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Old 2015-08-24, 19:56   Link #21
Akisa Akimune
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Originally Posted by demino_hellsin View Post
I only watched the anime, but are there enough male characters to make a reverse harem?
Yup. Though someone already made a fanfic about that, but the girl was an OC and Issei was a part of her harem and vice-versa.

Yes, and its annoying to say the least.
I know right. We have enough avengers and what not with Sasuke in Naruto, thank you very much. Plus these authors often use his sob story as an excuse to get 'em all (I mean the girls).

One fanfic complained about it very well, by using comedy.
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Old 2016-08-26, 17:12   Link #22
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No OCs please

um, can someone recommend me a High School DxD fanfiction that has Issei as the main character and no OCs that take any of his girls. Or even just no OCs in general. I absolutely hate OC x Harem with a passion . Also no crossovers, unless it doesn't pair a DxD girl with someone besides Issei. For example: Naruto + High School DxD, a Naruto character isn't paired with anyone in the DxD Universe, i would read. Issei can be OOC (Out of Character). Any pairing with Issei. It can be an unfinished or complete story. If it's being updated, fantastic.

Please reply
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Old 2016-08-26, 17:30   Link #23
Rising Dragon
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Gabriel Blessing of In-Flight/Hill of Swords fame did Highschool SAO, a DxD and Sword Art Online crossover that fits your criteria. It neither replaces Issei, nor steals his harem or his thunder. Fairly long oneshot taking place during the second volume/second half of season 1.
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Old 2018-11-19, 12:34   Link #24
Anime total
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unfortunately in the English fandom almost all fics or mostly are OC OP x harem, but if you think that is bad you should see how it is in the Spanish fandom where I come from, most of these stories are treason fics and These are the ones who hate the most and all or the vast majority have meaningless plots.
if you want me to recommend fics with issei as the protagonist here I give you some, but I warn you these fic are in Spanish.

Fic: Highschool DxD: Dragon del genesis
Author: Boobie Loving Alien
synopsis: "Sometimes I think about how my life could have been ... With parents, without a squatting dragon, without a thousand-year-old jewel or a talking sword, without brothers or students, without love or flying boats, without fire, death and blood ... Being only human, without being the Dragon of Genesis, without being the current [Sekiryuutei] ... Without being Issei Hyodo ... without knowing what it means to be who I am. "
summary and personal opinion: the story presents a plot in which a group of people aware of the threat represented by rizevim decide to leave the hopes of arresting the super demon in the current red dragon emperor, a child issei who has just lost his parents, to achieve such an act ophis and the great red reaches an agreement in ele who decide to create a trinity and turn the child orphan into a candidate for god dragon, the dragon of genesis, the story begins with a volume 0 showing us as the Young child grows under the tutelage of ophis to find his place in the world, after that the plot is basically similar to that of the novel only with several changes and the introduction of new elements, currently the story is in its chapter 99 and is adapting volume 11 in its own way, the only thing I do not like about this story is the fact that the author's version of issei is too libertine and the author always tries to leave it as a adass, besides that the author has rejected several characters for considering them in their opinion "useless", I will only tell you that if you are a fan of Asia and saji do not read this fic

Fic: Sekiryuutei Supremo
Author: IzanagiOmega
synopsis: "An existence changed the history of the past as we know it, protagonist of great feats and victories, his name was forgotten in time, but after centuries reincarnated, in this life he became the Sekiryuutei and his new life changed history before prescribed ... This is the story of Hyoudo Issei, Sekiryuutei and Supreme King ... The Supreme Sekiryuutei. (IsexHarem) "
summary and personal opinion: history presents a world where thousands of years ago a man known as Haou (supreme King) appeared, the actions of said man caused changes in the timeline of DxD, in this story issei is the reincarnation of said man, the plot follows that of the novel but adding original arcs and new characters, elements, etc., is a very good story, currently has 116 chapters and is adapting the volume 9, a new chapter is published every Sunday night , colombia time

Fic: High School DxD Re: Life
Author: ReyEvolution
synopsis: "Memories are memories of a past life, facts that can not be erased since they will always be right there." Issei Hyodo and Rias Gremory met 2 years before the original line, that simple fact changed their lives and destiny. they were written forever, the story of those who would be known as the King and Queen of Absolute Destruction has just begun. "
summary and personal opinion: the story is a semi-croosover with D gray man, it presents a world where issei and allen walker are the same person and in addition to convatir against the khaos brigade must fight against the noah family, the story is currently in pause with 53 chapters having adapted up to the volume 7 along with some arcs of d gray man

Fic: el verdadero issei
author: Seky
synopsis: "After being betrayed by those he considered companions, Hyoudo Issei embarks on a journey full of surprises, new enemies, companions and loves, in addition to discovering many more things about him and his origin IsseixHaremxOc, 4th Season ! "
summary and personal opinion: the story is starts being a fic of betrayal, is divided into 4 seasons, in the first season a villain appears which washes the brain to the friends of issei for these to attack, which causes issei decide to become stronger to take revenge against this villain, the second season after having achieved his goal, issei is now a criminal sought by the 3 factions, allied with vali issei decides to start a war against his enemies and the process covers the true of its origin and who is really this season ends with an event called the restart, in the third season after the restart of the timeline, rizevim and company decide to declare war on the mythological world, and finally in the fourth season after the end of the war issei and his harem live their quiet lives until a threat from another world makes an appearance

Fic: High School DxD: Sacred University of Demonic Arts
author: Seky
synopsis: "Demons, fallen angels and angels, existences completely unrelated to human beings or at least that was the case until 20 years ago." The 4 races have united to prosper in a great alliance between races and to live with greater harmony the races They decided to create an institution where everyone could live together and forge bonds, a university. "
summary and personal opinion: the story presents a world where the supernatural is known and an intellectual issei of 20 years attends the university where he will live his adventures, with 14 chapters currently
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