I really like fishes myself!” exclaimed Freyja cheerfully, “They're scrum-diddly-umptious!”
Freyja reads Roald Dahl?
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Dr. Casey
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- I'm most of the way through Yuki Yuna now. It admittedly took an episode or two for me to view Itsuki as Itsuki, and not Moefox. The opening description of the transformation is great, very well-flowing and thorough. lol at "symbolizing his flaming freedom from his sex of birth." I know that Cell is an asexual robot, but that's no excuse for not wanting to marry Moefox. Bad taste, Cell.

- Ooh, Kogetsu sucked Cell into Wonderland. One of the few recurring locations in the series, and always one of the most interesting. Glad to see Wonderland come into play again. (And, on a real life level, it's good to see Kogetsu here in the thread - those detailed reviews make for good reads.)

- Aww, Kyoko and Sayaka both defended me in quick succession. Along with this trilogy's "Loads and Loads of Characters" nature, it's nice reading myself working alongside some of my favorite 2010s anime characters. Really nice action scene here too of the puella magis versus Apostle.

- Kanan and Haruka are an interesting pair of characters to match together, with Kanan having a perfectly healthy and reasonable love for swimming and Haruka being... well... Haruka. And Hooves' line about the fishes... Your girlfriend is turning evil, Kona, plz stop her. (Mildly villainous Hooves is cool, more seriously)

- Huh, I never considered the idea of doing a Wixoss match without betting any coins. Neat idea.

- A lot of good fight scenes in this chapter, WIXOSS and otherwise. It's impressive that you're able to keep turning out good action scenes after writing so many in this thread alone (PPPL was definitely no slouch in this department). The long story I wrote had exactly two fight scenes thanks to it being a pretty down-to-earth, non-fantasy story, and though they both turned out well I would have started running out of ideas if I went much beyond that.

- Yeah, I got a really good laugh out of "You still have to order the attacks, you know." That part was hilarious.

- Ooh, I get to meet Fate (we've been in the same scene before, but never in a relatively small group like this).

Looking forward to chapter six. Santa coming back next time around is a nice hook.
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... I... um... wow...
... you pretty much asked for this...
I know... Doesn't mean I can't express my utter disbelief it's happening.

Chapter 5 - Too Slow

First off... Dang it! I totally blame the CCS music for me actually succumbing to the m0ef0x charm magic this time!
Also... I'm definitely, totally gonna die, aren't I? Ah well, I've been wanting at least one fight scene for myself, so I guess I'm finally getting what I asked for?

Speaking of fights, I loved the battles both in and outside the card realm. I kinda felt the SayaKyou vs Apostle battle seemed like something I would've done, so that's certainly an added little bonus. As for the card game side of things, I love the idea of Kotori being able to fly over everything, the Hooves/Freyja combo seems to be working out quite well, and the mental image I'm getting of Haak scaring everyone away with his foul language is hilarious.

And then we have the Battle of the Bug Boys. I'll admit, I was about as surprised as Jinnai to see Diva pop up. Didn't really stop him from going all out, of course. I loved the fact that even as his opponent, Diva can't help but admire Jinnai's victories. I do kinda feel Weevil deserves some credit for coming close to pulling off the same turn three victory Jinnai bragged about though, but I guess "close" is only good in horseshoes?
Also: If it's possible to die of laughter, Wonderland Court would find you guilty of attempted murder due to the entirety of Jinnai's end-of-match gloating(along with Honoka having to remind him that he actually had to attack).


Anyway, great action scenes and some really good song choices here. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter.
... even though you're likely going to die in it...
... Y... yes... I'm sure it'll be a cool death, though!

*e* Being half-asleep at the time of posting resulted in me somehow forgetting to comment on something... Given what that even was, I'm surprised the second half of this post didn't devolve into complete gibberish.
Kyouko Sakura and Madoka Kaname, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
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... so you think you're a king now...

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Late, but I liked the "Do you dream of Donald Trump grabbing you at night" joke too. I can safely say M0eF0x prefers to be grabbed by Nozomi.

I'm probably not getting as much out of the Shadowverse and Wixoss stuff as some of you are though I'm not having too much trouble following along - I have a friend who was into Hearthstone for a while and some of the tactical concepts I learned from him appear to be applicable to these games as well.

Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
- I'm most of the way through Yuki Yuna now. It admittedly took an episode or two for me to view Itsuki as Itsuki, and not Moefox. The opening description of the transformation is great, very well-flowing and thorough. lol at "symbolizing his flaming freedom from his sex of birth." I know that Cell is an asexual robot, but that's no excuse for not wanting to marry Moefox. Bad taste, Cell.
I hope that didn't break immersion too much for you.

I'm not sure that M0eF0x would have happened were it not for both Ore Twintails ni Narimasu and Yuuki Yuuna airing right around the time Triple_R asked me to be in the fanfic. The combination of a show about a guy transforming into a cute girl and arguably the cutest transformation sequence ever definitely influence the attributes I gave my character.

