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Old 2018-01-17, 23:32   Link #12241
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i think create new thread for the new Campione! is better, newer fan coming to the forum for the thread is not confuse
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Old 2018-01-18, 09:35   Link #12242
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Please create a new thread for the new novel series.

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Old 2018-01-21, 03:38   Link #12243
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That fine its just can someone post the name of the new series in this forums before making a new thread or it could be named (insert title) author of Campione and Legion ~
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Old 2018-02-20, 07:21   Link #12244
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Originally Posted by saw2097 View Post
So the spoilers were fake and Voban actually is dead. Oh well.
I don't know about spoilers but those authorities info seems to come from here.

No idea how legit it is though.
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Old 2018-02-20, 09:56   Link #12245
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Looks like the full info for all Campiones, including some info hidden from Witenagemot, since the gods killed for the abilities were also given.

Kinda expected that Charm or Curse is something obtained from a fertility goddess. And I wasn't wrong (if this is true, it was Ishtar). And it seems he also settled on Horatio Cocles as source of Eyes of Sodom. There are also other info, like Voban killing Hindu goddess Kali and obtaining an authority for blood-induced berserk mode or something, and the magic tome thing that was spoiled earlier came from Baphomet.

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