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Old 2009-07-19, 04:46   Link #1
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Romance similar to Aishiteruze Baby

Hi all--

I've been burning through a ridiculous amount of anime recently (in part thanks to all the great suggestions found here), and finally watched Aishiteru ze Baby. I had been avoiding it because I thought the idea sounded really dumb, but ended up really, really enjoying it. It seems like almost every good title recently has a bad synopsis >_>. Anyways, what I particularly enjoyed was Kippei/Kokoro's relationship in the anime.

I think the biggest selling point of it was once they were a couple they clearly liked each other and would openly kiss/say they loved each other, etc. Most romance anime I've seen that sort of relationship is the main goal of the series--the conclusion--not something that happens throughout. So, if anyone could give me any other examples of this sort of romantic relationship that'd be great. Aside from this requirement, I'd like the series to be finished, and don't have any sort of hatred of any genre, so anything is fair game.

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Old 2009-07-19, 16:03   Link #2
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aishiteruze baby sounds dumb to a lot of people I've noticed--me included--but is a very good example of Better Than it Sounds.

I haven't actually seen another show that I can compare it to since I typically avoid romances (though, I didn't really consider Aishiteruze Baby to be a pure romance either).
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Old 2009-07-19, 22:39   Link #3
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Aishiteruze Baby is a unique example, I haven't watched in several years, I should rewatch it. Bokura Ga Ita gave me the same sort of feel, probably because the character designs were similar but BGI is much more angsty, good but more sad, darker in a sense. Other series where the relationship starts early include Kare Kano and Clannad (sorta, the entire first season is generic harem but the second season follows the relationship), you might also want to watch Honey & Clover, it certainly doesn't have early relationships but the realism of the emotions and characters makes me recommend it to everyone.
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Old 2009-07-20, 18:23   Link #4
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Should read the manga, it goes a bit further.
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Old 2009-07-20, 18:45   Link #5
Zanarkand Princess
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I'm currently enjoying Kare Kano (I know why did I wait so long?) so I can recommend that. I would also recommend Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien. It's complicated with that one though as the relationship isn't very happy go lucky but it does exist. I would also point you toward Ai Yori Aoshi.
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