Itsuki's influence is more obvious in the final project so it's nice that we have a more obviously Tail Red inspired character now too. As for the orange colour scheme, that's from Ai's idol outfit in Kyoukai no Kanata episode 6 (2:09 onward):
Originally the character was going to take additional elements from Ai but the design got simplified a bit over time.

Signature courtesy of Ganbaru.
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“Yay!” exclaimed Honoka in clear childlike cheer, closing her eyes as she pumped one fist into the air, “We're only one win away from being able to make a wish!”

“Yes!” confirmed Jinnai, with excited crescent wave of his right hand, “One more Sunny Day Song use, and my plan will meet its full fantastic fruition!”

“You two seem awfully proud of yourselves.” stated Umi curtly, “But the Rune deck of Flavory and myself may well prove too tricky for you both. Let's see how well that precious hair of yours stands up to my arrows, Jinnai!”

“U-Umi!” exclaimed Honoka, alarmed by Umi's sudden aggression.

“A-Are you craycray?!” a stunned FlavoryFantasy asked Umi, “They'll destroy us!”

“Have more confidence in yourself, Flavory!” stated Umi, chiding her Selector, “I know we can defeat them!”

“Where is this coming from, Umi?” asked Honoka, sounding hurt.

“Your friend is trying to goad me into a match.” said Jinnai with a grin, “I suspect she intends to intentionally lose so I can make a wish.”

“Don't you or Flavory have a wish you'd like to make?” Honoka asked Umi.

“My greatest wish right now is to help my friend Akemi Homura.” answered Umi, “And I believe the best way to achieve that is with a match between Flavory and Jinnai.”

“Well, if Miss Sonoda is that eager to bring our mission to a successful completion, maybe we should just play along” stated Jinnai to Honoka, with a shrug of his shoulders, “We've already proven ourselves in one match today, after all.”

Honoka was about to protest, but somebody else beat her to the punch.

“No, father, it is I who who will be your next opponent.” came a voice that was somehow both completely new to Jinnai, yet eerily familiar.

“Father?” asked a startled Honoka, as she and Jinnai turned around to face this newcomer.

Aside from his white tie, this newcomer was decked out all in black. A very dark gray suit over a jet-black dress shirt. He also had short straight black hair and hazy blue eyes.

“Who are you?” Jinnai asked of this newcomer, while raising one eyebrow, “You certainly don't look like any son that I am aware of!”

“You are my father in the same sense that Akuma Homura and Sayaka Miki are the mothers of Ulith.” replied this newcomer, “As for my name, I am Satomi Kou.”

Ulith...” Honoka said to herself, “I remember Sayaka telling me about her.”

“A few years ago, at the North Pole, Honoka sang a song that was used by Santa Claus himself to drive the evil out of you, Jinnai.” stated Satomi, placing one hand over his chest and feigning an angelic personality, “Such a touching story. But what do you suppose happened to that evil, Jinnai?”

“Let me guess.” replied Jinnai, with narrowed eyes, “It created you. Ha! A likely story.”

“Yes, a story like the ghost story your sister Nanami told you when you were both five years old.” replied Satomi, “A story that gave you horrible nightmares for a full week!”

And with that, Jinnai's assessment of Satomi radically changed. Based on her own memories of fusing with Jinnai's soul gem, Honoka also found Satomi's words convincing.

“Miss Sonoda.” stated Jinnai after a tense pause, “Please leave with your Selector, for now. This Satomi is someone that I wish to deal with privately, along with Honoka.”

“Yeah, Umi, that's really for the best right now.” Honoka added, while turning her head side-ways towards Umi, making a look of deep concern towards Umi.

“Very well.” Umi replied, sensing the great weight now in the air, “Flavory and I will find another opponent! ...Good luck, Honoka.”

“Thanks.” replied Honoka with a weak look, but a sweet smile towards Umi, as Umi and Flavory began to head off elsewhere.

“A wise decision to keep your troubled past private from all those that don't already know it, Jinnai.” Satomi said to him, “But that troubled past is like a legacy to me. An impressive legacy, but one which casts a stinking suffocating shadow all over me. A shadow I will be free of starting today, Jinnai.”

“It sounds like you are the shadow, Satomi.” replied Jinnai, “A shadow that was dispersed many years ago. And with Honoka by my side, it is certain that this shadow will be dispersed again!”

Open.” stated Satomi, making fierce eye contact with Jinnai.

Open.” replied Jinnai, as both he and Honoka looked firmly at Satomi.

Chapter 6
Through a Mirror, Darkly

While Jinnai had to contend with a new rival, Dr. Gero prepared to rekindle an old rivalry. He did this while standing sternly stoic in the middle of a special holding room. In this room was Akuma Homura, held floating and unconscious, in the liquids of a tall and transparent suspended animation chamber. This chamber was connected to great mounds of machinery, all forged to the room's ceiling. This room also had three video-screens setup, connected to security cameras. Because of this, Dr. Gero was not surprised by what happened next.

