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Guidance for the Reviews Sub-Forum

Welcome to the Reviews sub-forum! Our goal is that this can be a place where aspiring writers can post their more-formal reviews of the (mostly Japanese in origin) media they consume.

We hope to foster high-quality reading experiences that will cause people to want to visit this site for insightful commentary and analysis. So, while we don't have strict editorial guidelines about how to write, we do have some rules:
  1. When creating a new thread, please select the medium from the "Prefix" drop-down list, and name the thread with the full/common title of the work in question. This will make it easier to find reviews for the same show in a search. If you want to do a title/subtitle for your review, please post it in your opening post.

    (Please use caution when creating the thread title as there's no easy way to edit it after it's posted. If you need to edit it, please report the post to contact the moderation team.)

  2. Each writer can create a new thread for each new work/series they review. Other members can use the thread if they want to provide feedback or ask questions about your review. If you want to edit or add to your review, simply edit your opening post. Please do not "bump" your review (posting replies in your own thread to push it up in the listings).

  3. Generally speaking, please only create review threads for completed works. If you want to discuss individual episodes/chapters/volumes as they are released, please go instead to the regular discussion threads on our forum. In the case of a really long-running series, you may create an interim review at a logical break point (season/major arc/year/etc.).

  4. Address your writing primarily to potential new viewers/readers to give them an idea of whether the work in question will interest them or not. Aim to be informative and insightful! Remain constructive at all times; no flamebait or attacking a work or its fans.

  5. Avoid posting spoilers or any hints that would ruin the surprises of the plot, unless it's absolutely necessary to discuss the work. If it's necessary, please make sure that part of your post is hidden behind properly-labelled [spoil] tags.

  6. Please post your full review here on the site rather than linking out to other sites or blogs. In addition, please only post reviews that you yourself wrote, not those written by others.

  7. While we don't have strictly-enforced length requirements, the intention of this forum is for longer-format reviews and not just short posts. We may hide/remove reviews that do not provide significant value to the Reviews section. For shorter posts and comments, please use the regular discussion threads elsewhere on the site.

  8. You may post a few images if they're useful to your review, but please use thumbnails or place them behind properly-labelled [images] tags. If you wish, you may also post a video review, so long as it is keeping in tone with the intentions outlined in this post.

  9. You may post a final grade or rating if you wish, but this is completely optional. The primary purpose of the review should be in the analysis, not only the score.

You may also be interested in our BBCode list in case you want to do some fancy formatting. Also, feel free to link to your reviews in your signature (but please don't post in other threads just to link to your review).

If you see a post that breaks any of these rules, please just report it so that the moderation team can review and intervene if necessary.

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