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Old 2009-04-25, 14:07   Link #361
oompa loompa
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Originally Posted by chikorita157 View Post
I went tutoring for ACTs and SATs and they are a waste of money... it barely moved my SAT score and the highest I ever got on the ACT is a 23-24. It's better just to study with a book since it's alot cheaper, but it requires concentration and discipline .
that was my point. tutoring isnt going to get you a stellar sat score
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Old 2009-04-25, 15:19   Link #362
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tutoring helps, depends on what type of learner you are, for me review books are the way i pick up things, and if you do go the review book method, just do book after book, try to do sections at a time to get the mind set to nail em down, whats kinda sad is that I scored lowered on ACT then SAT, and the ACT has science which I actually did a ton of in high school. Any way standardized tests are all about repetition, and if you take lots of tests your bound to cover all the genres of questions which means when you apply the logic to solving problems your "tool box" will be full and you'll never have a problem that you don't know.
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Old 2009-04-25, 19:22   Link #363
Looking for ONE PIECE
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why is it taht after 3 years of uni now i have just to finish up writing my Dicitation and have 3 exams left. first of which is next wednesday and i have no motivation to study for it or finish up writing my dicitation.

anyone else feel the same.??
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Old 2009-04-27, 20:14   Link #364
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I think i'm going to have a breakdown now.

I have to write an Essay about my citizenship for getting into NJHS, But can think of anything good.

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