Tiro Finale!” exclaimed Mami Tomoe, blowing down the thick locked metallic doors leading into Akuma Homura's holding room.

Dr. Gero then casually turned his eyes from Akuma Homura to his new visitors, Dr. Casey and Mami.

“I'll give you some credit, Casey.” Dr. Gero said to Dr. Casey, “You were even faster than I expected.”

“Then you know why we're here.” stated Mami, “Release Homura. Now.”

“You don't expect a firm man of my resources to give up that easily, do you?” asked Dr. Gero gruffly.

“It doesn't have to be this way, Dr. Gero.” stated Dr. Casey, “Even now. We both know you have a brilliant scientific mind, and an inventor's keen insight. That could be put to more helpful and productive purposes!”

“I will not be a slave to the rest of humanity, as you've chosen to be.” replied Dr. Gero.

“I am not a slave!” exclaimed Dr. Casey, “I have freely chosen to be the person I am today. Every person can be a force for good, free to forge his own destiny. Kogetsu Shirogane, Katsuhiko Jinnai, they turned away from the road of villainy, and they have both been better for it.”

“I'm afraid, good Doctor, that it will take more than the antics of some silly pop music stars to change my mind.” replied Dr. Gero.

“So it seems we will have to do this the hard way.” stated Mami resolutely.

But just as Mami was about to unload on Dr. Gero...

“Akuma Homura must not be allowed free!” exclaimed Apostle, appearing seemingly out of nowhere, as he delivered a powerful crescent kick to Mami's midsection.

Mami, in crying shout, was sent hurtling across the air, crashing into the far wall of Dr. Gero's holding room.

“That's enough out of you!” Dr. Casey shouted, as he pointed his large fancy hand-gun at Apostle.

The sound of large electrical discharge than resonated throughout Dr. Gero's holding room, as Dr. Casey took shot after shot after shot at Apostle! However, Apostle flipped and flopped through the air, adeptly avoiding each concussive energy blast.

“How did you get away from Kyouko and Sayaka?” Dr. Casey asked Apostle, while continuing to fire at him.

“They are good fighters, and they are still alive, but they are not as nimble as me.” answered Apostle.

“Then let's see you handle this!” exclaimed Mami angrily, as she leaped high up into the air and pulled out seemingly dozens of muskets, “Take cover, Dr. Casey!”

Dr. Casey did precisely that, as Mami's magical muskets unloaded with the sounds of renaissance warfare, and the vast visual vibrancy of a renaissance fair! But as the smoke left in the wake of this attack cleared...

“It looks like Apostle managed to escape.” stated Mami.

“And so did Dr. Gero with Homura...” added a decidedly disappointed Dr. Casey.

“What?!” asked Mami in horror.

Sure enough, the chamber Homura had been held in was now mysteriously empty. And both Homura and Dr. Gero were nowhere to be seen.

“Dr. Gero probably had himself and Homura teleport away during the commotion caused by Apostle.” stated Dr. Casey, “We must quickly determine where they went.”

While trying to find Homura was now the focus of Dr. Casey's mind, Windy and Chika were hoping they could find victory in their match against Hooves and Freyja.

“Forest opponents seem really tricky.” stated Chika, almost amazed at all the answers Forest-playing Hooves had found for Windy's rapid ramp-style offense.

“Yeah, going up against Forest isn't like a nice walk in the park.” replied Windy, “It's much more like venturing into a haunted hollows!”

“Are we going to run into some creepy crawler creature that will bite us?” asked Chika with a nervous grin, and hands at her hips.

Heh heh heh.” chuckled Hooves in reply, “Maybe you will!”

It was now Hooves' eighth turn in her match against Chika. So far, it was proving to be a close and tricky battle of attrition, as Chika's free pp point helped Windy get her ramp going extra-fast, but Freyja's own passive LRIG effect had essentially neutralized that. Freyja was able to give one allied follower +2/+0 until end of turn, each turn, reflective of the effect that Freyja's singing has on friendly pilots, especially her beloved Hayate.

So Freyja's ability enabled Forest's relatively weak but numerous followers to largely cancel out with Windy's wondrously monstrous but few followers. And so enemy followers had traded off with each other in mutual destruction after mutual destruction in this truly tense battle between Hooves and Windy. All follower evolve points had been used up, and Windy had used followers that grant heals in order to maintain high health. Hooves now stood at 12 health while Windy stood at 19 health.

Freyja had been grown to the maximum 5/5 state, placing her in her standard Walküre idol outfit, a flashy fantastically funky outfit. It's a puffy red and black dress over pink and yellow petticoats, all over pink thigh-highs and knee-high red boots. Freyja also had on a bright shiny red heart pendant around her neck. As for Chika, she also had been grown to the maximum 5/5 state, placing her in her Mirai Ticket idol outfit, which looked like a magician's white suit over a deep pink pretty puffy skirt and exquisitely elegant white thigh-highs and black dress shoes. Chika also had a white ribbon tied around the top of her had and a large yellow ribbon on her back, tied around her waist.

“He he, we both look so pretty!” exclaimed Freyja.

“I think even my friend You would be wowed by your outfit, Wion-san.” replied Chika with a smirk, cleverly sounding complimentary even though she thought Freyja's outfit might be a bit much.

“Freyja's outfit is wow wow, for sure!” exclaimed Hooves, “But what will really wow everybody here is the play I'm about to make.”

“Oh boy, here we go...” replied Windy knowingly, with a raised eyebrow.

Hooves then played two free fairies, gained from a play during a previous turn. The basic Forest fairy was green and yellow and bright, sparkles all around. Hooves then played the spell Fairy Circle, trumpeting the arrival of two more fairies in her hand. Hooves then played Nature's Guidance to put one fairy back in her hand. Then came the creepy crawling creatures that Chika had feared.

“Here's one Roach, here's two Roach, here's three Roach, everyone gets a Roach!” shouted Hooves, waving her arms frantically, imitating Oprah Winfrey giving out cars.

“Are your roaches sponsored by Gobu?” asked Windy, making an insider-joke.

“Funny, Windy, but your laughter might end by the end of this turn.” replied Hooves.

Hooves played three consecutive Roaches! Roaches start with only 1 attack strength, but they have storm, and they gain +1/+0 for every other card played during the turn they come into play. So these Roaches had 5, 6, and 7 attack respectively! Hooves used the most powerful Roach to destroy Windy's evolved grayish gruff Goblinmount Demon, a dual-hammer wielding muscular menace. But even he was less menacing than what came after his destruction as Hooves used Freyja's +2/+0 amp-up to increase one remaining Roach's attack to 8. Then Hooves attacked with Freyja and both remaining Roaches, resulting in Windy absorbing an incredible 18 damage in just one turn, bringing her health all the way down to 1!

“Almost enough damage in one turn to defeat a fully healthy opponent!” exclaimed Chika in shock and awe.

“Yeah, that's roach madness for you...” sighed Windy.

“We're zooming away!” shouted Freya, as she made a flying plane motion with her hand, “We're going almost as fast as Hayate!”

“That won't be fast enough!” shouted Windy, now beginning her eighth turn.

Windy then summoned one of her favorite followers, Genesis Dragon! Genesis Dragon was a scaly scary sight, a deep dark green flying behemoth, with gigantic bat-like wings and a thick snake-like body. Genesis Dragon has storm as well, enabling him to attack the turn he comes into play. So with his 7 attack added to Chika's 5...

“You almost took us down to zero, but I'll never be zero again!” shouted Chika proudly, “And now it's time to avenge Kanan!”

“Attack!” shouted Windy, commanding Chika and Genesis Dragon forward.

Together, they had just enough power to win Windy the match! Would Haak similarly have enough power to defeat Biba Las Vegas?

It was now turn 10 in that explosive match, with Biba's health standing at 8 and Haak's at 4. Haak's swift swashbuckling Sword followers had been stymied by Biba's Earth Rune defense of seemingly endless ward followers. These wards had been complimented by Biba's skull-handling black leather-wearing Professor of Taboos providing a steady stream of freakish zombies.

“So gross...” stated Saten.

“Not as gross as your Selector's tongue.” replied Biba, “Truly Haak is a dog whose bark is far worse than his bite.”

“That ends right now, Biba La Fuckface!” exclaimed Haak “Coin Bet!”

“Silver.” stated Haak throwing two arms high into the air.

Segway.” said Haak, bringing two hands down in chop formation around the edges of his pelvic region

Storm!” exclaimed Haak, making a powerful pelvic thrust directly at Biba Las Vegas

Silver Segway Storm gives all allied followers +2/+0 and storm until end of turn!

Hasta la vista, Biba!” shouted Ruiko Saten, pumping a fist.

Haak then played Tsubaki and Amelia, Silver Paladin! Tsubaki has short black hair, and wears light ornate purplish armor all over fine form-fitting black pants. Her eyes are almost as piercing as her many blades are! Amelia has long thick braided silver-bluish hair, and she wears a lightly silver-armored blue leotard, as well as long blue gloves and blue thigh-highs.

“No offense to Rem fans, but I love Amelia.” joked Haak.

“While Tsubaki's special assassination effect destroys Biba's amped up Guardian Golem!” added in Saten, “And she also attacks now to destroy the remaining Guardian Golem.”

These Guardian Golems look like big bulky armored suits, glistening with runes, and they are a potent defensive force. But they weren't enough to win the day for Biba.

“Now Amelia and you, Saten, the two women that I love, are going to send Biba's ass right back to Nevada!” shouted Haak.

Haak was right, as Amelia and the fully grown Saten had a combined 10 attack, enough to defeat Biba! Haak and Saten high-fived each other to celebrate their victory over Biba Las Vegas and his LRIG Mumei. But was similar victorious cheer even possible for Kogetsu Shirogane in his battle against Perfect Cell? Well, at least Kogetsu would have a home court advantage.

Cell literally crashed into one of the celadon crystalline castles of Wonderland, leaving greenish smoke billowing in the wake of the crash. Kogetsu then landed stealthily, like a cat, upon a nearby parapet. Unfortunately for Kogetsu, it only took Cell a moment to bounce back from the crash.

“This castle might as well be made out of cardboard compared to my might.” stated Cell, rising himself back up to his feet.

“As for you, Wonderland wizard...” sneered Cell, narrowing his eyebrows at Kogetsu.

Cell then pointed one finger at Kogetsu, and unleashed a supercharged loudly humming blast of energy from it! Kogetsu had to leap thirty feet high into the air in order to avoid being harmed at all by this blast. But Kogetsu would then end up being swiftly strongly shoulder-tackled by a Cell flying wildly towards him! Cell then followed up that shoulder-tackle with a fierce backhand chop, sending Kogetsu hurling downwards with considerable velocity.

Cell then smirked and made a satisfying grunt, as he took in his handiwork from above. Kogetsu slowly rose back to his feet, pushing aside greenish smoke. Cell quickly noticed signs of light bruising on Kogetsu's face, as well as Kogetsu's attire being slightly torn and looking very worse for wear. At this sight, Cell casually flew downwards, to come to a standing position directly twenty feet in front of Kogetsu.

“Why did you bring me here? Why are you doing this?” Cell asked Kogestsu, “Are you simply as crazy as your attire would make me believe you are?”

“Well, I do model myself after the Mad Hatter of littérature.” replied Kogetsu with a playful smile and shoulder shrugs.

“You're awfully calm for a man with one foot in the grave.” sneered Cell.

“I have no intention of dying aujourd'hui.” replied Kogetsu firmly.

“How exactly do you intend to compete with me?” asked a skeptical Cell, with raised eyebrow and doubting grin.

“What do you suppose this Wonderland is, Cell?” asked Kogetsu, with playful gestures of his hands, “What if I told you it was a witch's realm, of puella magi infamy? What if I told you that I was the world's only male “witch”, more accurately called a Sorcerer?”

“You are crazy enough to be a puella magi's Witch.” stated Cell teasingly, “But no such being could communicate like you do now.”

“Unless they wore a specially woven containment suit that allowed them to, like I'm doing right now.” replied Kogetsu with a smile, “And now, when I remove that suit...”

Kogetsu then pulled upon his greenish jacket, resulting in blindingly bright bluish light flashing into Cell's eyes. Even Cell was forced to look away and grimace as Kogetsu transformed to his true Sorcerer self. In that form, he has only the thinnest hold on consciousness and sanity. But also in that form, his magical might multiplies many times over!

His hair also grows thick and long and blood red. He wears a blue magician's suit and blue top-hat with red stripe. He wears reddish pants and wields a staff with a reddish gem at the end. And it's this exact staff that Kogetsu would bring to bear upon the neck of Cell!

Cell grunted loudly from this opening attack, as Kogetsu followed it up by a skipping high-kick to Cell's chin sending him torpedoing into the air! Kogetsu then flew high into the air to clash further with Cell! The skies of Wonderland would now be treated to two fearsome flying fighters leaving streaks of blue and green in the air as they jousted with each other over and over again! Cell was initially annoyed by Sorcerer Kogetsu's attacks, but now Cell was thoroughly enjoying himself. Finally he had found an opponent he could let loose on! Could even Sorcerer Kogetsu hope to defeat an unleashed Perfect Cell? As for FlavoryFantasy, he was hoping that Jinnai and Honoka could defeat this strange Satomi Kou.

“That Satomi guy really gave me the creeps.” said FlavoryFantasy to Umi, as the two walked the streets of a replica Mitakihara Town.

“He's very creepy if he's telling the truth.” replied Umi, “And he probably is.”

“So does that mean he's the evil doppelganger of Jinnai?” asked FlavoryFantasy, “So Bizarro Jinnai? Does that means he cries a lot?”

“Heh. Clever joke, Flavory.” replied Umi, “I just hope Honoka will be Ok...”

“I also hope for that, Umi.” came the voice of a man stepping out in front of Umi and FlavoryFantasy, “I hope for that for Honoka and Homura.”

“Hey, it's Akuma Kousaka!” exclaimed FlavoryFantasy, “Neat new look, dude!”

“Is there something you want to talk to us about?” Umi asked Akuma Kousaka.

“Yes, there's a lot we have to talk about.” answered Akuma Kousaka, “For one thing, where's Kotohono and Kotori?”

“They're taking on Tatsuya himself right now!” aswered Flavory excitedly.

“Let's hope they win.” replied Akuma Kousaka, after blinking in slight surprise over Flavory's answer.

“Agreed.” stated Umi, “I also hope our friends in the real world are doing well.”

Speaking of which, Tuxedo R was about to be joined by Santa Claus!

The sounds of sleigh bells ringing, and cheerful belly laughs, could be heard as jolly old Saint Nicholas landed next to Tuxedo R. At Tuxedo R's side right now was m0ef0xZer0 and the neatly blue uniformed Darthtabby.

“Wow, Santa, your ride must be even faster than my Siegfried!” stated Darthtabby.

“It has to be fast for what I do every December 25th, ho ho ho!” laughed Santa in reply.

“So, Santa, do you consider me naughty or nice?” asked m0ef0xZer0, playing up his feminine wiles for both 'naughty' and 'nice'.

“You're a naughty temptation, m0ef0xzer0!” replied Santa jokingly, “But you're also a very good lad. So don't worry, you and Darth and Tuxedo R are all on the nice list!”

“As much fun as it is to joke around with you, Santa, time is of the essence...” interjected a smiling but worried Tuxedo R.

“True, lad, it is.” replied Santa, “I also know that I am a mere substitute in your plan, but I believe I will provide the needed final gift to your bright happy morn. Yes, I am not Honoka Kousaka. But it warms my old heart to know how she and the once villainous Katsuhiko are working together to help others.”

Right now, Honoka and Katsuhiko were near the end of a match against Satomi Kou.

Satomi's playstyle was a mix of defense with gradual counter-strikes. As such, his Shadow deck was a natural fit for him. That Shadow deck had very effectively kept Jinnai and Honoka at bay, as Shadow's powerful ward followers and myriad methods of follower destruction had prevented Jinnai from getting much of anything going. Still, Jinnai had his ultimate trump card, Sunny Day Song. And Honoka Kousaka had a passive LRIG ability that has her count as both an Officer and a Commander. This enabled Jinnai to gradually power her up through other Sword followers. With that, and complete growth, Honoka now stood at 12/8!

So Jinnai, though facing a health disadvantage of 18 to 10, felt very confident that he would best Satomi.

“Having the most powerful LRIG in the world means nothing if you can't get by my wards, Jinnai.” said a smirking Satomi.

“Think what you will, Satomi.” replied Jinnai dismissively, “I think that you're foolishly underestimating me. I still have every expectation of winning!”

“And what do you plan to wish for, if you win?” asked Satomi.

“Why should I provide you with such useful intelligence?” asked Jinnai in turn, with a raised eyebrow.

“So Jinnai the Megalomaniacal has become Jinnai the Tight-lipped!” exclaimed Satomi, puffing out his chest while holding his hands at his hips, “How disappointing. You've become a bore, Jinnai!”

“Perhaps Miss Kousaka could tell us what Jinnai plans to wish for?” asked Satomi's LRIG Carnival.

Carnival, as befitting her name, wears an extremely colorful purple and red, yellow and white, jester's outfit. She also wears a half-purple/half-white full facial mask, including cat-shaped eye openings with golden fox-like figures around them.

“Mr. J is going to make a wish that will stop Tatsuya and save Homura.” stated Honoka Kousaka.

“So even you don't know the specifics then?” asked Satomi, with a raised eyebrow.

“No, but I don't have to.” answered Honoka, “I trust Mr. J.”

“You trust 'Mr. J'?” replied Satomi with a deeply doubting teasing grin, “You trust Katsuhiko Jinnai. Ha ha ha ha ha. Would you trust Napolean Bonaparte? Would you trust Joseph Stalin? Do you have any idea the fires you're playing with, you silly simple singer?! The man you call 'Mr. J' once led a massive military machine into conquest over multiple alien countries!”

“People can change!” Honoka shouted in reply, “They can change for the better. I've seen that over and over again in my life. And nobody speaks to that better than Mr. J himself does. He's now a respected TSAB Admiral, who has done much good over the past six years.”

“Your attempt to drive a wedge between my LRIG and I has clearly failed miserably, Satomi.” stated Jinnai with a grin, “So I think it's time I put an end to this...”

“Has it, Jinnai?” asked Satomi, interrupting Jinnai, “Has it failed? Kousaka-san says that she trusts you. So shouldn't you also trust her? If you win this match, you get to make your wish right here and now! The least you could do is tell her that wish before you actually make it!”

“It doesn't matter!” exclaimed Honoka, “Whatever the wish is, I know it will help save Umi's friend Homura. That's what matters most! Right, Mr. J?”

There was then a tense pause in the air due to Jinnai not answering Honoka's question.

“...Right, Mr. J?” Honoka asked again, more uncertain this time, as she turned her head to face Jinnai.

Jinnai took a deep sigh.

“I am not going to lie to you, Honoka.” he said to her, “I intend to wish to take Akuma Homura's powers as my own!”

Honoka's mouth went agape and her eyes went wide in shock over that, as Satomi couldn't help but laugh loudly.

“H-how's that any different than Tatsuya's wish which you're trying to stop?!” asked a shocked and almost panic-stricken Honoka.

“It is entirely different!” exclaimed Jinnai in answer, “Because of what he would do with that power as opposed to what I will do with it. I will safeguard it, as Akuma Homura has repeatedly proven incapable of doing. I will also combine Homura's immense reality-warping capabilities with my own limitless power stores in order to find a lasting solution to the Incubators greatest problem. I will end entropy!”

“...End entropy?” repeated Honoka as her eyes, still wide in shock, also now glazed over in utter amazement.

“You're so far in over your head, it's hilarious!” shouted Satomi mockingly at Honoka.

“Stop disrespecting her, Satomi!” shouted Jinnai angrily, pointing his finger at Satomi, “Anyway, let me clarify. By ending entropy, the Incubators need for the puella magi system will completely evaporate. So a great threat to all of humanity, and to much of the universe, will cease! One of the most horrid systems ever devised will finally end!”

“To be fair, it could save millions of lives.” stated a smirking Satomi.

Billions!” exclaimed Jinnai, with a quick sideways thrust of one hand.

“...Ok.” stated Honoka, straining her mind hard to understand all of this, “I think I get it, but... what does this mean for Homura? Can she survive with her power taken away?”

“I... I don't know.” replied Jinnai honestly, “I hope she can survive, but I don't know if she can.”

“Then that's wrong!” shouted Honoka, “What you're planning to wish for is wrong!”

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few!” exclaimed Jinnai in reply, “Or of the one. It would be selfish in the extreme for us to put Homura's life ahead of the lives of untold billions, just because we know her personally!”

“...Why didn't you tell me this?” asked Honoka, tear droplets forming in the corners of her eyes, “How could you keep this wish secret from me?!”

“Honoka, this is not the place...”

“It's not.” interrupted Satomi sarcastically with a mocking grin “I'm growing tired of watching this wedge grow between you and your LRIG, Jinnai.”

Jinnai sneered at Satomi's clever mocking words.

“Do you want that smart-ass to win?!” he asked Honoka with a shout, as he pointed towards Satomi.

“No, I don't.” answered Honoka, “But I don't support your wish! It's wrong to sacrifice a person against their will, for any reason! So...”

Jinnai then took a deep sigh.

“Damn you, Satomi!” Jinnai exclaimed, while gesturing wildly with his arms.

“Let's wish to have your coin count reset to four.” Honoka suggested to Jinnai.

Jinnai was taken aback by Honoka's suggestion there.

“That way we can win this match, and still talk things over properly.” added Honoka, “Please, Katsuhiko! At least give me this much.”

“Clever!” exclaimed Jinnai, with a smile, “That's very clever, Honoka. Ok, that's what I'll wish for then.”

“You're going down, Satomi!” Jinnai shouted at him, “Coin Bet!”

Sunny Day Song.” Honoka said.

“Oh no!” shouted Satomi sarcastically, “She's now 21/17! Whatever am I going to do?”

“She also can ignore your wards, Satomi.” stated Jinnai smugly, “Honoka... Attack!”

Honoka did so! And it looked like sad tense argument would at least turn into victory, until...

“Coin bet” said Satomi with complete calmness, and arms neatly folded behind his back.

Black Hole.” added Carnival.

“Black Hole operates precisely like an actual black hole.” stated Satomi, “It absorbs damage from any one source, and then, if possible, it reflects that damage directly back at its source. As long as the damage is enough to kill the enemy leader”

“No...” stated Jinnai in abject horror.

Aaaaahhhh...!” cried Honoka, as her own 21 attack was reflected back at her, defeating her.

Satomi then cackled with crude sadistic pleasure, as he won the match...

To Be Continued


Spoiler for Kogetsu's New Look!:

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 6, which I think speaks reasonably well for itself!

Big thanks to Akuma Kousaka, Haak, Darthtabby, Dr. Casey, Kogetsu Shirogane and 0utf0xZer0 for their very amusing and highly helpful (even to each other!) replies. Lots of good thought-provoking comments between all of them, and it's funny to think of Dr. Casey seeing m0ef0xZer0 when watching Yuuki Yuuna. I'm glad that everybody commenting on the fanfic seems to be enjoying it so far.

Thanks to Hooves, Kotohono, Kogetsu Shirogane, and Akuma Kousaka and for their behind-the-scenes help in all the added bells and whistles of Chapter 6.

Anime shows featured in this chapter:

Love Live! School Idol Project (Honoka, Umi, reference to Kotori)
El Hazard: The Magnificent World (fanfic version of Jinnai, reference to Nanami)
Lostorage Incited WIXOSS (fanfic version of Satomi Kou, Carnival)
DBZ (Dr. Gero, Perfect Cell)
Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Homura, Mami, references to Kyouko and Sayaka)
Love Live! Sunshine!! (Chika Takami, reference to Kanan Matsuura)
Macross Δ (Freyja Wion, reference to Hayate)
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (Ruiko Saten)
Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (fanfic version of Biba Amatori, Mumei)
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei (reference to Tatsuya, OC villainous clone)

There may be other references not mentioned in this list. I will explain them if requested.

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Chapter 6

--Satomi's introduction and the duel and fallout against Jinnai is one of the most uncomfortable things from any of the AS Specials. Part of that is the excellently understated and creeping music score, the other part of it is how previous elements that seemed dealt with came back with a vengeance. The deadlock between Honoka and Jinnai also brilliantly reflects the differences in their upbringing, with Satomi crystallizing the differences between the two

--Meanwhile, in Dr. Gero's lair, the meaning of irony plays itself out with Casey talking about a reformed Jinnai while unaware of the Admiral's wishes. Since chapter 5, I've also noticed that speed seems to be Apostle's calling card from dialog, to feats of speed, to chapter title itself. Either that or he's in a different weight class from what bringing in the Puella Magi Trio can take on

--I didn't know Hooves' memes also extended to IRL TV shows. Anyway, the most challenging thing you could've done so far is having an extended scene between two similar characters without it feeling they're the same characters. Chika v Freyja is the stress test for that capacity that I'm glad to say didn't break. The former being a little more subdued, the other being more outgoing, making them distinctly similar to each other even as they share space

--Haak seems to get the consistently best BGM. I wonder why

--It seems like Kogetsu is the Aquaman of this Cadre de Héros. He can match the best of them when he's in his element (or...wonderland), but only in his element. At least he carries his ocean around with him, and now we see what happens when Cell lets loose. There's more resilience and firepower to him than anything that's come about so far, but it looks like he's no faster than than the rest of the top brass. Wait, that is Darkseid!
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-I like the part with the roaches, and the more roaches gobu. I was a bit worried myself that the gap between Freyja/Chika in the same atmosphere would be a bit too similar. But you seemed to have caught the specific details from them to keep them separate, it could also contribute to their selectors?

-I'm just going to say +2 to all allied followers and storm is fitting for a sword player. Also the triggering of the "I love Amelia" meme it continues.

-The last bit with Satomi/Carnival against Honoka/Jinnai certainly escalated quickly. I wasn't exactly sure Honoka/Jinnai would get the 5 wins so quickly because their coin effect is nasty. Builds up the next chapter a lot here.

Overall, while it was long it was an engaging read.
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Dr. Casey
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- Wow, Satomi's origin is really cool. It's always great to see plot threads influence things much later down the line. Will definitely add a nice dimension when reading this scene in Santa Magica again.

- It was interesting and unexpected for Jinnai to reply so seriously to Satomi's remark about Nanami. I thought it was just going to be a simple throwaway joke about Jinnai being scared as a five year old, but apparently Jinnai doesn't take well to people mentioning this sister of his.

- Another good scene covering my side of things, my rivalry with Dr. Gero always an interesting one. I'm really glad about being able to take center stage to a degree during this story.

- Never expected that the friendly, no-coins-gambled match between Hooves and Windy would be depicted in the story. Was a lot of fun to read, and the fact that there's no tension or story relevance (this being an entirely character-driven scene) probably makes it easier to write in a way since you can just focus on the mechanics of an ordinary battle without having to worry about the emotional twists and developments of a match that's important to the story.

- Yeah, the whole scene with Haak was comedy gold. Saten, you're going to fall in love with this guy before the story's over, right? Haak is to manly men what Moefox is to cute girls.

- It was definitely an odd sight to see Cell getting the upper hand against Kogetsu for a time. I'm used to Kogetsu being an untouchable force of nature. Kogetsu's Sorcerer design is cool, as is the concept of him losing almost all his sanity whenever he changes to this form.

- Santa! This scene has a nice "back to basics" feeling to since it returns the spotlight to two that have been around since the beginning (Triple and Santa). And Moefox, stop trying to seduce Santa Claus.

- Excellent final scene. I was taken just as off-guard by Jinnai's actual wish as Honoka was, and the resulting friction between the two of them was very interesting and compelling; I hope that the strained relationship between them continues into further chapters, or at least beyond this one scene. I do feel for Jinnai here. I'm sure he's beating himself up pretty badly for keeping Honoka in the dark and hurting her.

Definitely a great and epic chapter with the constant revolving door of scenes and characters. I'm sure it was a lot of fun to write, and was definitely a lot of fun to read.
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Spoiler for chp 3 comments:

Spoiler for chp 4 comments:

Spoiler for chp 5 comments:

Spoiler for chp 6 comments:

Late post is late
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